Some Beach

Life can take an unexpected turn, sometimes they are for the better and sometimes they put your whole world into a tailspin, leaving you to pick up the pieces of the puzzle, what is left of the life you once knew. Sometimes it would just be easier to run away, hide, pretend to be someone new, maybe disappear to some beach, somewhere.

My boyfriend is just as big a shopaholic as I am and we headed over to Kustom 9 the day it opened. While there we ran into Agata and the matching bikini and swim trunks they had on offer. We sat there and debated for a bit on which color to buy and decided that out of the 6 colors we would probably wear 4 of the colors regularly and that made our decision, fat pack it was. The women’s set is fitmesh and fits both Slink bodies as well as Maitreya.

Bikini: Agata – 2017 Bikini – Kustom 9

Having picked out the outfit I knew exactly which pose I wanted to showcase. This pose was part of the enMESHed monthly box for June 2017. enMESHed Monthly is a subscription box that you pre-order for 900L every month, it is then released on the first of the next month, packed full of amazing items from designers all over the grid. Something New released this pose with the June enMESHed Monthly box. It comes with the pose and inner tube.

Pose: Something New – Summer Vibes – pre-order July enMESHed Monthly box here


It is no secret that I am a HUGE gacha addict and I went back to The Arcade, it’s still open until the end of the month so if you were waiting for the crush of people to fade away you can go now! I went back because I really wanted a few items I didn’t play for the first time around (first 3 times I went XD). Jian has two gacha machines at The Arcade, this one is the Cheeky Chihuahuas and includes 12 commons and 2 rare. I got both rares and I tell you what, I absolutely adore the little chihuahua in the blanket rare, but he didn’t feel like coming to the beach with me, so I brought his brothers.

Dogs: Jian – Cheeky Chihuahuas – Pearly Collar Companion Rare, Black Companion Common – The Arcade


I love Stealthic Hair and the inclusion of a style HUD just makes them all the more fun, it’s like getting 4 hairs for the price of one every time. This is an older hair but it was perfect for the look I was going for.

Hair: Stealthic – Sirens Blonde


If you didn’t pre-order the June Catwa Powder Pack you can still pick it up inworld or on the Marketplace for the full price of 3000L and let me tell you, it is TOTALLY worth it. Then set your calendar for a reminder to pre-order next month’s box. Amara Beauty is once again in this month’s box with an all new skin, it comes with the Catwa face applier as well as the Omega body applier in all 12 tones with 3 brow options for each tone, 18 lipsticks, and 9 eyeshadows.

Skin: Amara Beauty Temp Store – Livia 05 – June Catwa Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

Blushes Boutique released this beautiful eyeshadow for the main store location and they are made for Catwa only, the HUD comes with 3 colors built in and they are so well done. The lashes are also from Blushes and again, made for Catwa only with 5 options.

Eyelashes: Blushes Boutique – Flirt

Eyeshadow: Blushes Boutique – Jill


Banana Banshee released Starfish for Jersey Shore and there are 7 colors in total, each for only 79L or 299L for the fatpack.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Starfish Sophie – Jersey Shore 


Kunst has this very cute facial piercing gacha at Kustom 9 and I just had to play, this nose ring has actually been in the past several blogs but it wasn’t clear enough to credit. The Celestial Piercing set includes 2 rares and 7 commons and is only 49L a pull. Each piercing comes with a HUD to change the metal.

Piercing: Kunst – Celestial Piercing – Last Quarter Moon – Kustom 9


Boys of Summer

 I don’t pull poor Manni out of inventory nearly enough, but when I saw the awesome new stuff from Riot, Stealthic and !NFINITY I knew hy was about to make an appearance.

Today I am going to start by covering the location and the pose since they are interconnected. Something New has an amazing photo area available right at the sim, you need to be a group member to use the area but the great news is that it’s free to join. When I had decided on my look there was no other place I could think of to take my picture and no question as to what pose I was going to use. Something New is involved in enMESHed, a monthly subscription box is available for preorder through the whole month, then it is delivered to you on the first of the following month. You can pre-order your box for only 900L. This pose is from the June enMESHed box. Once the box has been delivered you cannot buy it again, so it pays to pre-order.

