Beyond the Sea

I’ve always dreamed of being rich, not famous mind you, but rich would be nice. Rubbing elbows with the elite in The Hamptons, shopping on Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive. Skipping off to Paris for a weekend, not a care in the world. Well, this round of Uber will help you at least feel one step closer to that dream of mingling with the rich and famous. This month’s theme is The Hamptons and the designers have pulled out all the stops to bring you luxurious designs for evening wear to beach bunny.

Immediately when I saw this stunning gown I knew I was going to own it. I also saw exactly the setting I wanted to portray it in, finding that turned out to be more difficult than I imagined, but I did it! Lybra released this fabulous gown for The Hampton’s Uber in 8 colors. This dress is exclusive to Maitreya and is not available as a fatpack but it’s still worth every pretty Linden.

Dress: Lybra – Marina Navy – Uber


I’m in love with this pose set from Foxcity at Pose Fair 2017, a set of 6 poses sold individually or as a fatpack with an exclusive pose, making it a total of 7 poses in the fatpack. Each pose comes with props meant for the pose, this one has a cigarette which I chose not to use. These are Bento poses and they DO require a Bento enabled viewer at the minimum, Bento hands are definitely preferred for the full effect of the pose.

Pose: Foxcity – Night Owl 6 – Pose Fair 2017


Phoenix is coming back to Kinky Event, starting tomorrow April 28. This hair is so much fun and includes a style HUD to change the ponytail holder and remove the bangs if you prefer that look. The pony itself is a nice, twisted, long tail and as with all Phoenix hair, the quality is amazing.

Hair: Phoenix – Anastasia – Kinky Event


I FINALLY found a location, for some reason this dress really made me think of a lady, standing on the bow of a ship, looking into the night as the evening cruise departed. Unfortunately, SL deleted my TP history and I don’t have the landmark.

Lumae is having a retirement sale, all 2015 skin packs are on massive reduction and once this sale is over they will NEVER be available again. This is just one of the many skins that are being discontinued. Rosy comes in 5 tones with tones of appliers, Catwa appliers are not included in these packs due to the fact that at the time they were made Catwa mesh heads did not exist. These skins are sold as is and WILL never be updated, by purchasing any of these discontinued skins you agree to the knowledge that you’ll never get an update.

Skin: Lumae – Rosy Bare


Because I chose the bare skin I had a ton of options to decorate my face with and I chose one of the SlackGirl eye makeups and the Izzie’s lipsticks from March’s Lelutuka Powder Pack, skin and makeup is shown on the Lelutka Cate Bento mesh head.

Eyeshadow: SlackGirl – SmokeLady – Lelutka Powder Pack

SlackGirl Marketplace

Lipstick: Izzie’s – Lelutka Lipgloss – Lelutka Powder Pack

Izzie’s Marketplace

These gorgeous eyes are at Applique, which is ending May 6. Suicidal Unborn released these eyes in 12 colors with mesh eyes and a Catwa and Omega HUD. They are simply gorgeous.

Eyes: Suicidal Unborn – Hadria Eyes 12 – Appliquè


There are a few days left to get over to the Cosmetic Fair and grab these fabulous nails from Dark Passions – Koffin Nails. Night Glimmer comes in Slink, Maitreya and Omega appliers with 9 tones to choose from, but hurry this event ends April 30.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Night Glimmer – Cosmetic Fair


Surfin’ USA

I live in the land of ice and frost, winter is a state of mind, not a season. We’ve been in “spring” for over a month and there is still snow on the ground and neither the trees nor flowers haven’t begun to bloom. We get about a month and a half of summer, I wish I was joking and that summer is hot and nasty. So I love that I can be in Second Life and be surrounded by sand and surf, flowers and gorgeous trees, and feel somewhat warm in my imagination.

Uber opened yesterday with an awesome new round. The Hamptons-inspired theme is sure to put you in a  summery mood. From bikinis to formal gowns, everything you need for a summer in the hills is right here.
Vinyl is back with this super cute bikini. It comes with the top, bottom, and leg chain, each with their own color change HUD. Each bikini comes in 16 colors with a striped and solid version, the leg chain has 4 metals and  16 gems, 12 of which are birthstone toned.

