A spring day at a gorgeous park, a sporty new outfit and some amazing previews for the Skin Fair, what more could a girl ask for? Not much really. Skin Fair opened up it’s press release review and there were so many amazing skins, tattoos, makeup, etc I didn’t know where to start. Unfortunately, the budget doesn’t allow me to buy everything but I did get some fun stuff to show you today.

First, we have an all new pose pack from Image Essentials. Viper, named after our wonderful Blogger of the Month, LauraGenia Viper, is a 5 pose pack with mirrors and is Bento compatible, which means it will pose your Bento hands. You don’t need Bento hands to use these poses but you do have to have a Bento viewer. These poses will be available at the March round of Pretty Things starting March 11 and going through the end of the month. The pose pack will be 300L.

Pose: Image Essentials – Viper 3 – Designer Circle

There is an all new event starting March 12 called L’Elite, Viki is there with a very cute, sporty top and skirt. This outfit is fit for Maitreya, both Slink, all 3 Belleza, TMP and both Tonic bodies as well as standard mesh sizes. It comes with a HUD for the top and skirt with 8 built-in textures.

Outfit: Viki – Catalina Outfit Spring Maitreya – L’Elite

Mesange is branching out to make amazing shapes, known for her beautiful eyes Jadis decided to make some Bento head compatible shapes and they are lovely. These are exclusive to Skin Fair and each shape comes with a pair of eyes.

Shape: Mesange – Anaelle Shape with Lark Rise Eyes 6 – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Ooh-la-licious is back, after a break to that thing we call RL for a new job she has come back to the Skin Fair with an absolutely amazing skin. This new release is exclusive and made for Catwa, her first Catwa only applier. In this pack, you get the Catwa face applier with 4 brow colors and a no brow option, Omega body applier, hairbase applier, Lipstick HUD with 10 colored lips, a bare gloss and a bare matte option. The pack also includes a faceless, Generation 5 system skin to cover up the default SL body if it decides to peek through.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Naavah Vanilla Catwa – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

The next exclusive I’m featuring from the Skin Fair 2017 is from Aurica Store. This full sleeve tattoo with included hand tattoos works with Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMP and Omega and is only 150L. Again this is a Skin Fair exclusive so you will want to go grab it as soon as the fair opens on March 10.

Tattoo: Aurica Store – Sabah Tattoo Omega – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Slipper Originals released a special pair of flats at only 99L available at the main store and Marketplace. It comes with full color HUD for both the shoe and the bow.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Kelsey Flats

Every time I go visit Maddy’s Gardens by the Bay I find a new place to take pictures. She did such a fabulous job on this sim and you can join the Eclectica Land group through invitation only to have rez rights. I truly love this sim and am in awe every time I visit.

Location: Gardens by the Bay

I absolutely adore this hair from Sintiklia, available as a gacha prize at the current round of The Chapter Four this is the Ultrarare and includes all color HUDs, a rigged and unrigged version, a styler HUD with two options (picture one is option 1 with the #15 common bangs). There is one ultrarare, one rare, one uncommon, and 13 common prizes to win.

Hair: Sintiklia – Spring Melody Ultrarare 1 style 2 – The Chapter Four

My last Skin Fair exclusive is from Lovely Disarray, remember how I said the Ooh-la-licious skin came with a no brow option? Well, I for one am very glad it did because I could show you these amazing eyebrows. Made for Catwa and Omega it includes all brows colors as well as a white and gray that are tintable. It also includes a system eyebrow shape.

Brows: Lovely Disarray – Agitator Eyebrow Blond – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

I had an amazing skin, fabulous hair, what else could I need? Well nails for one. Although I absolutely adore the creators I blog for on nails I *scuffs my foot* blog so much that I’ve covered every nail pack they’ve ever sent, so I decided to hunt for something new to showcase and my journey took me to Kustom9 and the awesome nails from e.Marie, I love e.Marie because she makes nails for Vista Bento hands which means I can paint each nail a different color, it makes your nails so much fun.

