My Give a Damn’s Busted

The pizza deliver boy left some time ago, she glances at the saying in the lid of the cold pizza box, scoffing at how true it is “People Disappoint, Pizza is Eternal” it says and she is finding that more and more true by the moment. She puffs on her cigarette, glaring at the burning ember on the end, wishing she could crush it out in his stupid face. She taps the fingers of her other hand on her knee, he was only 2 hours late, but she didn’t care anymore.

“My give a damn’s busted” she mutters as she stands, dropping the cigarette and crushing it under the platform of her stiletto heels, turning she heads inside, leaving the cold pizza for the neighborhood mutts.

It took me 3 and a half hours to find all the right stuff for this blog. I had one idea and when that didn’t pan out I went a different direction. My first stop was to Bad Unicorn because I really needed this specific backdrop, none of the others would do but this set the tone for what I had in mind. While there I did join the group, it’s free by the way, so I could play the group only pizza gacha as well. Bad Unicorn has some pretty awesome stuff and I think I’ll be shopping there more often for my decor needs.

The Hype-Beast Backdrop gacha is a set of 7 different mesh backdrops, with built in resizers, all are perfectly crafted and great for setting the scene. There are 6 commons and 2 rares and are only 75L a pull.

The pizza gacha was a special reward for reaching 2000 likes on Facebook, only group members can play but as I said it’s a free group and only 20L a pull. This is a limited time gacha, you have until February 28th to get your heart shaped pizza. 10 total pizzas to win!

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype-Beast Backdrop 06

Bad Unicorn – Heart Pizza Gacha – Eternal Pizza – Group Only Gacha

Now that I had the scene I needed to fill it and I started hunting the marketplace for just the right items, I found them but there wasn’t the ones I wanted for sale, so I headed over to Kunst to play the Curiosities II gacha. It’s only 49L a pull and there are 9 commons and 1 rare to win.

Decor from the Curiosities II Gacha:

Kunst – Neva’s Tricycle (rare) with texture change option

Kunst – Storage Crate

Kunst – Potted Stick Plant

Kunst – Watering Can

Kunst – Books

Kunst – Canned Plant

These fabulous, cigarette-crushing stilettos are from none other than Glamistry, the amazing texture change HUD that comes with all Glamistry shoes makes each and every pair completely customizable to your look.

Shoes: Glamistry – Echium Heels

This amazing pose is from Image Essentials and is a 5 pose pack plus mirrors. The sits are perfect for just about any situation you might need them.

Pose: Image Essentials – Woman Sit 1 Mirror

I got this hair at Hairology the day it opened and I have been waiting for the right moment to include it in a blog, Phoenix does some amazing hair and this one is no different. One of the two exclusives available at Hairology this month it’s a must-have to complete your hair collection.

Hair: Phoenix – Marissa Color Mix – Hairology

Chemical Princess is at Applique with a brand new eye shadow set for Omega and Slink. With 9 colors to choose from these are amazing. Applique is going on right now!

Eyeshadow: Chemical Princess – Crow Eyeshadow – Applique

Okay, I am really excited about this skin. This is a sneak preview of the all new cashew tone from 7 Deadly Skins coming to Skin Fair, you won’t find it before then but it’s gorgeous. The tone is simply stunning and I’m so excited to announce the new skin tone.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Cashew Tester HUD with face and body

These gorgeous eyes are from Mesange for Applique and as with all Mesange eyes you can buy the 15 colors individually or as a fatpack. Individuals include standard, mesh and Omega, the fat pack also include Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Capriccio Eyes 1 – Applique

The top is from !NFINITY and is available at Depraved Nations Love Interruption going on right now. Only 100L during this event with fits for Maitreya, all 3 Belleza bodies and both Slink bodies and a texture change HUD to make it look however you want you really can’t go wrong.

Shirt: !NFINITY – Olivia Top – Love Interruption

Jeans: Blueberry – Melanie fatpack Bonus Color

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails has released these amazing polishes for Love Interruption. With 12 colors available for Omega, Maitreya and Slink and for only 100L for the singles or 275L for the fatpack it’s a steal!

 Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Eat Your Heart Out – Love Interruption

Cigarette: Kunst – Smoker’s Gacha – Short Cigarette Holder (hand)

Not Afraid Anymore

So I have to be perfectly honest, I was in the shower trying to figure out how to write this blog, RL was kinda hell today and on days like today it reminds me why I’m in Second Life. It’s my escape from throwing trucks in -10 degree weather, polished concrete floors and annoying customers that think you should drop everything to make sure their needs are met. Dealing with corporate crap like not replacing 86 burnt out light bulbs to refusing to have a 30 foot pile of snow removed from my parking lot, I wish I was joking. Anywho, days like this remind why I love SL. Being able to hop from spring to summer to fall to winter all in one day and not roast or freeze. The ability to take amazing pictures of stunning items and share them with the world. This is why I love SL.