Bikini: Vinyl – Psykini with leg chain – Uber


I can’t surf in RL but I can sure catch a wave in SL, I had a little help with this awesome, unisex pose from Luanes World. This pose comes with the surfboard and 2 poses.

Pose: Luanes World – Surfing Mirror


Argrace has the very best hairdos for photography, this one is definitely no exception. Now I couldn’t very well be surfing with perfectly coifed hair right? This wet hair style even has little beads of water on the strands.

HairArgrace – Chizuru Blondes


 In order to get the wet skin look I used appliers from two different creators, Izzie’s has an awesome applier for your face and Nanika created a stunning body applier.

Water droplets: Izzie’s – Face Waterdrops


Nanika – Drops of Water


Mesange always has such beautiful eyes, these are from the last round of The Chapter Four, which is closed now but you can grab them at the main store location. As with all Mesange eyes, you can grab them individually or as a fatpack with Omega appliers and mesh and standard eyes.

Eyes: Mesange – Roseland


I’m so excited because Toxxic Rhiannyr has created a new AlterEgo skin, her skins are so amazing and I couldn’t wait to blog this one and show you all. Gianna will be available in 3 tones with 3 eye makeups, the skin is fitted for Catwa Catya and the pack includes an Omega body applier, Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza feet support, a shape and style card. This will only be available in the Marketplace.

Skin: AlterEgo – Gianna Chai Smoky

This tattoo is so cool, available at Uber from White Widow. It is available in black and henna tones and is unisex. There are appliers for Adam and Eve, Belleza, Maitreya, Sking Brazilia Doll, Slink, TMP and Omega. This is a full chest and back piece and is so much fun from the octopus on the front to the shell on the back.

Tattoo: White Widow – MatchPoint – Uber


The Phoenix

Uber opened on March 25 and with it came so many amazing things I couldn’t wait to get in and grab them all. The outfit inspired the location where I decided to shoot this series and let me tell you it’s one of the coolest outfits I’ve seen.

Spirit released this awesome outfit combination for Uber, it is 3 separate piece with a tunic dress, pants and a cropped top-style t-shirt. It comes in 4 colors with an additional texture in the fatpack, the fatpack is the way to go because you get a funky pattern that you can add to your outfit to make it truly unique.

Dress: Spirit – Mil Tunic – Uber


Shoetopia is OPEN! You can go there right now and pick up so many amazing shoes from some of the top designers in Second Life, like these adorable, textured pumps from Blueberry. These heels are amazing, coming with ankle, knee high and thigh high options all in one pack, with a texture change HUD.

Shoes: Blueberry – Bonita – Shoetopia


Tattoo: White Widow – Snatch Champagne


The pose is from the one and only Image Essentials, there is a HUGE retirement sale going on right now to get rid of the old poses and make room for all the amazing new Bento poses coming in the future. Almost 3/4 of the store is an amazing 25L. So definitely go check it out. This pose, Viper, is available right now at Designer Circle. It is a 5 pose set with mirrors and you can grab it for only 300L. You must have a Bento enabled viewer to use these poses.

PoseImage Essentials – Viper 5 – Designer Circle

I absolutely adore this sim, created by Maddy of Eclectica it is a replica of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay and it is stunning. From the super trees to the huge tea cups, there are so many photographic areas. It’s also a great place to take a date and show them around, cuddle and dance too.

Location: Gardens by the Bay

enVOGUE release this awesome updo hair over the weekend, I chose to use the materials enabled hair, which shows off the highlights so much better but there is also a non-materials version included. Materials ONLY work in ultra graphics with advanced lighting enabled.

HairenVOGUE – Naomi Diversity

7 Deadly Skins is going to be involved in the Black Fair again this year, formerly The Black Fashion Fair, with this stunning skin. Maureen comes in 4 skin tones with the all new Omega face and body applier. I love the new HUD Izara has created.

Skin7 Deadly Skins – Maureen Caramel – Black Fair

Mesange has released these amazing eyes for Lost and Found this month, with the standard 15 tones of eyes and a fatpack option, you cannot go wrong with these stunning eyes.

