More Girls Like You

I have a bit of a different style today, but it’s one I absolutely love and I hope you will too!

Mesange is at Skin Fair 2017 with for exclusive shapes, each shape includes a set of eyes and a style card to get the look in the ad. Kwame is the African-inspired shape and the features are stunning. Kwame comes with Memories 14, a shiny gray toned eye, and it includes a pair of mesh eyes and an omega applier. Skin Fair opens at midnight on March 10.

Shape: Mesange – Kwame with Memories 14 eyes – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

I didn’t feel right using a pale skin on such a lovely African face so I dug into my pack from Lumae. Ella bare for Catwa is a gorgeous, makeup-free edition and is available in all 10 skin tones that Lumae makes. The skins come with a Catwa face applier, body HUD applier including Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega in both a plain and freckled tone and 3 cleavage options. Lumae Leevi ears and ear appliers are also included as well as the TMP body HUD. There are a variety of shapes for you to try out as well. You really get a complete package when you buy skins from Lumae.

Skin: Lumae – Ella Bare Catwa – Nutmeg T7 Freckled – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Finding the right hair to complete my look was actually the biggest challenge and my journey led me to EMO-tions. Honestly, I look at the dreaded hair more often than not and always talk myself out of it, but I found this one and it just looked so amazing with everything else I caved and bought it.

Hair: EMO-tions – Jocelyn Black/White

MirrorMirror is back with a brand new line of springy goodness, this dress is just one of many new items coming to the spring line. She’s also making mix and match outfits for those of us that love to mix it up. This dress comes in 6 mesh body sizes and is available in 5 ombre colors.

Dress: MirrorMirror – Wildest Dream Pink Ombre

This gorgeous tattoo from Isuka is a Skin Fair exclusive as well and the bright, vibrant colors seem ready to crawl off your skin and plant themselves to grow. The tattoo comes with system layers, TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Signature appliers and has a normal, fresh and faded option.

Tattoo: Isuka – Fuschia Omega Faded – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Glamistry makes some of the most amazing shoes and the HUD that comes with their shoes are to die for. You can individually change each piece and if you find a combination you love you can save it for later use.

Shoes: Glamistry – Amaryllis Heels

An older pose from Image Essentials but still beautiful is the Women’s Sit set. A 5 pose set with mirrors and it’s available on the Marketplace and main store for 300L.

Pose: Image Essentials – Women’s Sit 2M

Location: Nouvelles Aventures

There is a few days left to get over to Cosmopolitan and get your hands on these stunning nails from ZOZ. Available in two different color packs, one vibrant bright tones, the other soft polishes, they are absolutely gorgeous. They are available in Maitreya, Slink, Omega, ZOZ mesh and now Vista Bento.

Nails: ZOZ – Drops Polish shown on the all new Slink Bento Hands using Slink HUD – Cosmopolitan

This pose from Foxcity is a Bento compatible pose and for it to look right does require Bento hands. Bento poses are very specific and if they don’t look right immediately it may require you to adjust your shoulder, arm length and hands to make it fit. Bento is very precise.

Pose: Foxcity – Beauty 3

One of the four exclusive for Skin Fair 2017 are these awesome eyebrows from okkbye. Available in Catwa or Omega with 12 brow options including a white brow for those of you who prefer that, I know how hard it is to find pure white brows so this is exciting.

Eyebrows: okkbye – Adumbrate Eyebrows – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Body: Slink – Physique

Bubblegum Bitch

I have loved the character Harley Quinn since I was a kid, she was always so fun and psycho rolled into one. So when I got these new leggings from LRD I was inspired to make a post featuring my favorite villain, Harley Quinn. I can’t make poses, I’ve tried and failed so when I wanted my vision to come to life I asked Rood of Q-Poses to help me out and she brought my pose to life. Thank you so much Rood.


See why these leggings inspired a Harley Quinn thought? The fun pant and legging duo come with a color HUD to mix and match your style. LRD always creates a top notch product and you won’t want to miss out on these awesome leggings.

Pants: LRD – Legging Katie – Swank

So now I had a pose and pants I needed the rest of it and I woke up to receiving this awesome top from Black Haus, it’s like she knew I needed this to complete my look. It comes in 4 colors and is fit for standard, Maitreya and both Slink sizes.

Top: Black Haus – Lola Top – The Black Dot Project

This pose, I wanted something that showed Harley in her true nature and the mallet and gun are iconic to classic Harley as the baseball bat is to the new Harley. I found this cute little statue on the internet and showed the picture to Rood, within hours I had the perfect pose.

