Always a Bridesmaid

A lot of little girls, even big girls I know, spend their entire life planning the amazing wedding that they will one day have. Not me, when we played wedding as kids I was always the groom, I could have cared less about the dress, the bridesmaids, flowers, etc. My friends would plan these huge, elaborate weddings and I would show up…just your typical tomboy I guess. As I got older, being involved in other people’s weddings was underwhelming for me, I really could have cared less. My own wedding was planned in 3 weeks, in my mom’s backyard with a picnic lunch, I was more concerned about the food, maybe that should have been my first clue that getting married wasn’t for me since my marriage of 5 years has come to an end. It’s a new chapter in my life and I still have no interest in a future wedding, I will always be a bridesmaid.

The Trunk Show brought to you by Pale Girl Productions is a wedding themed event, there are so many gowns, decor, poses and more for your wedding day you will not want to miss out on this event. Lybra is in the first of this all new bi-monthly event and the gown they are offering is amazing. Made for Maitreya only it comes in 8 colors and trust me you will want them all. This is a great gown for either the bride, there is an ivory and white version, or the bridesmaids. Lybra really went all out with the bowed belt to the lace. I fell in love with this gown the first time I saw it.

Gown (new): Lybra – Miele Gown Baby Blue – The Trunk Show


The location is from a Dead Dollz and was available at the June 2017 Arcade. As of the writing of this blog I was unable to locate the machine at the main store, however, there are items available from independent sellers on the Marketplace. The set is absolutely amazing there is a rare Atelier skybox, mannequins, dresses, and decor. Everything you need to make a lovely bridal shop.

Decor: Dead Dollz – House of Brides – Atelier Skybox (rare), Three Way Mirror, “A Style”, “Mermaid Style”, Shelves, Fitting Room, stool (common)


I’ve got not one, but two new poses from Image Essentials, Choices is a 5 pose, bento-enabled poses with mirrors. The set was made for men but as you can see they work fabulously for women. Remember with bento if the pose doesn’t work right adjust your shoulder width and arm length first. These poses are available until August 31 at Designer Showcase.

Pose 1 (new): Image Essentials – Choices 1M – Designer Showcase


This amazing hair is from RunAway Designs and is available at Enchantment, One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, going on now until August 31. Sherazade is a braided ponytail with a chain and charms. The HUD comes with all standard colors for whichever color pack you choose, it also includes 4 metal options for the crown and a style HUD with 3 style options, the two over the shoulder options also have 2 boob options as well.

Hair (new): RunAway Hair – Sherazade – Enchantment


August Catwa Powder Pack is full of amazing skins, makeups and more. I love blogging for Powder Pack and bringing you the most stunning items from these creators each month. First up on the list is an all new skin from Amara Beauty. Lilian comes in a Catwa enabled HUD only with an Omega body applier in 12 tones with 3 brow options.

Skin (new): Amara Beauty – Lilian 3 No Brow – Catwa Powder Pack


ARTE is back with a brand new makeup set, Charm Eyebrows and Classic Eyeshadow are included in this month’s Powder Pack, as well as a lip and eye set (not pictured)/ Both the eyeshadow and eyebrows come in 9 color options and they are truly gorgeous and fit in so well with my bridesmaid theme.

Eyeshadow and Eyebrows (new): A R T E – Charm Eyebrows and Classic Eyeshadow – Catwa Powder Pack


Just Magnetized is back with a brand new lipstick palette, this set comes with 20 colors in a Catwa only HUD. The tones are absolutely beautiful.

Lipstick (new): Just Magnetized – Anemone – Catwa Powder Pack


Last but most certainly not least is Zibska, back with a massive makeup pack including blushes, lipsticks, and eye makeup palettes. Zibska includes both Catwa and Omega HUDs in his pack and the colors are extensive.

Blush (new): Zibska – Mila Blush – Catwa Powder Pack


I got these eyelashes while blogging for Applique, which I, unfortunately, had to step away from due to time constraints, the event is amazing and is geared toward appliers for mesh. Skin, makeup, scars, tattoos, clothes and so much more. POEMA was there, in the very last round I blogged for and I got these lashes. I love them so much that even though I blogged them previously I wanted to share them again. Made for Catwa only, this HUD comes with 3 lash options.

Lashes: Poema – Ultra Lashes 2


Mesange is back at The Hidden Chapter, a mini event inside The Chapter Four. All Mesange eyes are unisex, come with mesh and standard options and a HUD to control Omega. This pack includes 5 eye colors in 4 sizes.

Eyes (new): Mesange – Aspen Eyes Mini Pack – The Hidden Chapter


Shape: West End – Chloe Catwa Bento


Pose 2 (new): Image Essentials – Choices 2 – Designer Showcase



Before He Cheats

When I started taking photos for this blog, I honestly didn’t know which direction it was going to go in. I got the pictures and showed a friend and she had the same reaction I did and the name was decided. I have been cheated on, lied to and left broken, thinking it was me but each time something like this has happened it has only made me stronger. I know who I am and never again will someone use me in any way.

