How Would You Feel

I know that Easter is over, I really do and I’ve actually been working on this blog or specifically the pictures for 3 days, nothing was coming out right and it was driving me insane. Because it did take me so long to come up with the right pictures I missed a couple of important things but other things are still very viable so, forgive me my perfectionism.

Bloom is now open, this event is so much fun and full of spring. Riot is there with an all new spring-time, sexy and fun dress. This dress comes in 26 colors, she admits to not being able to get rid of colors so be ready to see more in the future. Each dress is 199L or you can grab the fatpack for an amazingly low price of 1299L. The fatpack includes all 26 colors and a bonus of 26 foil colors that are not available individually. You have until April 30 to get to bloom and get these amazing items. This dress fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, and TMP.

Dress: Riot – May Crochet Dress – Bloom


This beautiful hair from Stealthic and is available at Tres Chic this month. I love that Stealthic is now including a style HUD with their hair because it makes it so much more realistic.

Hair: Stealthic – Reprise – Tres Chic


The decor, there is so much. Most of it is from the gachas at Bloom from various amazing creators. First up, we have this super cute bunny planter from MoOH! only at Dark Side. It is a gacha and the white bunny planter is one of two rare items. It is 40L a pull and so worth it if you love cute, little outdoor decor.

Planter: MOoH! – Spring Bunny Planter White Rare – Dark Side


M.Law, Second Spaces, and hive all have fabulous outdoor decor gachas at Bloom. M.Law kind of made me laugh because as I was getting ready to play I said “no way will I get the rare” and I got it first. It is just decor, there are no poses built into it but it’s so pretty with its little shelf of plants and the field of flowers.

Pergola: M.Law – Garden Pergola Six Rare – Bloom


Puppy: Jian – Lively Labs Chocolate Wanderer


Other Decor: Hive – Crate Bar Light, pot of spoons, pot of forks, pot of knives, tabletop eat sign, extra crates light – common

DIY tent – rare – Bloom


Second Spaces – Spring Day – fresh fruit, fancy napkins and stuff, just adorable thermoses, just bubbles – common – Bloom


The pose was one of the hardest items to come up with, then I remembered that Foxcity had a set at On9, cutie is a set of 6 poses, sold individually or as a fatpack. The fatpack includes an exclusive pose not available separately.

Pose: Foxcity – Cutiepie 5 fatpack exclusive – On9


These fabulous shoes are from Breathe and are also available at Bloom, the HUD is immense with the ability to change the main shoes, the ties, the hooks, and the sole. They are so much fun I had to have them.

Shoes: Breathe – Kaycee Heels – Bloom


This is one of my missed opportunities but you can still get your hands on this adorable set of bunny ears from MANIK QUEEN free when you join the inworld group. They are unrigged so you can make them fit your head and come with a color change HUD for 3 ear colors, 3 bows, and 4 flowers. There are 3 options for the ears as well.

EarsManik Queen – Lily Ears – Group Gift


So April Catwa Powder Pack released yesterday, the items included in this box are absolutely amazing. Glam Affair is now a part of Powder Pack as well, so that’s fabulous since they are one of my favorite skin/makeup creators. Pre-orders for the box are, of course, done but you can still grab the box at full price for only 3000L and let me tell you it is worth at least that. Pink Fuel is back with a brand new set of skins, although they are fairly dark for my taste personally, they are stunningly made and are absolutely gorgeous on my Catwa Catya head.

Skin: Pink Fuel – Keke Hazel – April Catwa Powder Pack

Pink Fuel Marketplace

As I said, Glam Affair is now part of Powder Pack and this month contribution is a stunning set of spring makeup. It includes 5 eye colors and 20 lips colors (not pictured).

Eyeshadow: Glam Affair – Spring Makeup – April Catwa Powder Pack


This gorgeous set of eyes is available at Appliquè from Shakeup. The pack comes in 9 individual colors and the realistic textures are just phenomenal. Each pack includes a HUD that works with Omega, Catwa, and Fiore. There is also mesh and system eyes.

Eyes: Shakeup – Ivy Opal – Appliquè


I have not one, but two items from the fabulous Just Magnetized. First, we have the awesome Insta Beauty pack available in the April Powder Pack. It is a set of freckles, blushes, and highlighters and after much fighting with my Catwa HUD I was able to apply the freckles, which are tintable through the Catwa HUD to match your skin perfectly, and the highlighter. Since there is an upper and lower layer on the Catwa head you can apply two items to one section, just keep playing with it until you get it.
The Second item is at Appliquè and is a stunning set of ombre lip colors. Again, play with the HUD to get the glossy layer, add the gloss first on the upper layer, save it in the HUD then apply the lip color to the lower layer and you have a stunning lip.