So Uber opened on January 25 and with it came not one but two amazing items in this blog, the bodysuit from Dead Dollz and these amazing thigh high heels from Phedora. First the bodysuit….

Dead Dollz released this stunning bodysuit in 8 colors with a belt HUD to mix and match your variety. You can grab individual colors for only 250L or the whole fatpack for only 1750L. I chose the black and to pair it with one of the belt HUD colors (there are 12) to create this stunning look.

Outfit: Dead Dollz – Scarlett Bodysuit – Uber

Phedora released these stunning heeled boots for Uber and they come with a 25 color HUD fits for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Venus and Maitreya. You get the entire boot collection for an amazingly low price of only 499L.

Boots: Phedora – Sophia Boots – Uber

Thank God Allyson of Something New loves me and forgives me for waiting until the end of the month to get her poses and props in the spotlight but as soon as I saw this outfit I knew Something New would have just what I needed. Light Me Up is a prop that includes 4 poses and you can pick it up at the main store.

Pose: Something New – Light Me Up

Outfit: check, pose: check, now I just needed a sexy hair to complete my look and Stealthic had just what I was looking for. Previously released for Collabor88 you can grab this hair right now at Hairology along with a brand new Hairology exclusive.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic – Hairology

I also needed a sexy, smoky skin to really make this look pop and 7 Deadly Skins is my go to for amazing skins with Omega appliers. Although this skin was made for an LAQ head it works fantastically on my Catwa Catya head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Candie Pineapple

Mesange always has just what I need for eyes and I just can’t help going back again and again to these eyes. All individual eyes from Mesange come with standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega appliers, beauty packs come with Genesis appliers as well.

Eyes: Mesange – Deep Feeling Eyes 10

 I love ZOZ Nails, so much so I once begged Ember Adored for a chance to blog for them and here I am a regular blogger and I couldn’t be happier. These are an older nail but so amazing I can’t help but share them again.

Nails: ZOZ – Lynn Bold Polish 1

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Butterfly Kisses

Today is a little different than my usual blog posts. Yesterday my stepfather lost his battle with COPD. I would like to think that he went peacefully, the way he wanted to, at home. It wasn’t the most opportune time, but is it ever? Yesterday was my nephew’s 10th birthday and instead of having an amazing one he lost his best friend and grandfather, he walked around all day muttering “worst birthday ever”. My mom was made a 62 year old widow and the man I’d thought of as my dad for almost 32 years was gone.

Pop, as I called him, was an avid fisherman, hunter, camper and boater. He loved the outdoors and so I wanted to do a picture that captured some of his loves.

I was putting together this outfit when I got the call that he’d passed. After the call my idea changed to one to honor my pop. Chemical Princess has put out this set including the shirt, bra top and panties for Suicide Dollz. It comes with a color change HUD to mix and match the outfit to your look.

Outfit: Chemical Princess – Opsy Set – Suicide Dollz

This pose is from Image Essentials, even tho I had to modify it a tiny bit to work with the boat, sorry Kay XD

Pose: Image Essentials – Woman Sit 4M

Fishing Pole: MadPea – Fishing Pole Prop

Location: The Looking Glass

This hair is available in a gacha from Wasabi Pills at the current round of The Chapter 4 and it’s so cute.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Bianca Mesh Hair – Style 1 Reds – The Chapter 4

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Madelief Sand shown on Catwa Catya Bento Head, Vista Bento Hands and Maitreya Lara mesh body

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Mesange eyes, after years of wearing the same brand I discovered Mesange through and event and I begged her to let me be an official blogger for her, she never disappoints. Her eyes are stunning, sparkling and so realistic with color options that go on and on.

Eyes: Mesange – Cranford Eyes page 3 eye 3 iris M – StormWood Hills

Nails: ZOZ – Sarah Tip Polish Omega shown on Vista Bento Hands – The Chapter 4

Slipper Originals has got some amazing deals coming this weekend from January 12-16. These cute sandals are part of the deals and available in 4 colors.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Marisol Sandals Black

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


So I am finally getting around to blogging this amazing dress from ChicModa and it’s super special because even if it’s not true I like to think it’s named after me *laughs*

This gorgeous, silky dress with it’s lace trimming at the thighs is made for Maitreya Lara only and comes with a color HUD including 12 colors for only 1299L or individually for 189L. Trust me the fat pack is the way to go, you’ll never run out of options with this dress.