It sure is a nice car, isn’t it? Too bad it’s about to meet the business end of my bat. I haven’t been able to find this car available for sale so at this point, I am not going to credit it but the pose, on the other hand, was created by none other than Image Essentials and is available at Designer Showcase. This bento pose is made for men and women and comes with a wearable mesh bat. In order to use bento poses you MUST have a bento enabled viewer, for more realism bento hands are recommended.

Pose: Image Essentials – Batter Up V1-3F – Designer Showcase


Next up is this amazing dress and shoes from Wicca’s Wardrobe, both available at Mesh Body Addicts this month. One dress, one HUD and 6 color options for both the dress and the belt decor you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The shoes also have the same 6 color options, as well as both, have metal change options.

Dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Rania Dress – Mesh Body Addicts

Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Mydia Shoes – Mesh Body Addicts


I’ve used this backdrop before but I really love it. Bad Unicorn released this a few months ago in a set of urban style backdrops and they are just perfect for so many things.

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – The Docks Backdrop


There are only a few more days to get to this year’s Hair Fair and trust me you DO NOT want to miss out on the amazing hair that the creators have put out. Tableau Vivant released this stunning hair along with several others, including a male hair that my boyfriend couldn’t wait to grab since it’s just like his hair in RL. It’s uncanny really. This hair is so much fun and is available in all the standard colors.

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Duona Blonds – Hair Fair 2017


This skin is from June’s Catwa Powder Pack but with the release of the July Powder Pack imminent I wanted to remind everyone of the quality and stunning products that come with each Powder Pack release. Amara Beauty released Livia in all 12 available skin tones with a body HUD for the June Catwa Powder Pack, it has 3 eyebrow options as well as makeups built in as well. This is the kind of amazing products you can expect in every Powder Pack. You have until 11:59 pm on July 16 to pre-order this month’s Powder Pack, don’t forget!

Skin: Amara Beauty – Livia 03 – June Catwa Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

Banana Banshee is back with an all-new set of gorgeous eyes, Dreams is a set of 6 eye colors sold individually or as a fatpack with light and dark sclera options. They are at TWE12VE until July 31. Each color is 79L or 259L for the fatpack.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Dream Sanjati – TWE12VE


West End released this Daenerys-inspired shape last month and I like it so much I decided to show it off again. Made exclusively for Catwa Catya bento mesh head it is so pretty. My version is not modifiable but the one you purchase you will have the ability to change it up some if you so choose. The shape out of the box is perfection though, even if I do like a little more curve.

Shape: West End – Dae Shape


Blushes Boutique has an amazing set of eyelashes for sale at the main store and MP location, Flirt is a set of 5 eyelashes for Catwa mesh head.

Eyelashes: Blushes Boutique – Flirt


Last but not least is this stunning necklace from Indulge Temptation. Available at Designer Circle in 6 different HUD options with metal, bead, and leather cord colors available. You can mix and match to suit your style completely.

Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Infinity Necklace – Designer Circle


Bad Romance

I have had the pictures for this blog done for two days, but I’ve had some really awful things happen in real life and it’s been sitting here, as I write something raw and emotional, erase it and then stare at the blank page again. Today I woke up, determined that it was going to be a better day and that I was GOING to get this blog written come hell or high water. As a matter of fact, my real life team has decided that is the new uniform for us at work, a shirt that says Come Hell or High Water.

So I have to be completely honest, I saw this outfit at FaMESHed from Libra, the three pieces are purchased separately to make one complete outfit and me, being me, wanted the fatpack which is not available. Shortly after I was at FaMESHed I saw Lybra open up blogger applications and I had to apply, one because I absolutely love everything I own from Lybra, but the main reason was that I really wanted this outfit, is that bad? The second I saw it available in the Blogotex I grabbed it knowing that I was going to blog it, it is absolutely stunning. As I said this is not available as a fat pack, you do have to purchase each color separately but I wanted to mix and match the colors to show you the amazing combinations that you can come up with.

Shrug: Lybra – Sadie Taupe – FaMESHed

Top: Lybra – Sadie Clay – FaMESHed

Pants: Lybra – Sadie Taupe – FaMESHed


I am a blogger and blog manager for Image Essentials, one of my jobs is to select the Blogger of the Month and for the month of May I chose a very cute blogger by the name of Khaleesi. Her blog is fabulous and trust me all the bloggers for Image Essentials make it very difficult to choose one every month. I pick my three favorites, the first hard task then I pass the links to a third party that has nothing to do with blogging and ask them to pick their favorite. Usually someone new each month. As part of the prize, they receive a pose pack made just for them with their name. This pose set contains 5 poses plus mirrors with a prop and is available at Designer Showcase for 300L.