Cheeks: Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty – April Catwa Powder Pack

Lipstick: Just Magnetized – Aster Lip – Appliquè

Just Magnetized Marketplace

Last but not least from this month’s Powder Pack is the ombre lashes from #adored. With 12 lashes available to choose from and tintable through your Catwa HUD, they are stunning.

Eyelashes: #adored – tip top ombre lashes – April Catwa Powder Pack

#adored Marketplace

Powder Pack Marketplace

ZOZ Nails is back at Cosmopolitan with 2 brand new sets of nail polishes, Brushed comes in a royal and soft set and is made for Maitreya, Slink, ZOZ mesh nails, and Omega. DO NOT use Omega on Maitreya nails, they do not work. You have until April 22 to grab these at Cosmo.

Nails: ZOZ – Brushed Royal – Cosmopolitan Event

PoseFoxcity – Cutiepie 2M – On9


After the Rain

Sometimes you have to get back to your childhood and nothing can do that faster jumping in the puddles left after the rain.

The Liaison Collaborative is open now with a super cute theme this month. Rainy Days brings you so many fun things to play in the rain. Vinyl is there with a brand new dress and raincoat. Sold individually you can wear them together. The coat comes with a single color dress or skip the decision and buy the fatpack of both for innumerable options.

Outfit: Vinyl – Lenka Raincoat & Colbie Skinny Dress – The Liaison Collaborative


This pose from Fashiowl is so cute. With 4 poses built into a puddle and an umbrella prop for the ultra low price of 150L, it’s the perfect playing in the puddles. There is also two couples poses available during this event.

Pose: Fashiowl – Puddle Jump – The Liaison Collaborative


When I saw the outfit from Vinyl I immediately started searching for rain boots on the MP, work and other distractions got the better of me but I was super happy they did when I saw this ad from Neve by ColdLogic. These super cute rain boots come in a variety of colors, each with a color change HUD for the socks in 8 colors.

Boots: Neve – Mudders Black – The Liaison Collaborative


My little friend trying to stay afloat is from Your Dreams, a gacha available at TLC with 6 commons and 2 rares. 80L a pull to win these cute little bunnies.

Bunny: Your Dreams – Bunnies in the Rain Gacha – Bunny Umbrella – The Liaison Collaborative


Location: The Looking Glass

Stealthic is coming to Hairology with this remarkable new hair, available in all standard color packs, an optional tint HUD and the all new style HUD you cannot go wrong with this stunning hair.

Hair: Stealthic – Jealousy – Hairology (LM on April 10)

If you missed out on the pre-order of the April Lelutka Powder Pack, you can still purchase it for full price on the Marketplace and inworld location. After that make sure you keep an eye out for the next pre-order coming soon. This is the last of the amazing items from the Powder Pack creators for this round. Shown on Lelutka Cate Bento Mesh Head.

Skin: Essences – Anouk Medium 01 – Lelutka Powder Pack

Essences Marketplace

Eyeshadow: Studio Exposure – Model Special Eyeshadow – Lelutka Powder Pack

Lipstick: Bold & Beauty – Ultra Matte Lip Collection – Lelutka Powder Pack

Bold & Beauty Marketplace

Lelutka Powder Pack Marketplace

These exceptional eyes are just one of the beautiful packs available at We <3 Roleplay this month from Mesange. Available in 15 tones, individually for 67L each, fatpacks are not available during this event. As with all Mesange eyes, they come with standard and mesh eyes and an Omega applier.

Eyes: Mesange – Bering Sea 4 – We <3 RP


Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is at Black Fair with 3 new marvelous sets of nails. This set, Elegant Twist, comes with 9 tones built into Maitreya, Omega and Slink HUDs.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Elegant Twist – Black Fair


The pose in this second picture is from Image Essentials and is also available at Black Fashion. Sultry v2 is a 5 pose pack with mirrors for only 300L.

PoseImage Essentials – Sultry v2 7M – Image Essentials


Pretty Girl

It’s not very often I do a one photo blog shoot, but today I really wanted to focus on a few main items, the close up wasn’t as pertinent as the other items I am featuring.