EyesMesange – Manderley 4 – Lost and Found


When I first saw these face piercings I was so excited, then I found they were made for Genesis Lab mesh head and were rigged for the 3 mesh heads currently available, I was kind of bummed, to be honest, but then I saw there was an unrigged version in the pack so I bought them and I love them, the pack included the bindi, nose and lip piercing. Available in several metal options, each pack comes with a HUD to change the main bindi jewel.

Jewelry: Genesis Lab – Face Jewelry Set – Bindi Unrigged, Septum B Unrigged, Lip Jane Rigged – Uber


Last but not least are these awesome, stiletto nails from Astralia. Created with rigging for both Slink and Vista bento mesh hands, you can grab nail polishes like this one from Alme to use with them. The diamonds are an add-on for the nails themselves and are only available for the stiletto version.

NailsAstralia – Compatible Mesh Nails Vista Bento

Add-onAstralia – Diamonds Add-on – Shiny Shabby


Polish: Alme – Chrome Trends Basic for Astralia Nails


Pretty Girl

It’s not very often I do a one photo blog shoot, but today I really wanted to focus on a few main items, the close up wasn’t as pertinent as the other items I am featuring.

First I want to mention once again the amazing retirement sale at Image Essentials. Almost 3/4 of the store is on sale for only 25L! Kay has gone insane and is making room for all the new Bento poses coming. What I love the most about Image Essentials poses is that even if it’s made with one gender in mind, you can usually use it with either. Like this pose for example. Lazing was made for men, it’s a great, kicked back and relaxed pose, but men aren’t the only ones that get lazy right? Well, maybe some men are *grins* Lazing is a 5 pose set with mirrors and is available in the main store and marketplace.

PoseImage Essentials – Lazing 3

I recently joined the Cheeky Pea VIP group and I am so glad I did because they have a couple of amazing VIP group gifts. It is 500L to join the group but with such awesome freebies, it’ll pay for itself in a matter of minutes. Right now there is a very cute, fall-themed chair with an optional pine cone wall display (not pictured) and a table and wall shelf combo ONLY available to the VIP group.

Chair: Cheeky Pea – Autumn Hues VIP Group Gift

Table: Cheeky Pea – Fall is in the Air Table Vip Group Gift


Kraftwork has an all new gacha available at Cosmopolitan starting March 27. This gacha is 50L a play and has 8 commons and 1 rare that includes animations as well. All radios are fully functioning and come with a scripted and unscripted version. Two of the commons are vintage tables to set your radios on. They are no copy, no mod and transferable so collect them all!

Radio: KraftWork – Vintage Radio Gacha 5 Majestic Radio – Cosmopolitan Event


Stealthic released this hair a little while ago, but I still love the style so much I wanted to feature it again. Available in all standard color HUDs as well as an optional, separate tint HUD now, you can still grab this in the main store and Marketplace.

Hair: Stealthic – Vivacity


Uber opened yesterday and with it came this stunning slip dress from Vinyl, that’s right she’s back after RL pulling her away for a tiny bit and better than ever. This slip dress comes in 16 colors with a bonus print texture for each color or just get the fatpack and save yourself some time and money. These dresses fit Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.

Dress: Vinyl – Chai Slip Dress – Uber


Black Fashion Fair is coming April 7 and you can pick up this amazing new skin from 7 Deadly Skins. Maureen is available in 4 skin tones and comes with the all new Omega applier system, face and body all in one, easy to use HUD. The HUD is so fast and the new body is superb.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Maureen Caramel – Black Fashion Fair (LM on April 7)


This gorgeous, metallic tattoo is from White Widow and has 3 available color options. I chose the champagne color because I think it looks stunning on all the skin tones I typically wear.

Tattoo: White Widow – Snatch Champagne


These boots! OMG! The first time I saw the ad on Facebook I knew they would be mine. By Breathe for Shoetopia, opening today these amazing, chunky, heeled boots are like no other. I skipped individual colors and went straight for the fatpack because I love these so much. The HUD is amazing with the ability to change each piece individually and as you can see it matches the Vinyl colors pretty well.