Pose: Image Essentials – Khaleesi 1 – Designer Showcase


The decor is actually two separate pieces from the amazing KraftWork, the wall system is awesome. Rez out a builder, select the number of panels you want and rez. When they are all rezzed, change the panel textures through a touch menu. You can resize the panels to fit your needs and then save them in the rezzer and delete the rezzer for an easy wall. The furniture and decor is also from KraftWork and includes the chair, table, frame, lips and bad romance wall decor. The chair has 6 female and 5 male poses built into it.

Decor: KraftWork  – Wall System Classic

KraftWork – Fontainebleau Set

I have to admit one of the best perks of being a blogger is early access to amazing events like Pale Girl Production’s Vintage Fair. I popped over the other morning and immediately saw these fabulous shoes from NOIR. The vintage style heels with the color change HUD to mix and match the main part of the shoe and the bow is just fabulous. I’m in love with these shoes.

Shoes: Noir Store – Dorothy Heels – Vintage Fair


I have been waiting for the right blog to drop in my lap so I could show you this hair again, it was available at an event a few months ago and being the #Foxy hair junkie I am, I had to grab it. I’m pretty certain I blogged it before but I really do love this hair and it was perfect for this look.

Hair: #Foxy – Antissa Hair


I chose to wear my Lelutka Cate bento mesh head again today to share some more amazing items from the Lelutka Powder Pack designers. Amara is back with Amy, this skin comes in all 12 skin tones built into one HUD with the Omega body applier HUD included as well. The face HUD also includes 18 lipstick shades and 9 eyeshadows. You can still pick up this month’s Powder Pack for 3000L and pre-order your Catwa pack for only 1500L.

Skin: Amara Beauty – Amy 03 – Lelutka Powder Pack


Studio Exposure included the Barbie makeup set in this month’s Powder Pack, the makeup pack comes with 5 lip shades and 5 eyeshadows all in an amazing Barbie pink palette.

Makeup: Studio Exposure – Barbie Doll Lelutka – Lelutka Powder Pack

Lelutka Powder Pack Marketplace

Mesange is back at We <3 RP with two new fabulous sets of eyes, this set, Thaisa and the other set Eternal. All Mesange eyes are unisex and come in 4 sizes, they work with Omega compatible eyes or you can use the included mesh eyes.

Eyes: Mesange – Thaisa – We <3 RP


Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is also at Vintage Fair with these fun nails, the HUD comes in 9 different patterns with 3 colors for each pattern. They are so much fun and fit in perfectly with the look I was going for.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Totally Tight Tips – Vintage Fair


Sign of the Times

To be perfectly honest, and with no disrespect to any 1D or Harry Style’s fans out there, but I’m still not 100% sure I like this song. It’s not bad it’s just not really my cup of tea so to speak. When I was trying to figure out a name for this blog this song did, however, pop into my head.
Just stop your crying
It’ll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here
I don’t know what end is near, the end of my blogging career, the end of my block? Who knows, but something is changing within me and I need to figure out where to go from here.

Uber opened on May 25 and with it came these amazing new backdrops from Minimal. I almost never miss a backdrop release from Minimal and these underground themed backdrops are just amazing. There are four individual backdrops available for purchase or a fatpack.

Backdrop: Minimal – Underground Backdrop 4 – Uber


I love MOoH! and Dalriada Delwood, the amazing creator of some of the cutest designs, both in clothes, shoes, and decor. Dalriada gave me a chance when I was a fairly new blogger, she was so amazing never asking for more than you could give, only requiring that you blogged what you took. I’ve put MOoH! off over and over, not because I don’t love her stuff but simply because I let other things overwhelm me. This dress and shoes are both from MOoH! and they are so much fun and so cute. The dress is available at Designer Circle until June 10 and the boots are from Thrift Shop and you can grab your set until June 18. Each one comes with a color HUD and you can mix and match to make the style yours.

Dress: MOoH! – Mia Dress Soft – Designer Circle

Shoes: MOoH! – Gail Boots Pastel – Thrift Shop


Image Essentials was my very first designer, Gerty was the blog manager at the time and it’s crazy to think that I’ve stepped into that role now. Image Essentials is a HUGE part of my photography life. I discovered the SL camera about 3 or 4 months after I began my journey into this brand new world called Second Life. From the first time I heard the shutter click, I was hooked. I’ve spent the better part of the last 6 years learning how to take and edit pictures. One of the very first places I discovered for amazing scenes to take pictures was Image Essentials. I spent hours in the studios, I had no idea about windlights, camera angles or anything else but that didn’t stop me. I would take a photo and play with it in Photoshop. After a few years, I met Kay Weston personally. She has become a very important part of not only my SLife but my RL as well. Kay is still one of the best pose makers in SL in my opinion, always at the forefront of technology for making better poses. When Bento was released she was ready to release her poses and just keeps them coming. This is one of those amazing bento poses, named after Anna Rain, one of our amazing IE bloggers.