Location: Something New Photo Land

Pose: Something New – Take a Bite – enMESHed Monthly


If you haven’t heard about the Signature Event by now you’re living in a cave, in the middle of the desert. Signature Event is a monthly Men’s event, that’s right guys you have another event with some amazing designers. Riot is there with an all new set of swim trunks. I love Riot because she really listens to her customers and works hard to give them what they ask for. The fatpack of these shorts is enormous. 28 solid colors, 15 fatpack exclusive colors and complete control over how they look. If you choose to only buy one color you will have the ability to change only the waistband color and turn the tie on and off, the fatpack is so worth all the extra options. As with everything I’ve ever tried from Riot, the fit is next to none, her rigging is flawless with no gaps or bulges.

Shorts: Riot – Maui Swim Shorts – Signature Event


I have been blogging for Stealthic since around this time last year, I bought a hair at Hair Fair, called Daughter and fell absolutely in love with it. I took a chance and messaged the creator and then the blog manager, asking if there was a slight chance that I could blog for them, officially. They said yes and I have never regretted my decision to blog for such an amazing designer. When I started seeing men’s hair posted on my Facebook page but they weren’t showing up in my Blogotex page I contacted Stealthic, because I really wanted to be able to show off the amazing hair being created. What I love about Stealthic is the style HUD included. When you buy one hair it’s like getting four, what could be better? This hair, actually inspired by Gac Akina, the creator of Stray Dog, will be available at The Men’s Department on June 5.

Hair: Stealthic – Reach – The Men’s Department


7 Deadly Skins is probably one of the most generous creators I blog for. June is officially here and there is a brand new group gift for men and women, men can grab Judas in Clay tone with 3 different Omega body appliers and 2 Omega face appliers. Want more than that? Well, grab the June Group Offer instead for 250L and get all the body skins and 6 Omega face appliers. This is seriously an amazing offer.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Judas Clay June Offer/ Body Smooth/ Head V3


I may have slightly cheated and included a gift from the Women’s Only Hunt, but these eyes are so beautiful and eyes aren’t just for women right? Plus, I did the Men’s Only Hunt with my boyfriend Maxe so guys, go do the hunt with your ladies and grab these eyes and while you’re at Mesange main store look around at the stunning new layout. Goldmine is the Women’s Only Hunt gift from Mesange and includes a mini pack of 5 eyes. The hunt starts tomorrow, June 3rd and runs through the month of June, so don’t miss out!

Eyes: Mesange – Goldmine – Women’s Only Hunt


Last but definitely not least is these awesome bracelets from !NFINITY. The Infinitum bracelets are available right now at Men Only Monthly and are a braided cord with a metal infinity symbol. There is two metal colors and three braid colors.

Bracelet: !NFINITY – Infinitum – Men Only Monthly


She’s Like the Wind

Dirty Dancing was and still is one of my favorite movies of all times. I saw it for the first time when I was about 9 and I was hooked. It’s been a movie that I can play over and over again, never getting old, even though I can quote the ENTIRE movie word for word. When I saw one of the exclusive poses from Something New for Pose Fair, I knew I was going to use this song.

As I stated, Something New is at Pose Fair, Her Wind is one of the exclusive poses you can grab during this event. The pose comes with leaves, rocks, and grass and yes I know it is not fall in the US but in Australia, it so just goes with it.

Pose: Something New – Her Wind – Pose Fair 2017


I recently discovered a store. Personally, I’ve never heard of it and I don’t know if that means it’s fairly new on the grid or if I’m just out of the loop, but Monderlay makes some amazing mesh items. This coat, available in 5 colors, is out right now at Tres Chic and comes in Maitreya, Belleza, and a fitmesh size. The textures are beautiful and the coat is very well made.

Coat: Monderlay – Joanne Trench Coat Skye – Tres Chic

I needed a fall sim since a lot of places are going to a spring/summer theme. The Trace has a summer sim and a fall sim so I headed on over. The location is beautiful and has so many stunning areas to photograph. Join the free group to rez.

Location: The Trace

Considering I was using a pose entitled “Her Wind” I needed a hair to represent the look very well, Argrace naturally, had exactly what I needed. This hair comes in 4 styles each with a mirror.

Hair: Argrace – Kohaku B2-Mirror Blondes


Amara Beauty is back in the April Catwa Powder Pack with Justine, a brand new set of skins available in all 12 tones. The set also comes with 18 lipsticks and 9 eye appliers (not pictured) This set is stunning and is perfect for creating your new look.