First I want to mention once again the amazing retirement sale at Image Essentials. Almost 3/4 of the store is on sale for only 25L! Kay has gone insane and is making room for all the new Bento poses coming. What I love the most about Image Essentials poses is that even if it’s made with one gender in mind, you can usually use it with either. Like this pose for example. Lazing was made for men, it’s a great, kicked back and relaxed pose, but men aren’t the only ones that get lazy right? Well, maybe some men are *grins* Lazing is a 5 pose set with mirrors and is available in the main store and marketplace.

PoseImage Essentials – Lazing 3

I recently joined the Cheeky Pea VIP group and I am so glad I did because they have a couple of amazing VIP group gifts. It is 500L to join the group but with such awesome freebies, it’ll pay for itself in a matter of minutes. Right now there is a very cute, fall-themed chair with an optional pine cone wall display (not pictured) and a table and wall shelf combo ONLY available to the VIP group.

Chair: Cheeky Pea – Autumn Hues VIP Group Gift

Table: Cheeky Pea – Fall is in the Air Table Vip Group Gift


Kraftwork has an all new gacha available at Cosmopolitan starting March 27. This gacha is 50L a play and has 8 commons and 1 rare that includes animations as well. All radios are fully functioning and come with a scripted and unscripted version. Two of the commons are vintage tables to set your radios on. They are no copy, no mod and transferable so collect them all!

Radio: KraftWork – Vintage Radio Gacha 5 Majestic Radio – Cosmopolitan Event


Stealthic released this hair a little while ago, but I still love the style so much I wanted to feature it again. Available in all standard color HUDs as well as an optional, separate tint HUD now, you can still grab this in the main store and Marketplace.

Hair: Stealthic – Vivacity


Uber opened yesterday and with it came this stunning slip dress from Vinyl, that’s right she’s back after RL pulling her away for a tiny bit and better than ever. This slip dress comes in 16 colors with a bonus print texture for each color or just get the fatpack and save yourself some time and money. These dresses fit Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.

Dress: Vinyl – Chai Slip Dress – Uber


Black Fashion Fair is coming April 7 and you can pick up this amazing new skin from 7 Deadly Skins. Maureen is available in 4 skin tones and comes with the all new Omega applier system, face and body all in one, easy to use HUD. The HUD is so fast and the new body is superb.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Maureen Caramel – Black Fashion Fair (LM on April 7)


This gorgeous, metallic tattoo is from White Widow and has 3 available color options. I chose the champagne color because I think it looks stunning on all the skin tones I typically wear.

Tattoo: White Widow – Snatch Champagne


These boots! OMG! The first time I saw the ad on Facebook I knew they would be mine. By Breathe for Shoetopia, opening today these amazing, chunky, heeled boots are like no other. I skipped individual colors and went straight for the fatpack because I love these so much. The HUD is amazing with the ability to change each piece individually and as you can see it matches the Vinyl colors pretty well.

ShoesBreathe – Kendra Heels – Shoetopia


Wall Hanging: Tarte – Lighted Tapestry Earth


Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

With both the Wicked Witch of the East and West dead, peace and happiness rule the land of Oz. The flying monkeys free of their evil mistress are happy and loving, choosing the loving Easter Witch that has taken over the Wicked Witches castle.

From the moment I saw this all new dress from 1313 Mockingbird Lane coming to Ostara’s Alter March 20, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and as I said yesterday, sometimes things just fall into place. This dress is the gacha item and comes in 6 common colors and one Rare white color, the cauldron will also be available at a 20% discount and the hat, super cute as it is, will be the hunt gift. This dress is Maitreya fit only.

Outfit1313 Mockingbird Lane – Ostara Dress Blue – Common, Ostara Hat – Hunt Gift and Cauldron – Ostara’s Alter

I went to the Arcade (this was on day one I swear, I’m being good) and I got all 3 rare Flying Monkeys from HEXtraordidary. They are so cute I couldn’t wait to use them, but I really had no idea what to do with them until I got this outfit from 1313 Mockingbird Lane and I instantly knew why I was meant to have them. The gacha includes 4 common flying monkeys, 6 common decor items, and the 3 rare flying monkeys.

Monkeys: HEXtraordinary – Bellhop Monkey, Farm Girl Monkey, and Witchy Monkey – Rare – The Arcade

Being a springtime witch I needed something cute and that went with this outfit so I found the ribbon and flowers leg wraps from Caverna Obscura to complete my outfit. They come with a color change HUD for the ribbons and flowers. The ribbons are fit for Maitreya, Slink, and Gaeline mesh feet.