Pose: Image Essentials – Anna 9 – Designer Showcase

I love Phoenix hair and when she decided to go to the Blogotex blogger system I figure “what the hell I’ll apply again” never in a million years thinking I’d get a coveted spot. I can’t even tell you how long it’s been since I discovered my first Phoenix hair but I fell in love and continue to fall in love every time I try a new hair that’s released. Lilly and Lexi are amazing creators and I am so lucky to be a part of their team. This brand new hair is at Kinky Event and now includes a style HUD. That’s like getting four hairs for the price of one! You can’t lose!

Hair: Phoenix – Lena – Kinky Event


I am not too prideful to ask designers I admire to let me blog for them, sometimes almost beg for a chance to be on their team. Mesange was in an event I was chosen to blog for, I don’t even remember what event now, but I fell in love with the eyes. The shiny, sparkling eyes. I contacted Jadis and asked her if there was any chance I could get an application to blog for her, she went one better and added me to her team. I really respect what she has to do to create these amazing eyes.

Eyes: Mesange – Sanctis Eyes – On9


When I was new to blogging I had NO idea what I was doing. I would apply to groups that I really wanted to blog for and would get rejection over and over. I think it was my daughter that Kenyatta that told me about 7 Deadly Skins, or rather reminded me about them. I had just gotten my brand new LOGO head and I needed skins that worked with Omega. There wasn’t a lot so I popped on over to 7DS and I saw a sign saying they were hiring bloggers. I thought “well what’s the worst that will happen?” I applied and when Shari Cortes sent me the acceptance notecard I about died. Sure I had Image Essentials already but they were as good as family and I felt that they’d taken pity on me, now I had a group that had taken me on as a real blogger! This brand new skin can be found at Mesh Body Addicts and is available for AK and Omega compatible heads. Hawai comes in 5 colors with body appliers included in the head HUD.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Hawai Apricot Blond – Mesh Body Addicts


Powder Pack very recently opened up blogger applications, again I applied NEVER in a million years thinking that I would be accepted but when I got that acceptance notecard I will admit to being slightly shocked. There are so many amazing skin and makeup designers involved in the subscription box and the fact that I get to show their amazing creations is just awe inspiring to me. #adored is in May’s Catwa Powder Pack with a fantastic set of eyeshadow. It comes with 24 colors built into the HUD that is compatible with Catwa and Omega.

Eyeshadow: #adored – Tropical Babe – May Catwa Powder Pack

#adored Marketplace

Powder Pack Marketplace

I applied to Applique hoping to get my hands on some new makeup, eyes, skins, whatever was out there that I didn’t know about. Applique is an awesome event that is strictly focused on mesh appliers, it’s so unique and like no other event out there. Sometimes I pop into the blogger room and get overwhelmed by the amazing creations from the designers, I could take everything on the wall but I only take what I know I will blog. I visit several times per round hoping to see something I missed the first, second or even the third time. I am one of those people who doesn’t feel right taking something if I’m not going to give something back, so I take very little because I know I won’t have time to blog everything. Sintiklia is at this current round of Applique with an awesome set of lipglosses for Catwa and Genesis Lab.

Lipgloss: Sintiklia – Strawberry Lipgloss for Catwa – Appliquè


I blogged items from Indulge Temptation when I was part of the We Love to Blog group, I liked her stuff so much that I applied to blog for her personally and I have never regretted that decision. Indulge Temptation is at Swank with these super cute, cuff style bracelets and today is the last day you can grab them during the event. There are 13 different package options with so many metal and gem options you’ll want to grab them all.

Bracelets: Indulge Temptation – Cute Butterfly Bracelet –


Codex is one of those fantastic designers that I don’t have the privilege of blogging for but I do love their stuff and today I’m sharing the Flora rings. Available at Shiny Shabby right now and rigged exclusively for the Maitreya Bento hands, included with your Maitreya body for free, these rings come with a color change HUD to control the metals and jewels as well as an alpha HUD to turn rings on and off.

Rings: Codex – Flora Bento – Shiny Shabby


ZOZ is one of the very first nail polishes I discovered in Second Life, I’ve been wearing this nail polish for years and included different polishes in my blog from the very first post. When I had a few blog posts I took a chance of IMing the creator, ZOZ Icon for a chance to blog officially for them, she referred me to her blog manager, Ember Adored and she gave me a trial. Over the past year and a half Ember has been there, coaching me and teaching me how to get a great close up shot and has become my friend. I’m very thankful to her for all her help and guidance. ZOZ created these nails for Level Up, which unfortunately ended yesterday but she always gets things put in her main store pretty quickly. The marbley polish is made for Maitreya, Omega, Vista Bento, Slink and ZOZ brand mesh nails.

