Can’t Fight the Moonlight

Sometimes you get something and look at it from every angle, trying to decide how best to set up the shot, prop poses being some of the most difficult, yet the most fun for me. I love a challenge and I was presented one, but once the inspiration struck it was a simple matter of gathering the items necessary.

Something New & Something Erotic are participating in this year’s Pose Fair and this is one of the 5 exclusive items you can grab during the event. The prop includes the moon, doves, beam and pose and can only be found at Pose Fair 2017.

Pose: Something New – Moon Beam – Pose Fair 2017


An amazing prop needs a spectacular outfit and when I had popped over to Black Fair I noticed that Kaithleen’s also had this super cute, ballerina-style dress available. Since I was unable to get back into Black Fair I hit the store. You can grab the fatpack for only 1199L or each dress individually for 279L. The black or white versions only are available as well at Black Fair for full price.

Dress: Kaithleen’s – Swan Dress Fatpack


Sometimes you get a hair to blog and you put it on and immediately know it’s just right. This hair from Tameless is just that, perfect for the look I wanted to create. Nayla is a brand new release in the main store and comes with Omega hairbase appliers, which as you can see work amazingly well on my Lelutka Cate bento head.

Hair: Tameless – Nayla Naturals with Omega Hairbase


Glam Affair is at Collabor88 with this brand new Lelutka face applier. Agnes comes with 8 brow options, 8 lipsticks, and 8 eyeshadows. Another fabulous skin from Glam Affair and all for only 388L.

Skin: Glam Affair – Agnes Lelutka – Collabor88


Eyes: Mesange – Thetis Eyes – We <3 RP


Having decided on the ballet theme for this set I knew I needed to find the perfect shoes, Vale Koer answered my call with these Slink en pointe feet only, they are fabulous and of course, that meant I HAD to have the fatpack. The options with the fatpack are out of this world for color combinations.

Shoes: Vale Koer – Arc Angel


Hopeful: Anti-Bullying Awareness

I recently saw a post on Facebook that completely made me ill, the level of degradation, the words of hate in the name of funny just made me angry. I was so angry that I went and bought the outfit that was the pun in their private/public joke.
It is NEVER ok to bully anyone. Whether it is a peer, a designer in Second Life, or one child to another. We can all do our part to stop bullying. My part was “applauding” these people for their hateful comments, I fought back with kindness and then I supported the designer that was the brunt of their joke.

This is the outfit in question, the one made fun of and the comments were so rude and hateful that they don’t deserve to be revisited. Personally, I love this outfit so much I went to Collabor88 and bought the entire fatpack of both the top and the shorts. I think she did a fabulous job of creating this set.

Outfit: Atomic – Chill Out Sweatshirt and Shorts – Collabor88

I also visited Shoetopia and grabbed these awesome trainers from Vale Koer. As with any product by this fabulous designer, the HUD is extensive and gives you so many options of how to wear them, including flat and tip-toe.

Shoes: Vale Koer – Adored Trainers Fatpack – Shoetopia

Pose: Pilot & Exposeur – Stay Thirsty 2

LocationGardens by the Bay

Project Se7en opened today and with it came this awesome hair from Tableau Vivant, the short, wispy style is so much fun.

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Thea [frizzy chic] Naturals I – Project Se7en

This skin is from another creator, on that I do officially blog for and one I consider a friend. She’s been told her skins are horrible and that she should just give up. I, on the other hand, find her skins stunning, fun, and unique. The options that come with Lumae skins are by far some of the best. Plain and freckled, appliers for just about everything out there. The prices are extremely reasonable and there are 10 skin tone varieties to choose from. This particular skin is called Ruby and is available at The Avenue. Makeup free and ready for your Catwa only head, it’s perfect.

Skin: Lumae – Ruby Catwa Bare – The Avenue

I love Mesange eyes and these are an older set but they are still so perfect. 15 different eye colors to choose from or a fatpack that includes all you will never need another set of eyes again unless you buy another Mesange pack.

Eyes: Mesange – Human Soul Eyes

The newest round of Cosmopolitan is going on now, running until April 9. You can grab two amazing new nail polishes from ZOZ while there. All ZOZ nails come with Omega, Maitreya, Slink, ZOZ mesh nail and Vista Bento appliers.

NailsZOZ – Daisy Trio Polish – Cosmopolitan Event

ZOZ is also having a storewide sale at their main location!

At the Movies

Today’s blog was not inspired by a song, not the title, not anything. Honestly, I wasn’t a 100% sure what to call this one, then I remembered the old acronym K.I.S.S. Also, I got an amazing build from a fantastic creator and I wanted to be able to show it all off, so this is a very different blog from my usual style.