ShoesBreathe – Kendra Heels – Shoetopia


Wall Hanging: Tarte – Lighted Tapestry Earth



Because I’ve blogged so much this month, I seriously thought about taking the last two days off, I even told my husband Theo that I was going to take the last two days of the month off, *cue group notice* and here we are *laughs*
I was hanging out with my husband after my son-in-law’s birthday party, telling him that I really didn’t have anything else to cover for the month and maybe I should just take a break for the last couple days. I was looking through my inventory to find something to wear, since my birthday party costume wasn’t quite appropriate for anything other then adult sims and a notice popped up. Merlific had sent her amazing items for Whore Couture Fair 7. Well I had to open the boxes right?

Merlific is releasing a new dress in two different options, solid and transparent, a tattoo and a collar in 3 colors with and without Open Collar scripting. The dress is fit for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Tonic, TMP and standard avatars and each dress comes with a texture change HUD with 15 color options.

Dress: Merlific – Regina Regular Maitreya – Whore Couture Fair 7

Collar: Merlific – Zoelia Collar Black non-scripted Whore Couture Fair 7

Tattoo: Merlific – Underboobs Tattoo – Whore Couture Fair 7

I absolutely fell in love with these mesh backdrops from Minimal, available in 4 different styles individually or as a fatpack and only at Uber this month. The backdrops do include a resize script.

Backdrop: Minimal – Illusion Background 3 – Uber

Reign is again at N°21 with this amazing set of heels, they come fit for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink and have ankle, knee and thigh high styles included. The color HUD is massive for the ability to completely customize your look.

Shoes: Reign – Arya Heels – N°21

My friend Adalynne is making her very own poses now and she had given me this one to play with, I finally found the inspiration I needed to make this pose show at it’s best. Freya is a set of 6 poses with mirrors and include pose balls loaded with the pose and just the pose to use in your own pose stands.

Pose: Picturesque Poses – Freya 6

This gorgeous hair from TaketomiWest is so much fun, one of the first updos to be done by this creator it is sexy and sinful rolled into one.

Hair: TaketomiWest – Jenna Naturals

February Powder Pack has been released to the pre-order subscribers but it’s not too late to get your own Powder Pack, the price increases to 3000L but let me tell you, it is completely worth it! Today I’m featuring one of the skins and makeup sets from Amara Beauty. The face applier comes in 5 tones with 2 eyebrow, one no brow and one tintable brow, 18 lipsticks and 9 eyeshadows. This set is Catwa based and is absolutely stunning.

Skin and Makeup: Amara Beauty – Kelly Beauty Kit – February Powder Pack

Eyes: Mesange – Mercury Eyes 9 (small) – Lost and Found

Nails: ZOZ – Lynn Bold Polish Omega

Bad Moon Rising

She waits in silence, her trusty gun sitting in her lap, easy to aim in case the threat comes back. This world so different from the one she knew, evil and chaos ruled now and she was always ready for whatever came at her. The moon cast an eerie pink glow, the skies filled with poison. She stirs restlessly, hearing a sound she crouches, gun at the ready. Whatever is coming for her better be bigger and badder than her or they wouldn’t walk away.
It’s really hard for a girl to look good in a post-apocalyptic world but with the help of a few amazing designers I think I pulled it off. When I woke up this morning and saw I had the new Uber blog pack from Vinyl I couldn’t wait to log in and start creating my look. I knew how I wanted everything to look it was just a matter of finding all the right pieces.

The first time I saw these all new backdrops from Minimal I knew I had to have them. 4 separate backdrops available right now at Uber, or you can do what I did and get the whole fatpack. I just know I’ll use these more than once. Well made, 3D mesh creates the perfect venue for your pictures, post-apocalyptic or not.

Backdrop: Minimal – Illusion Background 4 – Uber

The mask and top are from Vinyl and come with a HUD for the individual pack that includes a solid color and a graphic color, the fatpack includes all 16 colors and the bra can be worn without the turtleneck. It’s a fantastic set and I definitely recommend the fatpack because you’ll want all the options that come with it. The mask is unrigged and can be resized through a touch script.

Top: Vinyl – Scars Turtleneck and Bra – Uber

Mask: Vinyl – Neo Meddy Mask – Uber

Okay, so knowing what top and backdrop I was going to use didn’t complete my look and I had to find just the right pants, shoes, hair etc. I scanned around Uber until my eyes fell on these fabulous leather pants from Azuchi, available in 10 different colors/patterns I couldn’t choose just one so I got the fatpack and at only 1200L it’s a real steal! It doesn’t say on the pack or on any advertising that I can find but I am wearing these pants with my Maitreya body and they fit flawlessly, there is only one fit included in the pack.