Nails: ZOZ – Emotion


I know this post was really long and very wordy, but I need to see for myself why I blog and why I blog for those that I do, why I continue to do this and I am very grateful to each and every one of the designers and blog managers that gave me a chance. I love blogging and sometimes I just get overwhelmed, a little downtrodden and wonder why I continue to do this but as you can see I really do truly have amazing design partners and I’m not giving in, I’m not throwing in the towel. I will continue to blog and create what I hope are amazing pictures to share their wonderful designs. Thank you to my readers and those that made it all the way to the end.

Not Afraid Anymore

Walking to the edge and freefalling is the scariest thing in the world, rather it’s literally jumping from a cliff or starting a new relationship. Sometimes you have to trust that something will be there to catch you.

There is not one, but two awesome events starting today. ChicModa is at Cosmopolitan Sales Room with this fantastic new dress. The dress comes in 12 individual colors, with panties that you can turn on and off, grab it in the fatpack to get access to 4 exclusive patterns.

Dress: *NEW* ChicModa – Tracy – Cosmopolitan Event


Hairology opens today and Phoenix is there once again with a stunning hair. Each color pack comes with 3 fits and the soft, wavy coif is perfection. I swear my designers got together without knowing it to put together a fantastic look.

Hair *NEW* Phoenix – Jesslin Hair – Hairology


I’m horrible about joining groups and staying in them, due to blogging a lot of my group space is taken by blogging groups and I need them so store groups tend to be one of the last I join. The other day, however, I saw a post by Breathe saying she was going to give away a free gift to group members. I love Breathe and so I immediately joined and I am not sorry for it. This Easter gift is a fatpack of chunky heels with a very sweet leg wrap that goes up your calf with a tiny bow setting it in place.

Shoes: *NEW GIFT*  Breathe – Lola Heels 

Image Essentials is at Designer Showcase from now until April 31 with this sweet set of poses. The set includes 5 pose +mirrors for only 300L and they are just as sweet as their name.

Pose: *NEW* Image Essentials – Sweet as Honey 4 – Designer Showcase


Decor: 22769 – bauwerk – Ballpens and Pencils, Copper Fan, Office Binder, IDK Sign, Vintage Radio, and Office Sideboard


7 Deadly Skins is at Black Fair again this year with a gorgeous set of skins. Maureen comes in 4 tones, each tone with 4 different brows and a no brow option. It’s gorgeous and comes with the all new body applier/face applier HUD.

Skin*NEW* 7 Deadly Skins – Maureen Blonde Caramel – Black Fair


Mesange is at On9 this month with a brand new, fabulous set of dark colored eyes. The fun part of On9 is that one of the sets is marked down 25%, see if you can figure out which one. As with all Mesange eyes, you get standard and mesh eyes and an Omega applier. 15 tones to choose from.

Eyes: *NEW* Mesange – Iram Eyes 5 – On9


Another exclusive at On9 is this outstanding, close up pose set from Foxcity. A total of 6 poses plus mirrors is available for individual purchase or you can grab the fatpack and get a bonus 7th pose.

Pose*NEW* Foxcity – Spotlight 4 – On9


Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is part of the World Tour 2017 Gridwide Hunt Event going on from March 21 – April 30, 2017. The hunt gift is 2L but you get a nail pack with 5 colors and the Union Jack is marvelous.

Nails: *NEW* Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Union Jack



Shopping is tiring work, especially at gacha events, you trigger finger sure gets tired hitting pay after pay *laughs* and there’s no better gacha event than the quarterly The Arcade. Designers pull out some of their best work to put into little slot machines for you to try and win the grand prize…ALL OF THEM!

Reign is at The Arcade with “Chanel’s Closet” with 24 commons and 2 rares to win it’ll have you throwing Linden after Linden into the machine. The closet is awesome and the only thing that could possibly make it any better is if I could wear the clothes and accessories on the racks and shelves.

Location:  Reign – Chanel’s Closet –  Rare – The Arcade

I’m so honored to have this pose named after me, Danni Chair is a prop available at Designer Showcase for only 250L and comes with 10 poses, no mirrors included in this one, the chair, ottoman and lamp. The ottoman includes the texture change option, just click and you can change the chair and ottoman to 8 different colors. This is a Bento enabled prop so even if you don’t have Bento capable hands you have to have a Bento viewer.

Pose: Image Essentials – Danni Chair – Designer Showcase

Tres Blah also got their hooks into me with the Slumber Party gacha available at The Arcade, it’s so cute! 24 commons and 1 rare can be yours if you have the patience and your trigger finger in great shape. The detail on the decor is phenomenal and the pj’s are so cute.