Dress: ~ChicModa~ – Danni Gray

This pose is all new from Baxe and is available at the all new round of Designer Showcase. There are three sets available for 150L a pack or 40L per pose.

Pose: Baxe – Miss USA A4 – Designer Showcase

Location: Le Sixieme Sens

Stealthic is back at Hairology on January 10 with this super cute, summery, over the shoulder braid. It includes 4 hair sizes as well as breast support.

Hair: Stealthic – Summer Haze Reds – Hairology

7 Deadly s{K}ins is killing it with her amazing skins, this one is no different. This month’s group gift is Madelief and comes with 7 Omega face applier as well as Slink hand and feet appliers, Tango boob appliers, Omega body appliers and two shapes as well as 7 classic skins for those of you who still prefer the classic look to the mesh look.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Madelief Sand shown on Catwa Catya Bento Head, Vista Bento Hands and Maitreya Lara mesh body

Dimples: Izzie’s – Dimples for Catwa

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Mesange eyes, after years of wearing the same brand I discovered Mesange through and event and I begged her to let me be an official blogger for her, she never disappoints. Her eyes are stunning, sparkling and so realistic with color options that go on and on.

Eyes: Mesange – Cranford Eyes page 3 eye 3 iris M – StormWood Hills

This stunning jewelry set from Indulge Temptations comes with a necklace, earrings and two rings, one for each hand. The color change HUD allows for coloring the metals and two different color change options for the stones to make it match just about anything you would want to wear.

Jewelry: IT! – Easy Peasy Set with color change HUD

The beautiful nail polish is from ZOZ Nails and the shine and colors are flawless. This is an older polish but I just love ZOZ so much I use her polishes quite a bit.

Polish: ZOZ – Royal Beauty Polish 8

I have to admit to falling in love with these heeled sandals the moment I put them on, Slipper Originals is at The Chapter 4 this month in the Under 100L room and you do not want to miss out on these shoes. They are so sexy and fun, they come in 6 colors and you’ll want to collect them all. A metal change HUD is included in each pair.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Eliza Sandals Black shown on Maitreya Lara – The Chapter 4

Bubblegum Bitch

I have loved the character Harley Quinn since I was a kid, she was always so fun and psycho rolled into one. So when I got these new leggings from LRD I was inspired to make a post featuring my favorite villain, Harley Quinn. I can’t make poses, I’ve tried and failed so when I wanted my vision to come to life I asked Rood of Q-Poses to help me out and she brought my pose to life. Thank you so much Rood.


See why these leggings inspired a Harley Quinn thought? The fun pant and legging duo come with a color HUD to mix and match your style. LRD always creates a top notch product and you won’t want to miss out on these awesome leggings.

Pants: LRD – Legging Katie – Swank

So now I had a pose and pants I needed the rest of it and I woke up to receiving this awesome top from Black Haus, it’s like she knew I needed this to complete my look. It comes in 4 colors and is fit for standard, Maitreya and both Slink sizes.

Top: Black Haus – Lola Top – The Black Dot Project

This pose, I wanted something that showed Harley in her true nature and the mallet and gun are iconic to classic Harley as the baseball bat is to the new Harley. I found this cute little statue on the internet and showed the picture to Rood, within hours I had the perfect pose.

Pose: Q-Poses – Harley’s Law

Chemical Princess has come up with this awesome, full body tattoo for The Black Dot Project and it was one more piece I needed to complete my look. Yes, I know Harley didn’t have tattoos but seriously I love it so I had to include it.

Tattoo: Chemical Princess – Lost – The Black Dot Project

Shoes: Reign – Shameful Plats

So with that all being said I needed the perfect place to take my picture right? Well I decided to visit Everwinter again and this building was perfect, with the neon lights screaming “Stay Wild” how could I resist?

Location: Everwinter


This stunning polish from ZOZ Nails is the newest release for Cosmopolitan and I mixed and matched the two HUDs available during Cosmopolitan. The royal colors are bright and bold, the soft polishes are just that, soft and almost angelic. Kind of like Harley don’t you think?

Polish: ZOZ – Royal Beauty 1 (red) – Cosmopolitan 

ZOZ – Soft Beauty 9 (white) – Cosmopolitan 

This hair though! Runaway released this hair when the Suicide Squad movie came out this summer and it’s still totally relevant. It’s perfect and would make Harley proud. The ombre HUD had the perfect mix to keep me a redhead yet provide the little bit of crazy that is Harley Quinn.