Skin: Amara Beauty – Justine Kit 03 with lipstick – April Catwa Powder Pack


Mesange is back at Lost & Found with Avril, a 15 tones pack of amazing eyes. Each pack comes with standard and mesh eyes, an omega applier and 4 sizes of irises.

Eyes: Mesange – Avril Eyes 12 – Lost and Found


ZOZ is back at Cosmopolitan with a brand new set of nail polishes, made for Maitreya, Slink, Omega, Vista Bento and ZOZ mesh nails. These polishes are gorgeous and available in 9 shades per color HUD.

Nails: ZOZ – Brushed Soft Polishes – Cosmopolitan Event


Breathe is at Tres Chic with these amazing boots, they come in mini packs(400L), a fatpack(1500L) or individually(250L). Each shoe comes with a HUD to change the ties and sole.

Shoes: Breathe – Ryo – Tres Chic


Can’t Fight the Moonlight

Sometimes you get something and look at it from every angle, trying to decide how best to set up the shot, prop poses being some of the most difficult, yet the most fun for me. I love a challenge and I was presented one, but once the inspiration struck it was a simple matter of gathering the items necessary.

Something New & Something Erotic are participating in this year’s Pose Fair and this is one of the 5 exclusive items you can grab during the event. The prop includes the moon, doves, beam and pose and can only be found at Pose Fair 2017.

Pose: Something New – Moon Beam – Pose Fair 2017


An amazing prop needs a spectacular outfit and when I had popped over to Black Fair I noticed that Kaithleen’s also had this super cute, ballerina-style dress available. Since I was unable to get back into Black Fair I hit the store. You can grab the fatpack for only 1199L or each dress individually for 279L. The black or white versions only are available as well at Black Fair for full price.

Dress: Kaithleen’s – Swan Dress Fatpack


Sometimes you get a hair to blog and you put it on and immediately know it’s just right. This hair from Tameless is just that, perfect for the look I wanted to create. Nayla is a brand new release in the main store and comes with Omega hairbase appliers, which as you can see work amazingly well on my Lelutka Cate bento head.

Hair: Tameless – Nayla Naturals with Omega Hairbase


Glam Affair is at Collabor88 with this brand new Lelutka face applier. Agnes comes with 8 brow options, 8 lipsticks, and 8 eyeshadows. Another fabulous skin from Glam Affair and all for only 388L.

Skin: Glam Affair – Agnes Lelutka – Collabor88


Eyes: Mesange – Thetis Eyes – We <3 RP


Having decided on the ballet theme for this set I knew I needed to find the perfect shoes, Vale Koer answered my call with these Slink en pointe feet only, they are fabulous and of course, that meant I HAD to have the fatpack. The options with the fatpack are out of this world for color combinations.

Shoes: Vale Koer – Arc Angel


Darling Nikki

Sometimes I hit a block, I take a picture after picture and nothing screams out to me “BLOG ME!” I decided to take a different route with this blog and try a different type of shoot, using the reflection method I had seen.

Something New is coming to Pose Fair 2017 with 5 all new exclusives and some old favorites. This is one of the old favorites, I’ll cover the exclusives in a later posting. Mixed Emotion is a set of 6 single poses, perfect for sexy shots, like this one.

Pose: Something New – Mixed Emotions 6 – Pose Fair 2017


Rezology has been hard at work, updating hair that has been previously released. Cuddle is a super cute hair with a messy top bun and a braid coiling around it.

HairRezology – Cuddle


Kaithleen’s is at Black Fair right now with this exclusive all-new, harnessed bodysuit. Available in 8 colors or a fatpack it comes fit for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza.

Bodysuit: Kaithleen’s – Harnessed Body Suit – Black Fair


White Widow is at Black Fair as well with this amazing new tattoo, Lovesong is available in 5 colors for only 200L each.

Tattoo: White Widow – Lovesong – Black Fair

7 Deadly Skins is also at Black Fair with a set of all new skins. Maureen comes in 4 skin tones, with 5 eyebrow options and the all new all-in-one face and body HUD. The new HUD is fast and super easy to use. Shown on Catwa Catya Bento mesh head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Maureen Blond Caramel – Black Fair

Last but not least, Noir is at Black Fair with these fantastic new calf-high boots. For 399L you get the boots fit for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, it comes with a full-color HUD as well.