KraftWork created this amazing theater, and as of the writing of this blog the event it was originally scheduled to be released at has been delayed. Draftsman has been rescheduled for April 20, 2017. When it opens I will provide the LM.

Setting: KraftWork – Palace Movie Theater – Draftsman

The adorable bench and tree stands are a set available from Chez Moi for this month’s The Chapter Four, they both come with a texture change option and the bench has so many animations I can’t list them all. Single men and women, couples and even family this little bench is the perfect addition to your garden or playground. The tree is not included in the set and is from What Next.

Bench: Chez Moi – Bench Rainbow Family with Tree Holder Rainbow – The Chapter Four

Tree: What Next – Lucia Potted Olive Tree

What movie theater would be complete without a few cars in the parking lot. My friend Kristi makes some amazing cars. The options with these driveable cars are out of this world, with texture change options and so much more.

Cars: Alibi – Media Cooper Convertible

Alibi – Liberty Walk 458 Ferrari

Stepping through the doors of the theater your eyes are instantly drawn to the marquee and the candy bar, so many choices which one to take? At least you can look good while deciding.
Blueberry released an absolutely amazing hoodie-style, cropped jacket for Collabor88 and as with anything Blueberry, I had to get the fatpack. Her color options, and fatpack exclusive options make it so worth it. Blueberry is a perfectionist, she will not release anything that is not 100%.

Top: Blueberry – Loli Maitreya – Collabor88

Riot, I don’t know how I’d never heard of this amazing clothing company until Ana mentioned her to me a few weeks ago, now I’m a total addict. Her stuff is amazing and you should totally head on over to Mesh Body Addicts and grab these all new jean capris, skip the individual colors and just go straight to the fatpack.

Jeans: Riot – Cecelia Capris – Mesh Body Addicts

I had this amazing outfit all picked out and had no shoes, can’t very well go to the movies barefoot, so I popped on over to Breathe, I did a quick scan and my eyes fell on these amazing high-heeled boots. Individual color skipped, fatpack purchased and I am not sorry.

Shoes: Breathe – Julia Boots

My mother may very well beat me because I forgot to list the poses, so addendum to previous post. The all new Viper coming to Pretty Things today is a 5 pose pack with mirrors for only 300L. That’s less than 50L a pose. They are fabulous, bento compatible poses and so much fun.

Pose: Image Essentials – Viper 5 and 5M (closeup photo below) – Designer Circle

This hair from Runaway, as soon as I saw the Facebook ad for it I knew I was going to own it. I chose a different color than is normal for me and I absolutely love it. There is an included hairbase applier for Omega compatible mesh heads and 3 size hairs.

Hair: Runaway –  Jasmin Hair Essentials – Hairology

If you’re a reader of my blog you know I caved and bought the brand new Lelutka Bento mesh head Cate at Skin Fair, honestly, I put the demo on and fell in love and the best part of this head is it’s OMEGA COMPATIBLE. I can wear my Omega makeup, hairbases, eyebrows, etc with my Lelutka and I couldn’t be happier. However, I chose a Lelutka compatible skin from Lumae to share with you today. Skin Fair Exclusive,  Aurora Lelutka Bare comes with everything you need to make your avi stunningly gorgeous. The Lelutka applier, Omega body applier, ears, ear appliers, and it’s available in every tone from Lumae.

Head: Lelutka – Cate Bento – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Skin: Lumae – Aurora Lelutka Bare T5 Dolce – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

This beautiful eyeshadow is a pack available from Just Magnetized during Skin Fair 2017. It’s available for Catwa, Omega, and system. There are 8 lush colors to choose from in the HUD.

Eyeshadow: Just Magnetized – Halo Eyeshadow set 01 for Omega – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails can be found this month at Mesh Body Addicts with 4 all new nail polish packs. Shades of Pink is the largest by far with 48 amazing tones. That’s right, a nail polish kit with 48 color options. These are Mega Fatpacks and you do not want to miss out on the special event pricing, only 425L. The fatpack includes Maitreya, Slink and Omega appliers.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Shades of Pink v2 – Mesh Body Addicts

There is an all new event coming to Second Life, starting tomorrow, March 12 called L’Elite and these fabulous eyes from Yuex will be available in 10 colors during the event. Each pack comes with mesh eyes and a Catwa applier as well as system eyes. The colors are gorgeous.

Eyes: Yeux – Kim Oceans Dark – L’Elite 


Finally, time to enjoy a movie in peace.