Hair: Runaway – Harley Hair – Ombres HUD

7 Deadly Skins makes some amazing skins in superb tones, you can find just about anything you’re looking for and now that she has appliers for all mesh bodies and heads you can’t go wrong.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Leslie Oak (as shown on Catwa Alice Head)

Mesange makes some of my favorite eyes and I’m not just saying that because I’m an official blogger for her. The tones, highlights and applier capabilities make these eyes ones that everyone should have. At only 400L for a beauty pack of 15 eyes that include standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega and Genesis appliers, you could change your eyes every day and never get bored.

Eyes: Mesange – Human Soul Eyes 15

What better accessory to wear than a necklace called Jester? Indulge Temptation is part of The Mad Circus and has released this fun, jester style necklace with individual color change HUDs.

Necklace: IT! – Jester’s Necklace HUD 1 – The Mad Circus

The gun is the rezzable portion of the Harley’s Law pose.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Next Contestant

Today I have an amazing new dress from Chemical Princess, shoes from LRD and so much more. With Halloween just 3 weeks away there are so many amazing poses, sims and outfit for your perfect photo ops you won’t want to miss.


Suicide Dollz opened yesterday and with it came this amazing sheer dress from the one and only Chemical Princess. The HUD that comes with it changes the dress and scarf individually to 8 different colors and it’s fit for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and TMP.

Dress: Chemical Princess – Slay Dress with HUD for Maitreya – Suicide Dollz

Ally Dwyer of Something New is killing it with her Halloween poses. Every Halloween pose has taken up a new home in the Something Halloween section of the store. This pose is fun and comes with the coffin and two trophies, an attachable trophy completes the look.

Pose: Something New – Pageant Winner

This sim is quickly becoming one of my favorites for my Halloween pics. Garden of Whimsy has added a Haunted Hallows to their location, creepy gothic manors, cemeteries, ghosts, skeletons and more will help you complete any Halloween picture.

Location: Garden of Whimsy Haunted Hallows


This fun hair with it’s two buns on the back of your head is from Tukinowaguma.

Hair: TKW – Otero fitted

7 Deadly Skins has so many skins available now for mesh heads you won’t possibly not find something that will work for you. With appliers for Omega, Lelutka, AK, and LAQ it’s easy to complete an amazing set of skins.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Sena V2 Oak Red Brow shown on Catwa Alice

These eyes from Mesange are so cool and available right now at the Bodyfy event. They come in the standard 15 colors with each including the standard and mesh eyes as well as the Omega applier, the beauty pack includes all of that plus the Genesis applier. There is no pupil! The eye is a shiny sclera only and all the colors are amazing.

Eyes: Mesange – Ghost Shadow Eyes 15 – Bodyfy

This awesome polish is from IP Nails for the Supernatural Event starting tomorrow, brought to you by Premium Only Event.

Nails: IP Nails – Powerful Set – Supernatural 


These shoes are the newest release from LRD and come with a HUD that will individually change the front, heels and laces. You can customize the shoes to match almost any outfit. They are fit for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink only and are available at Pretty Things.

Shoes: LRD – Freedom Pumps – Pretty Things

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Do you believe in Magic? I do, there is wonders all around us that can’t be explained, whether it’s magic, divine intervention or whatever you believe in, it’s there and it happens.


Today I’m featuring the all new dress from Loud Rebel Designs formerly LinealRise Designs. It’s available with a print or solid HUD for so many options.

Dress: LRD Sadie Dress Prints

The pose is from the very talented Nanika and has 5 different poses with attachable silver butterflies.

Pose: Nanika Poses Set Magic Butterfly 1

The location is on of my new favorites and is gorgeous in it’s design.

Location: StoryBrooke Garden

Magic 2

This gorgeous skin by Ooh-la-licious has become my favorite, the details and options are amazing.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

The hair from Doe is available right now at Dreamful Event and is so cute. The poofy ponytail and optional bow make it look sweet and innocent.

Hair: Doe: Bonnie – Gingers

The nails are the newest polishes available from ZOZ at Cosmopolitan Sales Room and are soft and subtle beachy toned polishes.

Nails: {ZOZ} Beachy French Polish

The tattoo is also available from the super talented Nanika.

Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Prisha Tattoo

Eyes: IKON – Triumph – Poltergeist

Magic 3

Reign never fails to impress with their stunning shoes and these are no exception, available right now at FaMESHed the full HUD is available as a fat pack and includes both Reign and Blueberry colors.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


Rock Attitude Fair is in full effect and there is so many amazing things you can pick up right now from some of the top designers in SL.


Epoch has this absolutely sexy bodysuit available during RAF3 with 20 different patterns available for purchase, each with 2 colors. It comes with the 5 standard sizes as well as SLink and Maitreya fits.