Boots: Noir Store – Tess Boots – Black Fair


Mesange is once again at We <3 Roleplay, Thetis is a gorgeous set of eyes available in 15 tones and are exclusive to We <3 RP.

EyesMesange – Thetis Eyes 3 – We <3 RP


LocationGardens by the Bay


Tumbling Dice

Theo decided it was time to try the luck at the casinos instead of the gacha machines, I’ve never played Craps before so, I grabbed the dice, blew on them like they do in the movie and tossed, watching anxiously as they rolled across the table. My eyes widened, my mouth opening in surprise as they landed on lucky number 7!

Something New is at TWE12VE this month with two awesome props, Lucky Seven’s which I’m using and Winning Slots which mesh man in the background is playing, sadly no he’s not using the pose included in the slot machine but they were too perfect not to use as decor. Lucky Sevens actually has poses for up to 4 people, but I since I didn’t have time to grab 3 additional avis, I made hubby Theo stand in on one of them.

Pose: Something New – Lucky Sevens – TWE12VE

ChicModa is now a part of Cosmopolitan every round! I am so proud of Sassy Nitely for the work and progress she’s made, how far her brand has come, and the fact that I get to be a part of something so amazing! Tony is an original mesh creation, with a soft lace around the hem and a belt. It’s available in 6 colors for 189L each or a fatpack of all colors for 599L. It is fit for Maitreya and both Slink bodies.

Dress: ChicModa – Tony Berry Maitreya – Cosmopolitan

I love Empire Shoes, they only come in a fatpack option and you get so many colors to mix and match to make it your own style. All shoes come with Maitreya, both Slinks, All 3 Belleza, and TMP, and there are 20 color options for each face, 3 metal options, and 8 sole options.

Shoes: Empire – Saponaria

Rezology had the perfect hair for my look with Butterfly 190, this Bento enabled hair automatically fits your head with three additional sliders, Head Stretch, Head Length and Breast Size, that’s a total of 7 sliders for a perfect fit. To get the lights in your hair wear the additional luster light that is included and use Advanced Light Settings.

Hair: Rezology – Butterfly 190 Bento Enabled Hair

7 Deadly Skins is at Ultra this month with a brand new Omega and Lelutka applier. Delaney comes in 7 tones for either Omega or Lelutka and including an Omega body applier.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Delaney Omega Sand – Ultra

Mesange is a guest designer at We <3 RP this month and she had 3 amazing sets of eyes for you to grab. Each come with 15 colors individually or as a beauty pack, includes standard, mesh and Omega appliers.

Eyes: Mesange – Hiraeth 14 – We <3 RP

I’m a Lady

I seriously thought about taking a day off from blogging, I mean I do a post almost every day so I could skip a day or two right? Well, then I opened the new blogger box from Merlific and sealed my fate.

Merlific is at the newest round of anyBODY with this brand new outfit including a top and jean skirt, the skirt has 10 color change options, 5 strap colors, 5 button metal each changeable individually. The top has 10 color options. anyBODY opens March 7, the LM will be provided then.

Outfit: Merlific – Vero Outfit – anyBODY

This pose from Something New is available at the main store and includes two poses for only 75L.

Pose: Something New – Slight Touch of the Lips 2

Slipper Originals is back in the half price room at The Chapter Four this month with Tiffany, this sandal is so cute with a tiny heart on the top of the foot and a color change HUD to completely customize your look.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Tiffany Sandals – The Chapter Four

Location: Take Heart

I was on the marketplace the other day and saw a hair that caught my attention, I started scouring the MP trying to remember the name of the creator and I finally did. Rezology has bento enabled hairs like this one and although there are minimal colors they are well made.

Hair: Rezology – Danger Bento Rigged Mesh Hair

I keep going back to my February Powder Pack to play with the amazing appliers that I got this month. Today I decided on the lovely Passion shadow from SlackGirl and the amazing eyelashes from Bold and Beauty. The Passion shadow comes with 8 color options and the eyelash pack has 5 different lashes to choose from. It’s not too late to get the February Powder Pack at 3000L and you can pre-order you March Powder Pack now for only 1500L.