Hello Love

It’s Valentine’s Day or Singles Awareness Day or whatever you want to call it. For me it’s just another day. The husband and I went out over the weekend to celebrate both my birthday and Valentine’s Day, I got Japanese Hibachi for dinner and a brand new Samsung Gear S2 watch as a gift. I couldn’t ask for a better Valentine’s Day. We gave the kids their gifts and the hubby is heading out to work.

However, the wonderful designers and creators of our Second Life have not forgotten what day it is and you can get everything from something to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your lover to party items to chill at home alone. Today I’m covering Tiffany Designs release especially for Valentine’s Day.

Divia comes in 10 individual colors with a gorgeous gold lace bodice and a beautiful mermaid style skirt. It comes with a chest accessory, 2 different kinds of headpieces (not pictured), earring (not pictured) and necklace and has appliers for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, TMD and Omega.

Dress: Tiffany Designs – Divia Red

I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to use this amazing background prop from RAMA, release for Gacha Garden it is just one of the 7 commons you can win Hello Cafe has lovely lips sprinkled around a white brick wall. Hello is etched into the brick and the best part, there is a built in resizer so that you can fit it to you. There are 3 rares and when you play 20 times you receive the Seed of Inspiration prize. Hurry we’re halfway through Gacha Garden, you only have until February 28 to get there and win some amazing items.

Background: RAMA (LM currently unavailable) – #Selfie Hello Cafe – Gacha Garden

Chapter Four called my name and I answered, I’m so glad I did though because I found this super cute, cork-filled love sign from Blue Sky there. It is in the buy one get one room and when you purchase it you get the red and the brown love.

Sign: Blue Sky – Cork Love Red – The Chapter Four

This pose is from Something New and is a gacha that is available at the main store. Blog my Essentials is a 6 pose gacha, 5 commons and 1 rare are yours to win.

Pose: Something New – Blog my Essentials 3

Creating a look is very important to me, something that fits the whole scene, from hair and nails to skin and makeup, giving you the look that I was inspired to create is important. Runaway is at Hairology with this brand new hair, Joanne is a long, wavy style and comes in all the standard color packs. It is an exclusive to Hairology this month.

Hair: Runaway – Joanne Blond – Hairology

I wanted to share a beautiful skin from Glam Affair with you. Available right now at Collabor88 for 388L, Minerva is a Catwa applier and available in 5 different skin tones. If you have Maitreya body and Vista hands you have no need to buy other appliers, because Glam Affair has kindly included their basic tones right in the HUDs for those items.

Skin: Glam Affair – Minerva America – Collabor88

Banana Banshee has released an amazing set of eyes called Passion, available right now at TWE12VE Event, hosted by EvilBunny Productions. The HUD works on both Genesis and Catwa eyes as well as the included mesh eyes from Banana Banshee. There are 10 eye colors total.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Passion Original – TWE12VE 

Summer Girls

I am so sick of winter, all the white and gloom, the piles and piles of snow. I’m a summer girl and like camping and all the warm summer activities, I have never skied, snowboarded or snowmobiled in my entire life and at my age I am not about to start. So when I got this new prop pose from Image Essentials I couldn’t wait to play in the sun.

Collabor88 opened yesterday, February 8 and I am so excited to show you the collaboration of Suko of Vinyl and Annie of Just Because. Vinyl has released this two piece set, Troy Skirt and Maya Leg Sleeves. They are sold separately and don’t have to be worn together at all. Troy comes in 16 colors with a bonus color for each one, you can also purchase the fatpack. Maya also comes with 16 colors/bonus colors. Both are fit for Maitreya, all Belleza, and both Slink bodies. The top from Just Because is loaded with features as well, individual color for trim, strings and shirt you can mix and match to your hearts delight. It comes with an option brooch that has it’s own color change spot and if you grab the fatpack you get 5 bonus shirt colors.

Top: Just Because – Clementine Top – Collabor88

Skirt: Vinyl – Troy Skirt – Collabor88

Leggings: Vinyl – Maya Leg sleeve – Collabor88

Off sim shopping:



Image Essentials is at 2nd Level Event with this fun new Segway pose/prop. With 6 unisex poses with mirrors, this is a static prop and doesn’t move, but sure is fun to take you summertime pictures to a new level. It is available at 2nd Level starting tomorrow, February 10 until the 28th for only 250L. The prop has a color change HUD.

Pose: Image Essentials – Segway pose 4 – 2nd Level

I didn’t do a close up of the skin, but I’ve blogged it several times before and if you want to see close up detail just look  up 7 Deadly Skins – MeiLin in the search bar. MeiLin is this month’s group gift and comes with 7 skin tones with body appliers for either Omega or Lelutka. It’s fabulous, Izara Zuta really spoils her group.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Meilin – Pineapple Omega face applier

Body Skin: All new Omega body applier – Pineapple coming to Skin Fair 2017

These adorable shoes are from Glamistry and as with all their shoes the HUD is extensive. You can mix and match for just the right look for you and save your favorite color combinations up to 5 different ones.