Outfit: Tres Blah – Slumber Party Rare Pajamas with HUD – The Arcade

Bag: Tres Blah– Overnight Bag – Common – The Arcade

Socks: Tres Blah – Light Socks – Common – The Arcade

I’ve already covered the Birdy Spring gacha but when I saw these cute little Frenchies I needed one in a tent, so I played until I got one. This gacha includes 18 commons and 3 rares and the little dogs are absolutely adorable!

Pet: Birdy – Frenchie – Sleepy TeePee Dots – Common – The Arcade

Although this hair is not from The Arcade it is a gacha item from the last round of the Chapter Four. Happy comes in two versions with 5 common color HUDs and 3 rare HUDs for each style.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Happy Style 2 Basics – Rare

Eyes: Mesange – Sweetheart Eyes 8

7 Deadly Skins is introducing an all new skin tone to the Skin Fair 2017. Cashew is a tanned skin and this is just a sample of the skin, although the face is still very pretty.

Skin: 7 Deadly SkinsSkin Fair 2017 Exclusive Teaser Cashew

Since I went back to The Arcade for the other items I decided I might try fate once again to get the rare nails from Astralia and I DID! These nails are for Vista Bento hands only and come with a texture change HUD to color the nails to 6 different colors and 2 metals. On the index and ring finger are the words “My moon and stars” and I just love these long, spiky nails.

Nails and Rings: Astralia – Galaxy – Crown Silver, Piercings Silver, Index Silver, Middle 2 Silver, Pearl Silver – Common

Nails #1 – Rare – The Arcade

I wanted to provide a better closeup of the adorable decor that you can win from Tres Blah, the camera comes with 2 pictures that you can add your own texture to.

Decor: Tres Blah – Slumber Party – Snack Attack, Making Memories, Nail Polish Collection, Makeup Bag, Nail Polish Clutter, Mug of Roses (player reward) – The Arcade


A true Queen of the North needs no man’s protection, she can fight and hunt just as well if not better than he can, her trusty dire wolf by her side. She watches as she waits for the party containing her husband to return from far away lands, content in the northern cold, feeling at peace, the restlessness passing with each moment.

Besom is having an emergency sale at the main store location, ALL hair packs are only 50L for this weekend only while they try to gather enough money to save the life of her deceased mother-in-law’s beloved pet, Spirit. The $2500 USD that is needed to provide the life saving procedures that Spirit needs is outside their budget. You can also donate to their GoFundMe account.

Hair: Besom – Just Friends Essentials Pack

I wanted to go to N°21 for a couple of items and while I was there I found this amazing outfit from Atomic, I couldn’t pick just one color so I grabbed the fatpack of the top for 400L and skirt for 600L.

Top: Atomic – Vitality Top Wine – N°21

Skirt: Atomic – Vitality Skirt Wine – N°21

The scene is one from Come Soon Poses and comes with the landscaping, wolf and pose as well as a snow generator to add realism to your picture. It’s part of a gacha set that has 4 commons and 1 rare.

Pose: Come Soon Poses – The North 03

Shield: Arctic Fire – Celtic Warrior/Viking Shield

Weapon: Mesh Prefabs – Maul

This gorgeous skin is viking inspired and is available right now at Genre from Lumae. The soft white paint on the cheeks and nose are sure to show clan pride. As always Lumae skins have a plain and freckled version as well as appliers for Maitreya, Belleza and Omega. The face skin is only for Catwa.

Skin: Lumae – Catwa Ruby T3 Shell – Gunnr – Genre

Eyes: Mesange – Mercury 3 (small) – Lost and Found

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Shieldmaiden – Genre

Pose: Image Essentials – Soft Caress 1 – Designer Showcase

Two Pina Coladas

I’ve said for the longest time, I am not a decor blogger and with that in mind, when I applied so many months ago to Goose Home & Garden, I never in a million years expected acceptance to this amazing group. It has challenged me, made me become more creative and try harder to create areas fit for Tyrek’s amazing designs. I find it very difficult at times to break away from my mold as a fashion blogger and incorporate these items into my blog but you know it’s fun and it never hurts to expand yourself.

The whole purpose behind building this beach was the hammock you see, Goose released the Adoria Hammock for Shiny Shabby and fortunately I’m not too late and you can still make it to Shiny Shabby to grab this amazing item. With a texture change option for the pillows and blanket and a vast animation menu you definitely need this for your summertime. It is available in adult or PG. Hurry though we’re at the end of Shiny Shabby before the next round begins.

Hammock: Goose – Adoria Hammock Adult – Shiny Shabby

I can’t give a full description of each decor item but here is the list.