Shadow: SlackGirl – Passion Shadow Black – February Powder Pack

Lashes: Bold and Beauty – Monique – February Powder Pack

Manik Queen has an amazing set of eyes available for the Saturday Sale. Mystica comes in 26 individual colors and includes a set of mesh eyes and an Omega applier. Each color of eyes is only 65L for the Saturday Sale!

Eyes: Manik Queen – Mystica Twilight

I cannot get enough of the brand new skin from 7 Deadly Skins coming to Skin Fair 2017 in just 6 days! Wednesday comes with the all new HUD system that applies both face and body, the face has 4 types but the body is only plain skin. She’s also revamped the body applier HUD to include four skin types and you can grab those while at the Skin Fair too!

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Wednesday Pineapple Beauty Marked Face and Pineapple Omega Body Applier Beauty Marked – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Je Suis offers some beautiful lipsticks made just for the Catwa Mesh Head, the tones are vibrant and realistic. The fatpack is definitely the way to go as you get all the color HUDs with 5 colors per HUD. You never know when you’ll need a purple lipstick.

Lipstick: Je Suis – Catwa Lips No. 003 – Purple

I had seen these nails on a previous trip to N°21 and had debated on whether to buy them or not, then I got the Astralia set at The Arcade and was sold. These nails are rigged mesh to fit the Vista Bento ProHands Only and come with a texture change HUD for 6 nail colors, 6 jewel colors, and 3 metals.

Nails: Astralia – Rock Nails – N°21

Swinging on a Star

I am not a 100% sure what is going on with my blog, I can get into it, but seems that some others can’t so I am going to write this and then kick the guy hosting my site as soon as he’s awake for the day.

From the moment I saw this new pose from Something New I started planning how and where I was going to use it, I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear was my biggest problem, but the pose is so fun and dream-like I knew I had to do it. This is a single pose and prop and includes the swing, clouds, cat and stars, when I saw it I immediately thought of the old song Swinging on a Star, one I’ve always loved. This pose is available as part of the I <3 Cart and Hunt and is the 10L hunt item.

Pose: Something New – Our Universe – I <3 Cart Hunt

I know the shoes are pretty tiny and zooming in here will pixelate it a lot but if you click my Flickr you will be able to see them in a better quality. Flite released these awesome tennis shoes for N°21 and they are unisex, they come with fits for Belleza high and flat, Slink Fem high and flat, Maitreya high and flat, Slink and TMP men’s flat and an unrigged version. It includes a color change HUD to customize your shoes.

Shoes: Flite – Gemini Lowtops – N°21

There was no question which location I was going to use for this pose, Gardens by the Bay from the creator of Eclectica has so many dreamy qualities and photo opportunities it’s easy to find a place to take an amazing picture.

Location: Gardens by the Bay

Doe is also at N°21 this month with this super cute, short pigtail style hair, available in fitted and unrigged versions and in all the basic color packs you don’t want to miss out on this hair.

Hair: Doe – Indu Essentials – N°21

There is still time to get over to Hipster Fair to grab this fabulous skin from 7 Deadly Skins, Tuesday is available in 6 tone Omega appliers and includes Omega body appliers, although I chose to pair my face applier with the all new Omega body HUD that is coming to Skin Fair 2017.

Face Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Tuesday Cotton Candy Omega – Hipster Fair

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Cotton Candy Omega HUD applier plain – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Eyes: Mesange – Mercury Eyes – Lost and Found

This top from CandyDoll comes in 20 different colors with a trim HUD for each color, the fatpack includes 10 additional bonus colors. I couldn’t decide on one color so yeah I picked up the fatpack <.<

Top: CandyDoll – Cheryl Fatpack – N°21

Lush is at The Avenue with an all new pair of short, denim shorts. These shorts come with a 6 color texture change HUD and is at a 35% reduced price for The Avenue.

Shorts: Lush – Zumi – The Avenue

E.Marie is at N°21 with this awesome set of nail appliers just for Vista Bento Hands. For 199L you get a HUD with 20 different colors and with the Vista Bento hand HUD you can paint each nail individually. There are 4 different color palettes with 5 different nails per palette in the HUD.