Pants: Azuchi – Oichi Pants Black – Uber

These shoes, I never go wrong with Vale Koer and when I saw these sneakers it wasn’t even a question of which color, fatpack city here I come! At only 799L the fatpack allows you to completely customize these shoes to your style. They are fit for men and women too.

Shoes: Vale Koer – Neoprime Trainers – Uber

Now I needed the perfect pose to pull together my look and trying a few I already had that just didn’t do it for me I headed over to Poseidon, available individually or in a pack of six, these sniper rifle poses were just what I was looking for.

Pose: Poseidon – Rifle 3

This hair from Truth, I couldn’t pass up, the high-sided pigtails with the messy curls and hairband color change HUD was just too much for me. I needed this hair in my life and so now I do. Truth has included their own face mask with this hair and it also has it’s own texture change HUD.

Hair: Truth – Kyoko – Uber

Glam Affair is part of Fifty Linden Friday this week with two amazing Catwa appliers. Zoella is available in either America or Jamaica tone this week for only 50L. Grab both you won’t be sorry and with Maitreya having Glam Affair skins built into the HUD you won’t have to worry about matching your skin or buying other appliers. I also wear Vista Bento hands and Glam Affair is also included in that HUD as well.

Skin: Glam Affair – Zoella – FLF

I very rarely use the dark sclera eyes from Banana Banshee, but this was one of those moments that it seemed perfect. All Banana Banshee eyes come with white and dark scleras and this set comes in 11 colors, grey being the dollarbie/demo option to try out how they work for you.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Hely Sand Dark – Lost and Found

Using the broken nose applier from Chemical Princess was inspired once I removed the mask to show off the skin, this tattoo comes with 3 different color options and is Omega compatible as well as system layers for you non-mesh users.

Tattoo: Chemical Princess – Broken Nose Dark

A badass girl needs some badass nails and Dark Passions – Koffin Nails had exactly what I was looking for. Released for an event back in October they are still perfect for just about any badassery you might have in you. They come in Slink, Maitreya and Omega appliers or as a fatpack for those of us that use multiple body parts.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Bloody Murder

Not Afraid Anymore

So I have to be perfectly honest, I was in the shower trying to figure out how to write this blog, RL was kinda hell today and on days like today it reminds me why I’m in Second Life. It’s my escape from throwing trucks in -10 degree weather, polished concrete floors and annoying customers that think you should drop everything to make sure their needs are met. Dealing with corporate crap like not replacing 86 burnt out light bulbs to refusing to have a 30 foot pile of snow removed from my parking lot, I wish I was joking. Anywho, days like this remind why I love SL. Being able to hop from spring to summer to fall to winter all in one day and not roast or freeze. The ability to take amazing pictures of stunning items and share them with the world. This is why I love SL.

So Uber opened on January 25 and with it came not one but two amazing items in this blog, the bodysuit from Dead Dollz and these amazing thigh high heels from Phedora. First the bodysuit….

Dead Dollz released this stunning bodysuit in 8 colors with a belt HUD to mix and match your variety. You can grab individual colors for only 250L or the whole fatpack for only 1750L. I chose the black and to pair it with one of the belt HUD colors (there are 12) to create this stunning look.

Outfit: Dead Dollz – Scarlett Bodysuit – Uber

Phedora released these stunning heeled boots for Uber and they come with a 25 color HUD fits for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Venus and Maitreya. You get the entire boot collection for an amazingly low price of only 499L.

Boots: Phedora – Sophia Boots – Uber

Thank God Allyson of Something New loves me and forgives me for waiting until the end of the month to get her poses and props in the spotlight but as soon as I saw this outfit I knew Something New would have just what I needed. Light Me Up is a prop that includes 4 poses and you can pick it up at the main store.