Bodysuit: Epoch – Bubble Bodysuit – No Texture HUD

The pose is from the amazing Baxe and is available right now at Pose Lover.

Pose: Baxe – Urban Female – 9

JesyDream has come out with this fantastic cabinet, 15 prims furnished, 8 prims unfurnished available right now at RAF3.

Cabinet: JesyDream – Rock’n Roll Cabinet

No 2

I adore Phoenix Hair and when I got the opportunity to blog this one for RAF3 I couldn’t pass it up. She makes amazing hair and this one is definitely no exception. The hair comes in all the standard color HUDs and with a hat HUD to change the texture of the hair, band and chain.

Hair: Phoenix – Jessica – Reds

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

Necklace: RealEvil Industries – LUX Pearldrop Necklace

Eyes: IKON – Triumph Eyes – Poltergeist

No 3

Dark Passion – Koffin Nails is also at RAF3 with these amazing polishes.

Nails: DP – Koffin Nails – Rock to the Edge

Ring: EarthStones – All My Love Wedding Ring – Hers

No 4

My last two items from RAF3 are these awesome shoes from Poisoned Diamond and tattoo from PerveTTe.

Tattoo: PerveTTe – Sin Forest – Faded

Shoes: Poisoned Diamond – Rocker Girl Shoes – Black

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Party Like a Rockstar

Only a few more days until Rock Attitude Fair 3 opens on June 4 with amazing items available for you to peruse. Today I have a few of those items for you to check out.

Party Like A Rockstar

Diamante has come up with this amazing dress that comes in standard sizes and mesh body compatible sizes. The HUD has 8 different colors to choose from and is easy to use.

Dress: :Diamante: Sweet Repentance Dress – RAF3

The pose is from the one and only Image Essentials and is perfect for living out your rockstar fantasy.

Pose: Image Essentials – Air Guitar 2 – RAF3

Location: Eclectica

Party Like A Rockstar 2

This all new skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins features an Omega head applier and fit wonderfully on my Catwa Alice head.

Skin: [7DS] – Omega HEAD applier – Harlyn TAUPE – RAF3

Wasabi Pills originally released this hair for an event and it’s now available at their main store.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair – Solar Ombre

Party Like A Rockstar 3

Pulse is releasing these amazing claws for Maitreya hands during RAF3, available in silver, gold or onyx they only fit Maitreya hands.

Accessories: .:Pulse:. Fierce Claws

Party Like A Rockstar 4

Available in 8 different colors, Nightmare has outdone themselves with these amazing platform heels available at RAF3.

Shoes: Nightmare :: Myth Heels :: Red

Alme. has a great gift for Body Art II Hunt with these polishes. 3 different scary polishes will make you feel like you’re walking into a horror film.

Nails: alme.   Scare Me

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Into You

Rock Attitude Fair starts on June 4, the all new round of REVAMPED is open now and Pose Lover Round 9 opens May 31. So many events so little time.

Into You

Posh Pixels has done it again with this super cute HUD controlled summer dress with matching sandals at REVAMPED.  With 10 possible dress options you’re sure to find the right one just for you. Available for mesh bodies and standard sizes as well.

Dress: {POSH PIXELS} Seaside Breeze

This pose from SkyPose is from Pose Lover for round 9.

Pose: {.::SkyPose::.} Hips Hands

Location: The Trace

Into You 2

 7 Deadly Skins has a brand new skin available with Omega appliers at Mesh Body Addicts this round. The set comes with 5 tones, Slink appliers, Tango, Phatazz and Omega body appliers included in the box all for only $L600! It’s a steal and one you should definitely get!

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – DAWN – Taupe (shown on Catwa Alice Head)

The eyes are available during the Body Art II Hunt from Eye Candi.

Eyes: Eye Candi Special Edition Body Art Hunt II  Mesh Eyes (Both)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Elira – without hat – UBER

The eyeshadow is from Kodajin for REVAMPED

Makeup: Kodaijin Makeup – Yume Ni

Into You 3

!cream spaghetti hair! has this amazing polish available as the hunt gift for Body Art II Hunt.

Nails: !creamSH! Denim Print Nail Applier

On to the Rock Attitude Fair and two amazing items available during this event.

The watch is from Codex and has a face change HUD for tons of options to complete your outfit.

Watch:  CODEX_Justyn watch old brown

The handbag is from Merlific and has 7 available prints.

Handbag: *Merlific* RockStar HandBag FANCY

Into You 4

These sandals and foot jewelry come with the amazing summer dress from Posh Pixels at REVAMPED.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>