Grill: Meli Imako – Charcoal BBQ Full Perm

Palm Trees: Little Branch – Beach Palm V2

Grass: Kidd – Long Grass Wild Sword Shoreline

Seagull: E-Brink – Animated Black Headed Gull

KPicnic Table: Follow US – Romantic Picnic Table

Buoy: E-Brink – Marker Buoy 2

Cooler: 333 Creations – Cooler Beer Budweiser

Radio: Koastal – Vintage Radio

Beach: Studio Skye – Beach Building Set

I’m going to cover the pier in the next section.

The pier is actually a pose set from Image Essentials and has 11 poses built into it and can actually sit up to 3 people, so grab your friends and make some amazing summertime pictures.

Props: Image Essentials – Summertime Fun

I needed something in the background and thought, why not beach houses? So I grabbed some.

House: The Dreamer Creations – Vintage Beach Shack

This outfit is from Barely Legal Couture and I think she intended for it to be a lingerie set but I thought it made super cute beach wear. Available right now at Depraved Nations “Love Interruption” it is available for only 119L per color set. It is made to fit all mesh bodies.

Outfit: Barely Legal – Jugs Tank and Baby Girl Panty set – Love Interruption

This super cute hair comes with the attached headband and it also has a texture change HUD to match it to your look. Fun and flirty I couldn’t resist grabbing it.

Hair: #Foxy – Heartbeat Blondes

7 Deadly Skins is at it again with an all new release. Tuesday is a beautiful skin in 6 tones including Omega face appliers and body appliers. She will be available at the Hipster Fair on February 17.

Face Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Tuesday Cotton Candy Omega – Hipster Fair 

Body Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – All new Omega Body Applier Cotton Candy Beauty Marks – Skin Fair coming soon!

ZOZ always blows me away with the stunning nail polishes she creates and this is no exception. Available in two separate HUDs we have Mine in Lust and Mine in Love. ZOZ is now creating specifically for the Vista Bento hands which means you can now use the offset nail, which previously did not work with the Omega appliers. So amazing!

Nails: ZOZ – Mine in Lust with offset nail – Cosmopolitan

Applique opens today and Mesange is there with a brand new eye set. Capriccio is a 15 eye set available separately or in a beauty pack. You definitely want the beauty pack and as always these eyes are unisex.

Eyes: Mesange – Capriccio 3 – Applique


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Pose: Image Essentials – Soft Caress 5 Mirror – Designer Showcase



I am so honored to be able to bring to you today this amazing new creation by Torid Silverweb, owner and designer of Tori’s Stylez. Designer Showcase opened today and Tori has been hard at work making this delicious new gown for you to feast your eyes on and open your wallets for.

Without further ado…

The Aria gown is all new from Tori’s Stylez and is available exclusively during Designer Showcase. It is available in 12 individual colors for 249L each or a fatpack for 600L which is an amazing 50% off the regular price.

Dress: Tori’s Stylez – Aria Formal – Designer Showcase

My second item from Designer Showcase is the all new pose set from Image Essentials. Soft Caress is a 5 pose set with mirrors and is so amazingly perfect for your close up photography. You can grab all 10 poses for only 300L during Designer Showcase.

Pose: Image Essentials – Soft Caress 5 – Designer Showcase

This location is amazing. Adalynne and Doc Romano, but mostly Addy. Have worked so hard to make an amazing sim for you to come explore, take photos and just have fun. There is so much to see and do at Nouvelles Aventures.

Location: Nouvelles Aventures

Such and amazing dress needed an amazing hair and as my son-in-law pointed out I blog a lot so finding a newer hair that I have already blogged is pretty hard. I was looking for an updo and then I saw this hair from Opale. Available right now at Tres Chic 9 color packs or a fatpack you will definitely want to pick this one up. It’s beautiful.

Hair: Opale – Mishelle – Light Blond – Tres Chic

I’ve blogged this skin a few times and this is a shade I don’t normally choose but I really want to show the amazing quality. Zora is available right now at Fetish Fair from 7 Deadly Skins and comes in 5 Omega head appliers and 6 Lelutka head appliers, other appliers sold separately.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Zora Cotton Candy – Fetish Fair

Mesange eyes always come in 15 colors either individually with standard, mesh and Omega appliers or as a beauty pack with all 15 colors and a Genesis applier as well.

Eyes: Mesange – Sweetheart Eyes 5

Indulge Temptation is at Makeover Room with 7 all new lip gloss HUDs. Each HUD comes 5 colors and work for only Catwa mesh heads.

Lip Gloss: Indulge Temptation – Glossy Glam Lipstick 3 – Makeover Room

Until February 11 you can pick up Loved and Loved Tips polish from ZOZ at Cosmopolitan. Stunning polish with a delicate heart decal with the stunning shine that is known as ZOZ nails. All ZOZ nail HUDs come with 9 polishes and are available for Maitreya, Slink, Omega and ZOZ mesh nails.