Nails: e.Marie – Boho Magic Vista Bento – Kustom9

While at Kustom9 I found the Mai Bilavio gacha machine *groans* yeah you know me and gachas. So I played, trying to get the rares because it seemed I’d had all the luck so far, and although I didn’t get the rares I did get some amazing eyelashes. The Feline Collection is made for Catwa and Lelutka, make sure you play the right machine though, the Catwa is on the top and Lelutka on the bottom. Catwa has 7 commons and 2 rares to win.

Lashes: Mai Bilavio – Feline Collection Catwa 4 – Kustom9


Shhh! Don’t tell mom I’m not resting, she’ll kick my butt. Seriously though, Bish Box released two days ago and I so desperately want to get this post out so people can see the amazing dress available from ChicModa ONLY for Bish Box.

Sassy has completely outdone herself with her submission for January’s Bish Box. This dress with it’s color change HUD is stunning. You have the option of 6 colors with or without a sparkle, you can turn it on and off. Remember though, you can ONLY get this dress with your purchase of January 2017 Bish Box. It is NOT available anywhere else.

Note: How to get your Bish Box.
1. Go to a subscriber location and reserve your box for 1500L prior to the release on the 20th of the month, it’s automatically delivered.
2. Go to the MadPea Headquarters, pay the past month box 3000L and get your box delivered. It definitely pays to subscribe.

Dress: ChicModa – Gemma Dress – Bish Box

Venue SL is your place to go for unique venues and decor. The VIP set is part of the decor series only available at Venue. It comes with a lighterd red carpet, plain red carpet and a VIP rope to make your next event super special.

Decor: Venue – VIP Red Lighted Carpet & Rope

Sometimes I have an idea and start digging through my inventory for just the right pose and this time Image Essentials won the day with “Sunnies”. A super cute pose released last summer that comes with 5 poses and mirrors. Glasses are included but I used my own for this post and I will tell you more about them later on.

Pose: Image Essentials – Glasses 1 Mirror

It’s no secret that I am a complete lush when it comes to Truth Hair. I probably still have some flexi hair of his from when I discovered the store back in 2011, I was only a few months old so don’t judge me for taking so long. Truth has always had high quality hair and only gets better with age, like a fine wine. This hair is brand new in store and has a really cute, loosely tied bun at the back with soft curls framing your face.

Hair: Truth – Miriam Reds

Ooh-la-licious Skins creator Ola Sassoon has been taking a small break in SL to deal with a new job that she has in RL, which is so amazing for her and I am so happy for her but people have been asking for a skin applier that will work with the Catwa Catya head and I just want to say, any of the previous Omega appliers look stunning on Catwa, even the new bento head.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious – Shahira Honey Omega Applier

This gorgeous pale lipstick is from Indulge Temptation and was available at the last round of Lost and Found as a gacha. As of the writing of this post it is not in store.

Lipstick: IT! – Sweet Memories Rare Pack applier 11

Mesange is one of my favorites for making stunning eyes and these are no exception. With the purchase of every eye color you get standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega appliers, if you splurge and get the Beauty Packs you also get the Genesis applier.

Eyes: Mesange – Gilda 5

As promised it’s time to discuss the glasses. From ZOOM these glasses have an extensive HUD to change not only the frame but the lenses as well. It comes with a set to wear on your face and a closed set you can hold in your hand. The quality is amazing as with any ZOOM product.

Glasses: ZOOM – Sunsoul Glasses

So although the name of these shoes is very, very similar to my name they are not, sadly named after me. Dannika is available at the newest round of Lost and Found event opening today, January 22, 2017. It is a fat pack with Maitreya, Slink and Belleza fit shoes. The HUD has so many color options you could wear them every day and not run out of colors to choose from.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Dannika – Lost and Found

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Wasting Time

It’s a lazy Sunday at my house, since it’s my only day off during the week I tend to be lazy as all get out. I stay in my pajamas, nap and basically do whatever I want.