Pose: Q-Poses – Harley’s Law

Chemical Princess has come up with this awesome, full body tattoo for The Black Dot Project and it was one more piece I needed to complete my look. Yes, I know Harley didn’t have tattoos but seriously I love it so I had to include it.

Tattoo: Chemical Princess – Lost – The Black Dot Project

Shoes: Reign – Shameful Plats

So with that all being said I needed the perfect place to take my picture right? Well I decided to visit Everwinter again and this building was perfect, with the neon lights screaming “Stay Wild” how could I resist?

Location: Everwinter


This stunning polish from ZOZ Nails is the newest release for Cosmopolitan and I mixed and matched the two HUDs available during Cosmopolitan. The royal colors are bright and bold, the soft polishes are just that, soft and almost angelic. Kind of like Harley don’t you think?

Polish: ZOZ – Royal Beauty 1 (red) – Cosmopolitan 

ZOZ – Soft Beauty 9 (white) – Cosmopolitan 

This hair though! Runaway released this hair when the Suicide Squad movie came out this summer and it’s still totally relevant. It’s perfect and would make Harley proud. The ombre HUD had the perfect mix to keep me a redhead yet provide the little bit of crazy that is Harley Quinn.

Hair: Runaway – Harley Hair – Ombres HUD

7 Deadly Skins makes some amazing skins in superb tones, you can find just about anything you’re looking for and now that she has appliers for all mesh bodies and heads you can’t go wrong.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Leslie Oak (as shown on Catwa Alice Head)

Mesange makes some of my favorite eyes and I’m not just saying that because I’m an official blogger for her. The tones, highlights and applier capabilities make these eyes ones that everyone should have. At only 400L for a beauty pack of 15 eyes that include standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega and Genesis appliers, you could change your eyes every day and never get bored.

Eyes: Mesange – Human Soul Eyes 15

What better accessory to wear than a necklace called Jester? Indulge Temptation is part of The Mad Circus and has released this fun, jester style necklace with individual color change HUDs.

Necklace: IT! – Jester’s Necklace HUD 1 – The Mad Circus

The gun is the rezzable portion of the Harley’s Law pose.

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Next Contestant

Today I have an amazing new dress from Chemical Princess, shoes from LRD and so much more. With Halloween just 3 weeks away there are so many amazing poses, sims and outfit for your perfect photo ops you won’t want to miss.


Suicide Dollz opened yesterday and with it came this amazing sheer dress from the one and only Chemical Princess. The HUD that comes with it changes the dress and scarf individually to 8 different colors and it’s fit for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP.

Dress: Chemical Princess – Slay Dress with HUD for Maitreya – Suicide Dollz

Ally Dwyer of Something New is killing it with her Halloween poses. Every Halloween pose has taken up a new home in the Something Halloween section of the store. This pose is fun and comes with the coffin and two trophies, an attachable trophy completes the look.

Pose: Something New – Pageant Winner

This sim is quickly becoming one of my favorites for my Halloween pics. Garden of Whimsy has added a Haunted Hallows to their location, creepy gothic manors, cemeteries, ghosts, skeletons and more will help you complete any Halloween picture.

Location: Garden of Whimsy Haunted Hallows


This fun hair with it’s two buns on the back of your head is from Tukinowaguma.

Hair: TKW – Otero fitted

7 Deadly Skins has so many skins available now for mesh heads you won’t possibly not find something that will work for you. With appliers for Omega, Lelutka, AK, and LAQ it’s easy to complete an amazing set of skins.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Sena V2 Oak Red Brow shown on Catwa Alice

These eyes from Mesange are so cool and available right now at the Bodyfy event. They come in the standard 15 colors with each including the standard and mesh eyes as well as the Omega applier, the beauty pack includes all of that plus the Genesis applier. There is no pupil! The eye is a shiny sclera only and all the colors are amazing.

Eyes: Mesange – Ghost Shadow Eyes 15 – Bodyfy

This awesome polish is from IP Nails for the Supernatural Event starting tomorrow, brought to you by Premium Only Event.

Nails: IP Nails – Powerful Set – Supernatural 


These shoes are the newest release from LRD and come with a HUD that will individually change the front, heels and laces. You can customize the shoes to match almost any outfit. They are fit for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink only and are available at Pretty Things.

Shoes: LRD – Freedom Pumps – Pretty Things

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