Shoes: Glamistry – Calystegia Heels

Going with summer in mind I needed to find the perfect summery spot and The Trace never fails to have just the right spot for my summertime fun.

Location: The Trace (Summer)

This is a very different angle from my usual close up shots but I really wanted to show off this great hair from #Foxy. Available at Collabor88 right now it’s got dual French braids and a style HUD to wear it your way. You can opt to wear ribbons, circlet or both or just the hair alone. There are 4 main style options, 4 bangs options and 4 extras options. You can change what your hair looks like with a click of a button. The color HUDs come in all basic colors, and has a small, medium and large fit as well as an unrigged style for those that need it.

Hair: #Foxy – Regan Hair Blondes – Collabor88

The sunglasses from Glamistry are awesome, with the option to resize to fit your face as well as a color change HUD to mix and match your style, the possibilities are endless.

Glasses: Glamistry – Sunglasses [PU2003]

I’ve blogged these ears from Swallow once before but to be perfectly honest, I love them. The HUD has your skin tone options with a slider to make it perfect, accessories for tons of color options with two style of bars and a tattoo option. They are easy to fit and work perfectly with my Catwa Bento head.

Ears: Swallow – Punky Ears

Rings information

Rings: Secrets – Bianca Silver – The Crossroads

There’s only a short time left to get over to Cosmopolitan and get these fabulous polishes from ZOZ Nails. As with all polish from ZOZ there are two versions available with 9 colors in each HUD and they are made for Slink, Maitreya, Omega and ZOZ very own mesh nails.

Polish: ZOZ – Heart Tipped – Cosmopolitan

Wasting Time

It’s a lazy Sunday at my house, since it’s my only day off during the week I tend to be lazy as all get out. I stay in my pajamas, nap and basically do whatever I want.

Wasting Time is my  my tribute to lazy Sundays.


Goose is back and badder than ever with this fantastic patio set including a couples couch, 2 individual single chairs, a sofa table and rug. This items is available at the newest round of Cosmopolitan Events open now!

Furniture: Goose – Outdoor Living Set – Cosmopolitan


I wanted to make sure to give you a good view of the ourfit because I love this combination even if it’s from several different designers. This hooded sweatshirt has been updated to include a bonus thank you HUD with 6 new designs. This hoodie is available at FaMESHed this month and if you’ve already purchased it hit the redelivery at the main store to get an update!

Top: Vinyl – Meghan Hoodie Fatpack – FaMESHed

These capris are an older item from Just Because but I adore them and they looked amazing with the hoodie from Vinyl.

Pants: Just Because – Jen Capris Khaki for Maitreya

Reign, if you didn’t know already, has a permanent spot at Collabor88 and this month’s shoe offering is to die for. Since their original release they’ve been updated with two more fit types for a total of 4 types: Regular, slipped on, sloppy and tippie.

Shoes: Reign – Arianna Sneaker – Sloppy – Collabor88


There is a very special reason I’ve chosen this skin today, Ola-li-cious Skins creator, Ola Sassoon has been very busy in RL and people are asking when she’ll release a skin for the new Catwa Catya head, so I wanted to show how amazing her previously release skins for Omega looked on the Catya.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Honey Catwa Applier shown on Catwa Catya Bento Mesh head and Maitreya Mesh Body

Chemical Princess is coming to Cosmetics Fair 2017 and has some amazing face tattoos to get your hands on. The one I’m featuring today comes in light and dark in and is situated just above your eyebrows, the right side says “Stay Strong” and the left “Respect”, tiny birds fall around your eyes.

Face Tattoo: Chemical Princess – Stay Strong – Cosmetic Fair

Hairology is a monthly event that brings you some of the best hair designers in SL all to one place with brand new exclusives that you can ONLY get during the event, they are usually in the store later but why wait. Phoenix has released Kiara in all her standard HUD colors and it’s phenomenal.

Hair: Phoenix – Kiara Reds – Hairology

Jadis Ashland of Mesange has done it again with another stunning set of eyes for Cosmetic Fair. Madrigal is an exclusive for the fair and you won’t find it anywhere else, it comes in the standard 15 colors or beauty pack of all colors and has standard and mesh eyes and Omega applier. For this event only you’ll also get the Genesis applier.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal pg 1 eye 3 – Cosmetic Fair

Lost in Thought

You’re floating along as in a dream, not a care in the world, your mind lost in thought with only the penguins looking on…

Vinyl has come out with this stunning new outfit coming to Collabor88 tomorrow. The scoop neck top and yoga pants are perfection.