Wasting Time is my  my tribute to lazy Sundays.


Goose is back and badder than ever with this fantastic patio set including a couples couch, 2 individual single chairs, a sofa table and rug. This items is available at the newest round of Cosmopolitan Events open now!

Furniture: Goose – Outdoor Living Set – Cosmopolitan


I wanted to make sure to give you a good view of the ourfit because I love this combination even if it’s from several different designers. This hooded sweatshirt has been updated to include a bonus thank you HUD with 6 new designs. This hoodie is available at FaMESHed this month and if you’ve already purchased it hit the redelivery at the main store to get an update!

Top: Vinyl – Meghan Hoodie Fatpack – FaMESHed

These capris are an older item from Just Because but I adore them and they looked amazing with the hoodie from Vinyl.

Pants: Just Because – Jen Capris Khaki for Maitreya

Reign, if you didn’t know already, has a permanent spot at Collabor88 and this month’s shoe offering is to die for. Since their original release they’ve been updated with two more fit types for a total of 4 types: Regular, slipped on, sloppy and tippie.

Shoes: Reign – Arianna Sneaker – Sloppy – Collabor88


There is a very special reason I’ve chosen this skin today, Ola-li-cious Skins creator, Ola Sassoon has been very busy in RL and people are asking when she’ll release a skin for the new Catwa Catya head, so I wanted to show how amazing her previously release skins for Omega looked on the Catya.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Honey Catwa Applier shown on Catwa Catya Bento Mesh head and Maitreya Mesh Body

Chemical Princess is coming to Cosmetics Fair 2017 and has some amazing face tattoos to get your hands on. The one I’m featuring today comes in light and dark in and is situated just above your eyebrows, the right side says “Stay Strong” and the left “Respect”, tiny birds fall around your eyes.

Face Tattoo: Chemical Princess – Stay Strong – Cosmetic Fair

Hairology is a monthly event that brings you some of the best hair designers in SL all to one place with brand new exclusives that you can ONLY get during the event, they are usually in the store later but why wait. Phoenix has released Kiara in all her standard HUD colors and it’s phenomenal.

Hair: Phoenix – Kiara Reds – Hairology

Jadis Ashland of Mesange has done it again with another stunning set of eyes for Cosmetic Fair. Madrigal is an exclusive for the fair and you won’t find it anywhere else, it comes in the standard 15 colors or beauty pack of all colors and has standard and mesh eyes and Omega applier. For this event only you’ll also get the Genesis applier.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal pg 1 eye 3 – Cosmetic Fair

Wild One

I have a very special post this evening with a sneak peek you won’t find ANYWHERE else. Emerald Couture has passed me a copy of the exclusive silent auction item coming to Rock Your Rack and you’re seeing it here first.

Everyday look and tools


This amazing outfit comes with the top, pants, shoes, bracelets and earrings. You can be the lucky winner of this one of a kind outfit by bidding on it during the silent auction during Rock Your Rack coming your way October 1.

The soft, loose top with it’s transparent skirt has an awesome jaguar pattern to it, the texture is gorgeous and well done. The pants, shoes and jewelry are all made to compliment the outfit. The proceeds for this outfit go 100% to breast cancer research.

Outfit: Emerald Couture – RAWR! Jag – Rock Your Rack

The pose is from Something New and is part of a gacha, you can win 1 of 6 poses, 5 commons and 1 rare. It’s perfect for featuring your awesome manicure, stunning jewelry and a variety of other items.

Pose: Something New – Blog My Essentials 1

Location: The Looking Glass


This hair is from Besom and is available at the main store. This super cute, high ponytail just makes you want to flip your head to make it bounce.