Pose: Something New – Light Me Up

Outfit: check, pose: check, now I just needed a sexy hair to complete my look and Stealthic had just what I was looking for. Previously released for Collabor88 you can grab this hair right now at Hairology along with a brand new Hairology exclusive.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic – Hairology

I also needed a sexy, smoky skin to really make this look pop and 7 Deadly Skins is my go to for amazing skins with Omega appliers. Although this skin was made for an LAQ head it works fantastically on my Catwa Catya head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Candie Pineapple

Mesange always has just what I need for eyes and I just can’t help going back again and again to these eyes. All individual eyes from Mesange come with standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega appliers, beauty packs come with Genesis appliers as well.

Eyes: Mesange – Deep Feeling Eyes 10

 I love ZOZ Nails, so much so I once begged Ember Adored for a chance to blog for them and here I am a regular blogger and I couldn’t be happier. These are an older nail but so amazing I can’t help but share them again.

Nails: ZOZ – Lynn Bold Polish 1

Burning the Midnight Oil

For anyone that’s ever been in school, whether it’s secondary school or higher education we all know that there comes a time when you’re up all night studying for that final exam that you’re completely unprepared for.

So why the commentary and title, burning the midnight oil? Well Sukoshitosuto of Vinyl Apparel has done it again with these two amazing pieces. Sophia and Harlow are available at the most current round of Uber and you will want to grab the fat packs of both of them. Sophia comes with two shirts, well a shirt and undershirt, the shirt can be worn alone but the undershirt can only be worn with the shirt. The shirts are available in 16 different colors and the undershirt for each individual comes with 16 different patterns/solids. The fat pack comes with 17 bonus patterns and 16 solid colors. The HUDs are separate. Sophia is the super cute, calf length sweats and comes in 16 colors with a customizable ribbon.

Top: Vinyl – Sophia for Maitreya – Uber

Pants: Vinyl- Harlow for Maitreya – Uber

So the outfit made me think of a college girl and I really wanted to find a dorm room or something that reminded me of college days gone by. My friend Brennan Reinerman, a fellow blogger, was kind enough to let me use this awesome skybox from Violetility. It comes with the wall decor, bed, rug and desk and is perfect for setting up a quick home.

Location: Violetility – Hole Skybox

eTc Poses by Envy and Curtis Trevellion is back and with them came this awesome pose. The Marilyn is a tribute to the true queen of the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe.

Pose: eTc Poses – The Marilyn

So when I first saw this hair at Hairology by Sintiklia I wanted it, so cute but I didn’t realize how amazing and versatile this hair really was until I put it on and started playing with the included HUD. With the HUD you get not 1 but 9 hairstyles. SERIOUSLY! From tight top buns to dual ponytails you will be amazed at how fun this hair is. It also comes with a pack of hair clips to wear with certain styles and 3 different bang options and you can change the left and right side individually! It also has a Bento fit hair and a resizable/editable hair.

Hair: Sintiklia – Midnight Reds with short bangs and hairpins – Hairology

So keeping in line with the college girl look I started digging through my folder of amazing skins from 7 Deadly Skins and found this gorgeous freckled skin. Lexy comes in 7 skin tones with Omega head and body appliers, I’m wearing it on the Catwa Catya head and it’s amazing.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Lexy Freckled Cotton Candy

Mesange’s Sweetheart eyes are an older eye but still so stunningly gorgeous I picked them to show you in this blog. I love Mesange eyes, they always come in 15 colors (unless they’re mini packs at an event) and you can buy them individually with the standard, mesh and Omega applier or in a beauty pack that also includes the Genesis applier. The eyes are so well made you’ll want to collect them all.

Eyes: Mesange – Sweetheart 4

Zoz Icon never fails to impress with her astonishing line of polishes, they are bright and vibrant, fun and dramatic and Ribbon II is no exception. All of her polishes are available in Slink, Omega, Maitreya and her own brand of mesh nails and all HUDs include 9 colors. You cannot go wrong with ZOZ.

Nails: ZOZ – Ribbon II 6

I love the weekend sales at Slipper Originals and this week we have Zoie in three styles, Red, Anchors and Starfish. These sneakers are so cute and fun they will compliment just about any casual outfit you have. All Slipper Originals shoes are original creations, never from templates.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Zoie Starfish

Until the End

So tonight I popped my The Walking Dead cherry and so to honor this passing I decided to do my own badass “walking dead” post.