Nails: E.Marie – Amore Vista ProHand Applier – N°21

Hello Love

It’s Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day or whatever you want to call it. For me it’s just another day. The husband and I went out over the weekend to celebrate both my birthday and Valentine’s Day, I got Japanese Hibachi for dinner and a brand new Samsung Gear S2 watch as a gift. I couldn’t ask for a better Valentine’s Day. We gave the kids their gifts and the hubby is heading out to work.

However, the wonderful designers and creators of our Second Life have not forgotten what day it is and you can get everything from something to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your lover to party items to chill at home alone. Today I’m covering Tiffany Designs release especially for Valentine’s Day.

Divia comes in 10 individual colors with a gorgeous gold lace bodice and a beautiful mermaid style skirt. It comes with a chest accessory, 2 different kinds of headpieces (not pictured), earring (not pictured) and necklace and has appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMD and Omega.

Dress: Tiffany Designs – Divia Red

I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to use this amazing background prop from RAMA, release for Gacha Garden it is just one of the 7 commons you can win Hello Cafe has lovely lips sprinkled around a white brick wall. Hello is etched into the brick and the best part, there is a built in resizer so that you can fit it to you. There are 3 rares and when you play 20 times you receive the Seed of Inspiration prize. Hurry we’re halfway through Gacha Garden, you only have until February 28 to get there and win some amazing items.

Background: RAMA (LM currently unavailable) – #Selfie Hello Cafe – Gacha Garden

Chapter Four called my name and I answered, I’m so glad I did though because I found this super cute, cork-filled love sign from Blue Sky there. It is in the buy one get one room and when you purchase it you get the red and the brown love.

Sign: Blue Sky – Cork Love Red – The Chapter Four

This pose is from Something New and is a gacha that is available at the main store. Blog my Essentials is a 6 pose gacha, 5 commons and 1 rare are yours to win.

Pose: Something New – Blog my Essentials 3

Creating a look is very important to me, something that fits the whole scene, from hair and nails to skin and makeup, giving you the look that I was inspired to create is important. Runaway is at Hairology with this brand new hair, Joanne is a long, wavy style and comes in all the standard color packs. It is an exclusive to Hairology this month.

Hair: Runaway – Joanne Blond – Hairology

I wanted to share a beautiful skin from Glam Affair with you. Available right now at Collabor88 for 388L, Minerva is a Catwa applier and available in 5 different skin tones. If you have Maitreya body and Vista hands you have no need to buy other appliers, because Glam Affair has kindly included their basic tones right in the HUDs for those items.

Skin: Glam Affair – Minerva America – Collabor88

Banana Banshee has released an amazing set of eyes called Passion, available right now at TWE12VE Event, hosted by EvilBunny Productions. The HUD works on both Genesis and Catwa eyes as well as the included mesh eyes from Banana Banshee. There are 10 eye colors total.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Passion Original – TWE12VE 

Bad to the Bone

I was sitting there, trying desperately to figure out what to blog next when not one but two awesome items dropped in my lap. anyBODY is opening today and Merlific and Chemical Princess are both going to be there with some amazing newness for you. I’ve got so many amazing items to share with you from events and designers all over the grid. You do not want to miss out on all the cool items available this month.

When I showed this picture to my husband, first thing in the morning when he’d just woken up, his response was “Its cute” *raises and eyebrow* “It’s not suppose to be cute” I said and he looked at me and said “well then what’s it suppose to be?” I just rolled my eyes and said “sexy, its suppose to be sexy” he sounded exasperated a little as he said “okay it’s sexy” MEN!

First up we have this amazing dress from Merlific, with it’s texture change HUD and netted overlay dress the options on how to wear it are endless. The HUD has 6 solid colors and 6 graphics for you to choose from and it’s fit for all mesh bodies including TMP and Tonic. This dress is copy/mod and just perfect for your sexy fun, a night on the town or just about anything in between.

Dress: Merlific – Gwen Dress – anyBODY

The second item being released for anyBODY is from Chemical Princess and they are sexy leather and metal garters. Fit for all Belleza and Slink bodies as well as Maitreya it comes with a color change HUD to change the metals to 3 tones and the leathers to 8 colors. Wear them one at a time to mix and match your colors.