Hair: Besom – Neptune – Essentials

This absolutely gorgeous skin is from Ooh-la-licious Skins and is one of the tones available in the Katalina Catwa collection.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Amaretto

These stunning eyes are the brand new release from Mesange made exclusively for the satellite store at Mode St Andres, they WILL NOT be at the main store.

Eyes: Mesange – River Eyes

The lip gloss is at the more current round of Trendz from Kosmetik. The five shades in one HUD are subtle color to compliment your look and come with a Catwa, Lelutka or Omega applier.

Lip Gloss: Kosmetik – Shimmer – Trendz

These fun fall nails are from none other than Dark Passions – Koffin Nails and is the first gift for the all new Secret Code at the main store. Go to the store and in local chat type /13 and you guess for what the secret code is and you get this awesome fall nail.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Fall Cutout

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One Day You Will

REVAMPED begins a new round tomorrow September 28 and our designers have some amazing items for you to grab while they are there. REVAMPED is an event where designers can take older items and give them new life, creating new fitmesh items for the multitude of mesh bodies available or simply creating new HUDs for mesh bodies and Omega compatible items. REVAMPED also supports breast cancer awareness with the booth fees going to Breast Cancer Research and some of the designers donating the proceeds of their items, like the one I am showcasing today from Emerald Couture.


JieJie Emerald of Emerald Couture has revamed this outfit for the REVAMPED event and it along with the proceeds of two pairs of shoes she’s made special for this event will go to Models Giving Back, who donate the funds from REVAMPED to breast cancer research, it’s an amazing event with an amazing cause. This outfit has been made in a soft pink to symbolize breast cancer awareness and comes with the pants, shoes (pictured below) and a top with a multi-HUD for SLink, Maitreya, Omega and Belleza. It’s an adorable and classy outfit and will make you feel like a queen.

Outfit: Emerald Couture – Old Hollywood Glam Pink – REVAMPED

The pose is from Baxe and is perfect for showcasing your gorgeous manicure or fabulous jewelry. The pose pack comes with 11 poses in one pack or each pose individually.

Pose: Baxe – Jewelry Female 9

This stunning location is located at The Looking Glass, a store with so many photo opportunities you may never find them all. There is no group to join to get rez rights, just clean up after yourself.

Location: The Looking Glass


The fantastic hair is from Stealthic and is short and sweet, with a wispy look to the front. It comes in all standard HUD colors as well as a fatpack.

Hair: Stealthic – Vapor Red

The fantastic eye shadow is from Face Paint! and is available at the upcoming round of REVAMPED as well. There are 5 shades to choose from.

Eye Shadow: Face Paint! – Shadow One 2 – REVAMPED

The sparkling, multi-colored eyes are from Mesange and are so much fun, very different from what you usually find, but Mesange excels at the unusual.

Eyes: Mesange – Morgaine 7 – TWE12VE

This absolutely gorgeous necklace is from Pulse and is available at Cosmopolitan Sales Room, the fun Kryptonite themed necklace is available in 8 colors.

Necklace: Pulse – Kryptonite – Cosmopolitan Events

The fabulous skin is from Ooh-la-licious Skins and is the first from her available with a Catwa Omega applier, the tones are vibrant and creamy from her palest to darkest tones.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina Honey

The amazing manicure is from ZOZ nails for Cosmopolitan, there are 9 colors to choose per HUD and two different tone HUDs available. The soft ribbon accent is reminiscent of a fall breeze and is perfect to complete your look.

Nails: ZOZ – Ribbon II Polish – Cosmopolitan


The shoes that come with the Old Hollywood Glam outfit are so cute and are fit for SLink.

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Side to Side

Today’s post is very special, I’m applying to be a blogger for Kenny Rolands Couture and this post is to show my skill as a blogger. I really love this dress and wanted it from the moment I saw it, so when I saw that I had to do a sample posting it’s the one I grabbed.