Footwear: Caverna Obscura – Ribbons and Flowers

I am so excited about this next hair, not only because it reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones but because of the features that are now included with it. Stealthic has now added a styling HUD to her hair and it couldn’t be more fun. This particular hair has 4 options on how to wear it and there is now an optional tint HUD available for purchase as well.  This hair will be available March 10 at Hairology, LM available then. I am showing style option one in this picture, style option 4, hair over the right shoulder is in the close up picture.

HairStealthic – Cadence Ombres – Hairology

I needed a pose that showed off so many things and after trying several I decided that this pose from Nantra fit the bill perfectly. Charmed, I’m Sure is a set of 6 poses with mirrors and comes with an orb for both hands (not pictured). It was perfect to show off the cute Easter Cauldron.

Pose: Nantra – Charmed, I’m Sure 3

Can’t have a Wizard of Oz themed blog without visiting the Magic of Oz sim. This land has everything from Dorothy’s house stuck in the tornado to the Emerald City. It’s so well done, just follow the yellow brick road.

Location: The Magic of Oz

This amazing skin available from Modish in the February Powder Pack, which if you didn’t pick it up as a pre-order you can still grab at full price at the main store location or the MP. Don’t forget to pre-order you March Powder Pack to save 1500L.

Skin: Modish – Leta F01 with included lipstick – February Powder Pack

Mesange was invited to participate in this month’s We <3 RP, three all new, exclusive eye pack will be available and as usual, each pack comes with 15 eye colors that you can purchase individually or as a beauty pack including all of the eye colors. There is one big change to they eye packs offered from Mesange, Genesis eye appliers are no longer available in the beauty packs. We <3 RP opened March 4.

Eyes: Mesange – Tikal Eyes 16 – We <3 Roleplay

I’ve become addicted to the claw-like nails, and these awesome nails from Supernatural are no exception. Available from The Arcade and rigged only for Vista Bento ProHands, with 9 commons and 2 rares to win, you definitely want to collect them all.

Nails: Spellbound – Spooky Salon Otherworldly – Rare – The Arcade 2

Arcade 3 sim


Getting your first tattoo can be a scary experience, how bad will it hurt, is it going to turn out okay? Questions float through your mind as you sit, nervously in the chair for the tattoo artist to begin their work.

February BishBox had so many awesome, punk themed items I didn’t know where to begin, this time I wanted to show you the tattoo studio pose from Come Soon Poses. It’s made for two people but as you see it can be used by one and comes with 3 built in poses. Everything you see here is included in the prop as well as a tattoo gun for men and women, that is transfer so you can have a friend join you for some tattooing fun.

Pose: Comes Soon Poses – Studio Tattoo Station – February BishBox

Vinyl released this dress for Valentine’s Day in the main store and it’s so much fun, with an optional bustier and colors that will make you want to buy the fatpack.

Dress: Vinyl – Yasunori Date Night Dress Fatpack Maitreya Fit

Stealthic makes such cute hairs and this is no exception, created for January’s Hairology it is now available at the main store. The soft side braid is perfect for the quick, pulled together look and comes in a variety of color options, with small and large head and small and large breast options.

Hair: Stealthic – Summer Haze

Slipper Originals has done it again with a fabulous pair of heeled sandals, available right now exclusively at Hipster Fair you won’t want to miss out on these. The leather shoe with it’s bright metal adornments are perfect for just about any look.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Pandora Sandals – Hipster Fair

I decided to dig through my Powder Pack again and found some more treats, this skin from Essences comes in the February Powder Pack and has body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega and TMP as well as Catwa appliers in a pale or medium tone. There is also a shape included (not pictured).

Skin: Essences – Aria Medium 01 – February Powder Pack

Okkbye has included a birthmarks set in their pack for the February Powder Pack and it comes with a Catwa applier HUD including four different birthmark options.

Birthmark: Okkbye – Birthmarks – February Powder Pack

I’ve featured another eyelash included for the February Powder Pack from Bold & Beauty and I wanted to show another option available in the Catwa HUD.

Eyelashes: Bold & Beauty – Monique 4 – February Powder Pack

Lost and Found is a monthly event set up kind of like a flea market, you can find all kinds of stuff from amazing creators like Mesange there. Mesange always makes her eye packs to include 15 colors as individual eyes or a fatpack. With both types you get mesh and standard eyes and Omega appliers, if you opt for the fatpack Genesis appliers are also included. All Mesange eyes are unisex.