Nails: ZOZ – Loved Tips – Cosmopolitan

Last but not least, while searching for hair I went to visit The Crossroads and I am so glad I did. I found some brand new, Bento rings from Secrets. This multi-ring set comes in the metal for only 219L and the fit is exceptional on my Vista Bento hands.

Rings: Secrets – Bianca Rings Silver – The Crossroads


So Fetish Fair 2017 opens today, February 3 at 1PM SLT and there are some absolutely amazing items for you to get your hands on. The sim is absolutely amazing and you can spend all day shopping, trying out the poses available, all the demos of clothes, hairs, shoes and more. I mean this is the place to be if you’re looking for some fetish stuff and not all of it is completely naughty.

First up we have this skybox from Venue. This skybox comes with the wall decor, a wooden floor and some fun toys you can use, it is modifiable as you can tell by the carpeting I put down in place of the wood floor. The Playroom could be used for just that, or a kinky home or just about anything you can think of.

Location: Venue – The Playroom Skybox

So my whole intent of going to the Fetish Fair was this dress. Kenny Rolands released this leather, zippered dress exclusively for Fetish Fair and it’s available in 4 lining colors. It’s absolutely stunning and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Each color comes with fit for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and fitted.

Dress: Kenny Rolands – Kendal Green – Fetish Fair

Image Essentials in collaboration with 1313 Mockingbird Lane have released 6 poses with props exclusively for Fetish Fair. 3 poses come with a ball gag prop, 3 with a riding crop prop. The poses are all Bento compatible so although you do not need Bento hands you do need a Bento viewer to use them. Both props come with a texture change HUD as well to completely customize your look.

Pose: Image Essentials with 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Shush V4 with riding crop – Fetish Fair

The choker is all new from Indulge Temptation and is available at The Avenue. It comes with a color change HUD to change the leather to 14 different colors and 10 metals. It’s 100% completely resizeable mesh.

Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Buckled Leather Choker – The Avenue

Decor: Nomad – Boudoir Settee

Chez Moi – Round Rug with texture change

Exposeur – Precious Pet Cage

So as I was shopping around the Fetish Fair sim I found Sintiklia’s store and OMG I fell in love with this hair. It comes in all the standard color packs but what really makes this hair super special is the styling HUD. I honestly can’t even describe everything that this hair can do so I’ll just show you the HUD. The hair comes with a Bento fit and an editable/resizable version.

Hair: Sintiklia – Grace – Fetish Fair

These stunning lashes from Mai Bilavio are available right now at Kustom9. There are two gachas, one for Catwa and one for Fiore mesh head. You can win 8 lashes for Catwa and 5 for Fiore.

Eyelashes: Mai Bilavio – Velvet Lash Gacha – Eclipse Mink Lashes (Catwa) Rare – Kustom9 

7 Deadly Skins is also at Fetish Fair with this brand new skin. Available for Omega and Lelutka heads it comes in 5 tones, in freckled and plain. It does not include a system skin. I also paired the head applier with the ALL NEW *drumroll* body appliers coming to the Skin Fair in March. Izara has been hard at work updating her shadowing, highlighting and so much more to make her body skins look so much more realistic. They are truly fabulous.

Head Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Zora Omega Caramel – Fetish Fair

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Mesh Body Applier Omega Caramel coming soon to the Skin Fair

I adore everything Mesange puts out, her eyes are so stunning and realistic and I can usually find an eye that will suit my look completely. Human Souls eyes came out a while ago and are available inworld and on the MP, but they are amazing. 15 eyes sold either individually or in a beauty pack, every individual eye comes with standard, mesh and Omega, beauty packs also include Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Human Souls Eyes 9

So I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw the polish that ZOZ Nails released for the Fetish Fair, as a matter of fact I was so excited I bought them, impatient much? *Laughs*  So these nails are OMG. There are two different palettes available, white and black, 9 shades of polish in each pack and available for Slink, Maitreya, Omega and ZOZ mesh nails.

Polish: ZOZ – The Studs Black Polish 8 – Fetish Fair

I’m gonna do something a little different than normal and I’m featuring two poses this time from Image Essentials. When Kay gave me Soft Caress to try out before she got it all boxed up I just knew these are what I needed for my close up photos. Soft Caress is available at Designer Showcase as of today and are Bento poses. It is a 5 pose set with mirrors and is absolutely fabulous for your close up photography!

Pose: Image Essentials – Soft Caress 4 – Designer Showcase

Last but definitely not least of my new acquisitions from Fetish Fair are these stunning shoes from N-Core. They fit Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and N-core mesh feet, and are available in 20 different colors or as a fatpack. Each color comes with a HUD to change the laces.

Shoes: N-Core – Sabine Black – Fetish Fair