So Uber this round is a military theme which made it super easy to put together my look for this walking dead post. Vinyl, Vale Koer and Wasabi Pills have amazing items available during the most current round of Uber plus so many other fabulous creators I wish I could cover them all at once.

Vinyl has come up with these fantastic capri style pants with standard and camo colors available individually or in a fat pack.

Pants: Vinyl – Imagine Military Cargos Maitreya Fit – Uber

The pose was probably the easiest pick out of all of the items I wanted to showcase in this blog, Nanika created this awesome set of gun poses, the set includes 5 poses altogether and perfect for your badass poses and pictures.

Pose: Nanika – Girls with Guns 4

It was an absolute no brainer on the perfect location. This month’s Venue of the Month winner Ironwood Hills! They have so many amazing photographic spots available.

Location: Ironwood Hills


Wasabi Pills released this fantastic ponytailed hair with a military style cap that you can wear with it if you choose. There is a color change HUD to match your outfits and style.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Jane Mesh Hair with Hat – Uber

This awesome shirt that says “Sarcasm because beating the crap out of people is illegal” and is from Manik Queen, it’s an older shirt but it’s still perfect for the attitude toting woman.

Shirt: Manik Queen – Rude Girl Sarcasm Maitreya Fit

AlterEgo has some fabulous skins available at PENUMBRA and this is just one of the six new skins that you can get.

Skin: AlterEgo – Runa Chai – PENUMBRA

Season Story is still going on and you can grab this fantastic tattoo from White Widow right now.

Tattoo: White Widow – Deepwater Black – Seasons Story

ZOZ has done another amazing release for Cosmopolitan and the shiny, almost metallic nail is perfect for any situation. Who says you can’t look good while killing the undead.

Nails: ZOZ – Lynn Soft Polish – Cosmopolitan

Mesange is at Designer Circle with another amazing mini set of eyes, with 5 colors to choose from at a reduced price you can’t lose.

Eyes: Mesange – Sidonie Eyes 4 – Designer Circle

Pose: Nanika – Girl with Gun Pose 2


These amazing boots from Vale Koer are two boots in one, you can wear them folded or up and the HUD for the fat pack is like none other, with so many colors you can interchange your boot for your style.

Boots: Vale Koer – Tactical Flip Boots – Uber

Middle of a Memory

So today’s blog is just a touch different than usual since I want to show you this amazing house gacha from Goose and then a fabulous outfit from Mirror Mirror that is available at Penumbra. Fall is settling in, a time of quiet reflection before the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season sets in. Time to think over the past year and start making plans for the future.


This super little holiday house is from Goose and is a gacha. The gacha includes one rare (the house) and 10 commons (not all pictured). At only 60L a pull at the main store you can’t beat it.

House: Goose – Holliday House Rare

Lights: Goose – Holliday House Light String Common

Heater: Goose – Holliday House Terraheater Common

Grass: Capo Freenote – Harvest Grass Regular

Trees: Little Branch – Wild Maple V1 4 seasons


This stool is part of the Holliday House collection you can win and comes in light or dark with 5 built in poses.

Stool: Goose – Holliday Box Sit Light Common

Epiphany is still happening and you can get your hands on an awesome set of pups from none other than Jian. The Hallo-Inu set includes 3 rares, all dressed up for Halloween fun and 19 individual rares. 8 of the rares are trick or treater pups available in companion or wanderer, 8 are just pups available in companion or wanderer and 3 candy buckets for yourself.

Pup: Jian – Hallow-Inu Sesame Fade Companion Common – Epiphany

This fantastic hair is all new from Little Bones and includes her all new animations HUD to change the style of your hair to fit your look.

Hair: Little Bones – Elle The Blend – Uber

Eyes: Mesange – Sidonie Eyes 4 – Designer Circle

Now on to this fantastic coat. Mirror Mirror has outdone themselves with 20 all new designs and colors just for Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week. This coat alone comes in 3 individual colors, spring, fall and winter. The soft felt texture is perfect for those chilly fall days.

Coat: Mirror Mirror – Gust of Wind Winter – Penumbra 

The boots are from Venus Shoes and the HUD is so extensive you’ll never wear the same boot twice.

Boots: Venus Shoes – Lisa Boots

Skin: AlterEgo – Taryn Lumiere – Penumbra