Eyes: Mesange – Mercury Eyes 1(small) – Lost and Found

Sing for the Moment

I think everyone dreams of growing up to be rich and famous, whether as an athlete, actor or singer. For me I wanted to be the next Cyndi Lauper, the only problem with that is I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, animals howl in unison. Fortunately in Second Life you can live out whatever dreams you may have.

This was one of the easiest looks I’ve ever put together, from the outfit and hair to the location and pose I knew exactly how I wanted this to look, the photo shoot and edit didn’t go as well as planned and after 3 takes I finally got what I wanted.
Image Essentials is at Designer Showcase and you can still pick up these amazing poses for only 300L. 5 pose pack with mirrors, the fantastic closeups achieved with these will have you coming back again and again.

Pose: Image Essentials – Soft Caress 2 Mirror – Designer Circle

The dress, I saw this on a Facebook advert and knew I had to own it. The long skirt reminds me of a 1940’s stage singer, the low cut back shows of the perfect curve of your spine and the 16 available colors in solids and patterns are out of this world. I couldn’t decide on one color so I grabbed the fatpack and it’s only 1399L at Shiny Shabby, that makes each dress less than 50L and is so worth having them all. Where else can you get 32 dresses for this price?

Dress: Lybra – Adele Green Pattern – Shiny Shabby

The venue I wanted for my pictures was easy too, introduced to me by my friend Ana the backroom is a little, casual gathering place with a stage for live performers, thankfully no one was there when I wanted to take my pictures, I’d hate to have had to sing and make someone’s ears bleed.

Location: The Backroom

Lumae is still available at Enchantment right now with this beautiful Cinderella inspired skin, the applier options are astounding including Catwa face and Omega body, Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP. There are 4 included shapes as well (not pictured). There is a standard, cleavage and push up breast option for the body applier as well as freckled or plain.

Skin: Lumae – Catwa Ella T2 Cameo – Enchantment

This fabulous hair from Stealthic is available this month at Hairology and I just love the classic, pulled hair with the soft wavy curls, it was exactly what I needed to complete my look.

Hair: Stealthic – Vivacity Blondes – Hairology

Banana Banshee is at Lost and Found with an all new eye pack, 10 available eye colors with white or dark sclera and a HUD that works for Genesis, Omega and the mesh eyes that come with the pack.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Hely Eyes Spring White – Lost and Found 

Indulge Temptation is also at Lost and Found with 9 all new eyeshadow packs. Catwa compatible only the colors are vivid and gorgeous.

Eyeshadow:  Indulge Temptation – La Maitresse Eyeshadows 8 – Lost and Found 

These stunning eyelashes are included in the February Powder Pack from Bold and Beauty and are just one of 5 included Catwa eyelashes.

Eyielashes: Bold and Beauty – Raquel 5 – February Powder Pack

The gorgeous lipstick is from Je Suis and comes in so many colors, each color pack includes 5 shades.

Lipstick: Je Suis – Catwa Lipstick 003 Pink Pack

Nails: ZOZ – Loved Tip Polish

Pretty Things

Napped for two hours and now I feel refreshed, or I am suppose to right? Well, whatever the nap wasn’t all that bad, had all 4 cats in my room and not sure how that happened. Now that I am awake and refreshed however I do have some really fun and pretty things to share with you!

As with every Blueberry new release the anticipation builds and builds, questions pile up waiting for answers, what colors will she do, what special colors, will it fit over pants, with boots, etc.

Well Piki, the all new long sleeved dress from Blueberry definitely does not disappoint. I can’t buy just one color from Blueberry, if I do I end up going back for another and another. I’ve started skipping the dance and just buying her amazing fatpacks, loaded with extras that don’t come with the individual colors just can’t give you.

At only 1299L for the fatpack you will never feel like you wasted money. There are two options in every pack for a tight and a loose fit to wear over pants and the HUD is enormous. 24 individual colors for both the main dress and panties that have an on and off button, 53 sleeve and collar colors, 10 Gold and Shine colors, 18 Unicorn and Ombres colors and 15 in the Sassy Collection. You get a fatpack bigger than this anywhere else.