Kenny Rolands has recently gotten his hands on the creator kits for SLink, Maitreya and Belleza and is in the process of updating all of his previous releases to include these sizes as well. The Maitreya fits flawlessly and it’s available in 5 individual colors. The skirt and jumpsuit are two separate pieces making this a very versatile dress.

Dress: Kenny Rolands Couture – Vibes Dress – Black

The pose is from Image Essentials and I have to admit finding the right pose and lighting were the hardest parts of putting this together.

Pose: Image Essentials – Lean 3

Hair: Elua – Celeste Reds

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina Honey

Eyes: Mesange – Human Soul Eyes 15 – Lost & Found

Shoes: Reign – Whatever Heels

Location: The Looking Glass

Windlight: Phototools – No Windlight lighting provided by LumiPRO

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The Sweetest Thing

I’m a little behind releasing this due to RL getting in the way yesterday, but Fluffy and Fierce opens today at 5pm and you won’t want to miss out on the amazing items available from our fantastic designers.


The scene: Maya’s – Intimate Cafe

The Bakery Cases: XO Cherry Bomb – Bakery Set Counter, Display A and Bakery Box Gift Set

The mannequin- style Instabul – Cashier Figure

Now to the awesome things from LoveFox for the Fluffy and Fierce Event. She’s got a Tea Time Gacha and you can win 7 Commons, 5 Uncommons, 4 Rares and 2 Ultrarares.

Pictured: LoveFox – Empty 3 Tier Tray RARE, Strawberry Love Cake RARE, 3 Tier Platter Ultrarare, Deluxe Waffle RARE, Full Plate Uncommon, Cookie Tin Common, Small Cookie Plate Uncommon,  Strawberry Shortcake RARE,  Heart Cookies

The pose is actually a couple’s pose from Fashiowl but the look was exactly what I needed for the awe of seeing the bake shops goods for the first time. This pose is available during Pose Hop in the main store.

Pose: Fashiowl – Bubbles 1

The dress is the second item from Fluffy and Fierce and is super cute from Sakide. It comes with a color change HUD to 8 different colors. You can also mix and match the top and skirt for a unique look.

Dress: Sakide – Nunally Dress and Skirt – Fluffy and Fierce


More Tea Time Treats: Orange Tea, Small Sandwich Plate Uncommon, Small Cookie Plate 2 UNCOMMON, Sugar Cubes, Honey Tea


This adorable hair is from DOE and comes with a HUD to change the bow and bobby pins to match your look.

Hair: Doe – Bonnie Gingers

The eyes are the new group gift from Mesange for the month of September.

Eyes: Mesange – Gold Digger

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina Honey

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Autumn Frost


These gorgeous shoes from Venus Shoes are sure to compliment any attire you choose.

Shoes: Venus Shoes – Louise Slink

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She Works Hard for the Money

So my friend and cohort *snickers* Adalynne Celeste Reed and I decided to work together to produce an epic blog, epic in my mind anyway. We both saw the brand new femme suit from Gizza Creations and had to have it, in turn that meant we HAD to blog it, right?!


For credits regarding decor, pose and Adalynne’s look please go to: Sharp Dressed Woman

This suit is amazing, it has a perfect fit and comes in standard sizes as well as Slink Physique and Hourglass sizes. The HUD controls the shirt, tie, vest and jacket colors. The pants come in either black or grey in two separate packages.

Suit: Gizza – Andrea Vested Suit Black


This fantastic hair is from Stealthic and is available at the main store.

Hair: Stealthic – High Life Reds

Eyes: Mesange – Morgaine Eyes 9 – TWE12VE Event

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina Honey


Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is at Whore Couture Fair 6 – Back to School Edition with these amazing polishes. The HUD comes with 9 different polishes for SLink, Maitreya and Omega.

Nails: DP – Koffin Nails – For the Love of Money – WCF6


These stunning shoes are from #Empire and come with the standard color HUD and are fit for all standard mesh feet.

Shoes: #EMPIRE – Shasta

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