Garters: Chemical Princess – Love Garters with HUD – anyBODY

Since I was accepted to Glamistry I’ve been looking for the perfect outfit to compliment these shoes. The high platform sole with it’s stiletto heel are super sexy and fun. I love the HUD from Glamistry, you can mix and match all your colors to create your perfect shoe and better yet, when you find the right combination you can save it, up to 5 different combinations so you don’t have to remember or hunt for it the next time.

Shoes: Glamistry – Lilium Heels

Now I had the look I needed a pose to pull it all together and I started hunting through my inventory to find just the thing. I found it at Something New but I changed it up just a little bit. Puurfect is actually a pose on a big cat, it comes with a spotted tiger for you take you stunning photos with, but all Something New poses are modifiable in the fact that you can pull them apart and use just the pose if you want. So I looked to see what I had and I found this motorcycle from Alibi Motors. With its texture change options I was able to make a pose that was Bad to the Bone.

Pose: Something New – Puurfect

Motocycle: Alibi – Punisher

Ever since I got to the Gacha Garden and got this amazing backdrop from Rama I’ve wanted to use it and if FINALLY came in handy, exactly the way I wanted it to. Rama has 9 commons and 1 rare that you can win plus with all Gacha Garden items there is a special Seed of Inspiration you collect after playing the machine so many times.

Backdrop: Rama (LM currently unavailable) – #Selfie No Parking – The Gacha Garden

Clothes: check, Pose: check, background: check, now I had to figure out the right “look” for my fantastic outfit and of course that meant digging first through my 7 Deadly Skin folder. With so many options I decided to show you Davina again, in a tone I don’t typically wear. Davina has 6 skin tones with an Omega head applier, Maitreya body applier, a cluster pack including Slink hand/feet appliers, Tango and Phatazz appliers as well as an Omega body applier and a system skin. It’s literally all in one! I chose to pair my Omega head applier, based on the LAQ mesh head with the BRAND new Omega skin applier coming very, very soon to The Skin Fair. This all new skin has so many improvements on it you will never want to take it off.

Head Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Davina Apricot – Fashion Dazzle

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Apricot Omega Body Applier

If you haven’t figure out yet, I am a hair junkie. Rarely do I re-blog a hair and if I do it’s because it’s perfect for the look I’m going for, but this blog required a new hair and so I first went to the No.Match_  store and they of course had just what I wanted to complete my bad girl look. No_Understanding is a pulled back hair with braided sides that is unisex. It comes in all the standard color options and for only 200L for a single color or 800L for the total color pack you can’t lose.

Hair: No.Match_ – No_Understanding Blond

Swallow released these ears a couple of month ago at an event, since I was taking a break at the time I didn’t really look at them, but then when I decided to put together my bad girl look I realized they were just what I needed. With 9 skin tone presets, tons of metal and tattoo options these ears fit with my Catwa Bento head perfectly. You can resize them and move them to get just the right fit.

Ears: Swallow – Punky Ears

Mesange is at The Chapter 4 this one with an all new eye pack with 16 colors. In the Buy One Get One room you can collect 8 packs of eyes colors for only 90L a piece or the beauty pack with all 16 colors for only 500L.

Eyes: Mesange – Jasper – The Chapter 4

Indulge Temptation is at The Makeover Room with some all new lip glosses made especially for Catwa mesh heads. There are 7 all new glosses with 5 colors per HUD and at only 75L per color pack you will want to get them all. You can go to the Makeover Room and try out a free demo first.

Lipstick: Indulge Temptation – Glossy Glam Lipstick 7 – The Makeover Room

I am not sure I’m ever going to take these rings off. I honestly didn’t intend on buying them but when I was at The Crossroads, actually looking for a completely unrelated item, I happened upon these. Made for the Vista Bento hands they fit perfectly and MOVE with my hands. No floating rings, no adjustment needed, just a perfect fit. Available in 3 metal tones for only 219L a piece they are a steal.

Rings: Secrets – Bianca Rings – The Crossroads

Last but definitely NEVER least is this stunning polish from ZOZ Nails. Available at the Fetish Fair in either white or black studs you will want to just grab the fatpack, because if you’re anything like me you wear multiple body parts and you save so much just having them available. All polish packs come with ZOZ mesh nails, Slink, Maitreya and Omega appliers and 9 color options. I will warn you in advance, Fetish Fair has been very difficult to get into since it opened but it is very worth the wait.

Polish: ZOZ – The Studs White – Fetish Fair