Dress: Blueberry – Piki (tight)

These shoes though! I got into REWIND: A 90’s Throwback Event and I found these shoes! From Empire the Astrantia is a platform jelly shoe straight from my teenage dreams, I loved jelly shoes but wasn’t allowed to wear them and platform shoes were to die for! Seriously she’s killed it with these and the price is unbelievable for the fatpack that you get.

Each pack comes with Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP fits in see-through or solid and the HUD has 20 colors and all for one low price. You ready for it? I mean are you REALLY ready for the price? OK, fine they are only 299L *dies* I know right unheard of!

Shoes: #Empire – Astrantia – 90’s Rewind

Pretty Things opened today and Image Essentials has an all new set of poses for your pleasure. Succubus is a 5 pose set with mirrors, only available at Pretty Things and for only 300L.

Pose: Image Essentials – Succubus 5 – Pretty Things

Location: Nouvelles Aventures

Stealthic has released this amazing new hair for Hairology, the fun, swept to the side, wavy curly hair is stunning. It comes with a rigged and unrigged version and is available in all basic color HUDs.

Hair: Stealthic – Vivacity – Hairology

7 Deadly Skins is killing it lately with the amazing skin releases she is coming out with and Davina is definitely no exception. She comes in 6 tones, 12 total with the regular and cut versions, plus Omega body appliers, Maitreya body appliers and a cluster pack full of applier for Slink hand/feet, Lola Tangos and Phatazz all for only 500L at Fashion Dazzle. I paired this stunning skin with the all new Omega body applier coming to Skin Fair 2017.

Head Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Davina Sand Cut – Fashion Dazzle

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Omega Body Applier Sand Beauty Marks

Mesange eyes always have something that makes my whole face shine and this set of eyes, although older are still fabulously stunning. Under the Sun comes in 15 colors as individual or as a beauty pack. Individual eyes come with standard, mesh and Omega appliers and the beauty pack comes with all of that PLUS the Genesis applier. You will never run out of options with Mesange.

Eyes: Mesange – Under the Sun 4

The lipstick is from Indulge Temptation and is available at the Makeover Room for the month of February. With 7 color HUDs, 5 lipsticks per HUD you’ll want to grab them all.

Lipstick: Indulge Temptation – Glossy Glam 3 – The Makeover Room

ZOZ Nails have been my absolute favorite nails store since I got my first mesh hands oh so many years ago, and just as mesh improves so does ZOZ. Her polishes always come in Maitreya, Slink, Omega and her very own mesh nails. Each color HUD always comes with 9 color options and are so easy to use you’ll wonder why you’ve had bare nails for so long.

ZOZ currently is at the Fetish Fair with two all new nail packs, The Studs Black and The Studs White. They are gorgeous, shiny polishes with tiny studs dotting from about the middle of your fingernail to the cuticle and I’m in love, let’s just be honest. I was so excited I actually didn’t even wait for the blogger pack, I bought The Studs Black while at Fetish Fair *gives googly eyes*

Nails: ZOZ – The Studs Black – Fetish Fair

These rings haven’t come off my fingers since I found them at The Crossroads. They are a perfect fit for my Vista Bento hands and perfectly crafted. Available in gold, silver or black and each only 219L you should totally grab these if you have Vista hands.

Rings: Secrets – Bianca – The Crossroads

This necklace from Indulge Temptation is fantastic, with a color change HUD with 10 metal options and 16 bow colors you could wear it all the time. It’s currently available at The Avenue.

Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Key To My Heart – The Avenue

You’re Making Me High

So I am going to state, without ANY DOUBT, this blog is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. It contains nudity. You have been warned!

I typically don’t do nude photography, very rare occasions call for it and this is one time that being nude was called for. I had a hard time deciding how to make this classy and sexy at the same time, going through pose after pose, backdrops and many other things before I finally decided how I wanted this to look.

Once I decided on the look I figured out where I wanted to start my search for decor and Chez Moi fit my need well. The Supreme Vanity Daybed set comes with so much and the price is just right. Only 499L and you get the bed, the vanity, the mirror, the bathroom sign and the panties and slipper set, which I bought separately not realizing it came with it. The daybed has 9 texture combinations and 7 single female poses, 7 single male poses (so it’s not just for ladies guys!) and 9 vanity poses. This really is the complete package!

Decor: Chez Moi – Supreme Vanity Daybed

The window is also from Chez Moi and it’s a fake, with a perfect sunny day built into the window panes and a lovely valance it’s perfect for any wall that needs a happy window.

Window: Chez Moi – Fake Window Supreme

Glamistry makes such pretty shoes and I can’t say enough about the HUD that they come with. Individual color options for every part of the shoe and the ability to save your favorites are just some of the key features of Glamistry. Shoes come with Maitreya, Slink and Belleza fits.

Shoes: Glamistry – Hyacinth Heels

I love blogging for Stealthic Hair, she makes such fun and pretty hair and they’re available in all standard color packs including ombres.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic Blonds Pack

Jadis Ashland of Mesange eyes makes such stunning, riveting eyes and I love showcasing them in every blog, because I do in just about every blog. Jasper eyes are part of the Buy One Get One room at The Chapter Four and there are 9 packs to collect for only 90L or the whole fat pack for only 500L.

Eyes: Mesange – Jasper 14 – The Chapter Four

This skin, I can’t get enough of this stunning skin from 7 Deadly Skins for Fetish Fair. Zora is a sexy, clear complexion skin and comes in either Omega or Lelutka mesh head appliers in 5 tones. Body appliers are sold separately and I chose to pair my lovely mesh head with the all new Omega body appliers coming to the Skin Fair very soon!

Head Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Zora Taupe

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Omega Body Applier – Taupe Beauty Marks

So since I had these fabulous nipple rings to show off from !NFINITY for BodyFy I decided I needed pretty nipples to really show them off. I went on the hunt and with a little help from a friend I found the perfect mesh nipples. Soft Voices comes in 4 different versions and each version has a hard and soft nipple. They are fit for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP. They come with a hide/show HUD and a color control HUD to match your nipples to your skin perfectly.

Nipples: Soft Voices Creations – Nipple V4 Hard

Now to the whole reason for a nude blog. !NFINITY has come up with these sexy nipple rings, with a cute heart hanging from the bar. The HUD controls each component for a mix and match look. With 8 metal options for the bar, chain and hearts you can customize this to your hearts content. They are rigged for all 3 Belleza bodies and come with unrigged versions for all other body types.

Nipple Rings: !NFINITY – Heart Nipple Piercings – BodyFy

 I told you I wasn’t taking these rings off and if you want to read more about them head on over to Dreams to check out the full details.

Rings: Secrets – Bianca Rings Silver – The Crossroads

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is back with some all new polish exclusively for BodyFy. Etched Hearts is a skin tone colored polish with tiny etched hearts scratched into them. It looks like someone took a razor blade the the nail and drew a heart.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Etched Hearts – BodyFy

My Love

Life is a balancing act, whether you’re trying to balance RL and SL, trying to find time to fit all your RL stuff into the 24 hours a day that are available or sorting your SL out. Taking on the position of blogger manager for Image Essentials has added a new level of responsibility to my SL and one that I take on happily. I love Image Essentials and have for years and the fact that I am being entrusted to handle these challenges just leaves me in awe. I have some amazing bloggers on my team and I’m looking forward to working with them, encouraging and helping them and everything else that comes with this title. I fully intended on getting up this morning and producing a blog but I got some NCs overnight and decided to take care of those first, but finally I got my pictures done.

I love La Perla and I’ve gotten slightly behind on putting her stuff into my blogs with my temporary leave of blogging during the month of December but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a look. Violet is a sexy body suit with a multi-HUD applier system for Belleza, Maitreya and Omega. It is available in 4 different HUD options with 3 colors per each HUD. You will definitely want to grab them all. It has the top, bottoms and stockings all built in with the sexy lace edging it’s an amazing piece of lingerie to complete any collection.

Outfit: La Perla – Violet Body HUD 2

Sometimes hunting for poses that show off the outfit, hair, nails, skin and everything in between is the HARDEST part of blogging but there are some amazing pose creators out there and Image Essentials is no exception, and no not just because I’m the blog manager, I swear. Feminine Touch is a 10 pose set with mirrors that is perfect for your softer, close up shots.

Pose: Image Essentials – Feminine Touch 4

I bought this prop off the Marketplace from DEC 0014A, I originally intended to use it differently but then this idea took hold and here’s what you see. The prop is modifiable, it comes with the words lying down and they are rather large, but I made them smaller and stood them upright, it turned out very pretty and I love this a lot.

Prop: DEC 0014A – For Love Moments – Red

Although this is an older hair from Stealthic it’s still one of my favorites. Vapor was originally released for Hair Fair 2016 and is now available at the main store, it is available in all standard color HUDs and and is soft and wispy. I just adore this hair.

Hair: Stealthic – Vapor Reds

7 Deadly Skins is my main skin store these days, I throw a few others in here or there but when I need a look for a blog 7 DS usually has something perfect. Maeve is an LAQ mesh head applier that works through the Omega system and as you see it’s absolutely stunning on my Catwa Catya head. It comes in 7 freckled tones.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Maeve Freckled Sand

I swear I’ve become like my sister, Lexi Melody, she literally changes her eyes to match her outfit and blogging for Mesange has made it possible for me to have eyes for every occasion. Madrigal Eyes are available at the Cosmetic Fair and are unisex. Each individual eye pack comes with standard eyes, mesh eyes and Omega appliers. If you choose to buy the beauty pack, all 15 eyes in one, you’ll get the Genesis applier too.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal Eyes 3 – Cosmetic Fair

Indulge Temptation has started creating amazing makeups for Catwa heads, Kayshla’s Kisses was released for an event a few months ago but the rich lipsticks are just fantastic.

Lipstick: Indulge Temptation – Kayshla’s Kisses HUD 3

ZOZ Nails are by far one of the best in all of Second Life, the lush rich polishes with the fantastic shine are like nothing any one else is creating. All nail packs are available for Omega, Maitreya, Slink and ZOZ mesh nails and come with 9 colors.

Polish: ZOZ – Bold II Natural 4


I adore Essenz, her shoes are so cute and different and these are no exception. Right now until January 31 she is also doing a sale of 50% off in her store, so you need to go RIGHT NOW! Venezuela is a calf high, wrapped shoe and is available in 12 individual colors, 3 mini packs and a fatpack. Essenz shoes are also made for Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Isis and both Slink bodies.

Shoes: Essenz – Venezuela Red from Fatpack colors

Not Afraid Anymore

So I have to be perfectly honest, I was in the shower trying to figure out how to write this blog, RL was kinda hell today and on days like today it reminds me why I’m in Second Life. It’s my escape from throwing trucks in -10 degree weather, polished concrete floors and annoying customers that think you should drop everything to make sure their needs are met. Dealing with corporate crap like not replacing 86 burnt out light bulbs to refusing to have a 30 foot pile of snow removed from my parking lot, I wish I was joking. Anywho, days like this remind why I love SL. Being able to hop from spring to summer to fall to winter all in one day and not roast or freeze. The ability to take amazing pictures of stunning items and share them with the world. This is why I love SL.

So Uber opened on January 25 and with it came not one but two amazing items in this blog, the bodysuit from Dead Dollz and these amazing thigh high heels from Phedora. First the bodysuit….

Dead Dollz released this stunning bodysuit in 8 colors with a belt HUD to mix and match your variety. You can grab individual colors for only 250L or the whole fatpack for only 1750L. I chose the black and to pair it with one of the belt HUD colors (there are 12) to create this stunning look.

Outfit: Dead Dollz – Scarlett Bodysuit – Uber

Phedora released these stunning heeled boots for Uber and they come with a 25 color HUD fits for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Venus and Maitreya. You get the entire boot collection for an amazingly low price of only 499L.

Boots: Phedora – Sophia Boots – Uber

Thank God Allyson of Something New loves me and forgives me for waiting until the end of the month to get her poses and props in the spotlight but as soon as I saw this outfit I knew Something New would have just what I needed. Light Me Up is a prop that includes 4 poses and you can pick it up at the main store.

Pose: Something New – Light Me Up

Outfit: check, pose: check, now I just needed a sexy hair to complete my look and Stealthic had just what I was looking for. Previously released for Collabor88 you can grab this hair right now at Hairology along with a brand new Hairology exclusive.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic – Hairology

I also needed a sexy, smoky skin to really make this look pop and 7 Deadly Skins is my go to for amazing skins with Omega appliers. Although this skin was made for an LAQ head it works fantastically on my Catwa Catya head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Candie Pineapple

Mesange always has just what I need for eyes and I just can’t help going back again and again to these eyes. All individual eyes from Mesange come with standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega appliers, beauty packs come with Genesis appliers as well.

Eyes: Mesange – Deep Feeling Eyes 10

 I love ZOZ Nails, so much so I once begged Ember Adored for a chance to blog for them and here I am a regular blogger and I couldn’t be happier. These are an older nail but so amazing I can’t help but share them again.

Nails: ZOZ – Lynn Bold Polish 1