Top: Vinyl – Andi WorkIt Top Purple (from the FatPak) – Maitreya Fit – Collabor88

Pants: Vinyl – Enya Ballet Leggings White (from the FatPak) – Maitreya Fit – Collabor88

At first I wanted to find some yoga poses but then I saw these awesome ice skating poses from Nantra and changed my mind, at that point the scene just fell into place. It is a gacha and is available at the main store, with 6 common poses and 2 rare poses. At only 50L a pull it’s a steal to grab them all.

Pose: Nantra – The Agony of Defeat Gacha – Pose 7

The skates are an older item from N-Core but they are still so perfect with a HUD to change from a boot, roller skate and ice skate you are ready for any occasion.

Skates: N-Core – Skates Black for Maitreya

Skate Pond: What Next – Winter Iced Over Pond with built in skate animation

…the calm breeze and chilly air surrounding you as your skate catches a patch on the ice and down you go!

This specific pose is what started me on my gacha journey at Nantra. I mean the story tells itself.

Pose: Nantra – The Agony of Defeat Gacha – Pose 8 Rare

This hair is brand new from Argrace, the short wispy style is so cute with the A-Line back cut and front hanging bangs is a must have.

Hair: Argrace – Wakana Reds

7 Deadly Skins always makes just the right skin for the look I want and Lexy is no different.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Lexy Freckled shown on Catwa Catya Bento Head

Mesange makes such fun eyes, the colors pop and the realism is out of this world.

Eyes: Mesange – Cranford Eyes page 2 color 2 – StormWood Hills

Dark Passions is also at StormWood Hills with this offering of Nordic Rune nails. The black background with the soft inlay of Nordic Runes is so much fun.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Nordic Runes shown on Vista Bento Hands – StormWood Hills

Black Magic Woman

There’s a pretty cool event getting ready to start on January 10 called StormWood Hills, Medieval Fantasy Fair. Chemical Princess is there with this amazing new and sexy new panty and wrapped dress set. It comes with the dress, panties and metal breast plate. A color change HUD is included to change all parts of the outfit.

Dress: Chemical Princess – Medi Set – StormWood Hills

The pose is from the one and only Image Essentials, it’s a pose set that includes 5 poses as well as an outfit and boots for women and leather pants for men.

Pose: Image Essentials – Mystic V1 Pose 9

This location, although currently closed to the public and in the process of moving is still one of my absolute favorites for taking pictures. Eclectica has so many places to explore.

Location: Eclectica

This absolutely gorgeous hair is from Wasabi Pills and was available at the December round of Collabor88.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Deirdre Mesh Reds – Collabor88

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Cinnamon Mesh Skin shown on Catwa Catya Bento Head

Eyes: Mesange – Itauna Eyes 4

Nails: ZOZ – Radiant Royal Polish 8


As I slowly work on getting my mojo, my groove back I’m going through files and folders looking over the amazing stuff that my designers have sent during my hiatus. Slowly but surely I’ll get most if not all blogged in one form or another.

This fantastic dress is coming to you from the one and only Merlific for StormWood Hills, a medieval event starting January 7.

Dress: Merlific – Galadrielle – StormWood Hills

This amazing pose is from none other than Image Essential and is available at the main store. Anarchy comes with 5 poses plus mirrors for only 300L and they are all sexy and a bit sarcastic to boot.

Pose: Image Essentials – Anarchy 1M

This is one of my favorite locations for futuristic or gothic style photos. Everwinter is a system of different types of sims for your roleplay or photography needs.

Location: Everwinter

Reign is at Collabor88 and you don’t want to miss out on the amazing deal on these thigh high boots. The fat pack is a whopping 488L, a steal really for all the colors that you get with it but this round ends very soon to set up for the next round starting January 8.

Boots: Reign – Alex Over Knee Boots – Collabor88

Another fantastic find at the December round of Collabor88 is this fantastic hair from Doe, the color packs are only 188L and it comes with a HUD to change the bow color.

Hair: Doe – Sugar Ginger Pack – Collabor88

Skin: Glam Affair – Moirah Catwa Applier shown on Catwa Catya Bento Head

Eyes: Mesange – Lark Rise Eyes 10M

Dimples: Izzie’s – Dimples

Merlific has released these awesome cheek piercing for Suicide Dollz.

Piercings: Merlific – Soury Cheeky Piercing – Suicide Dollz

Nails: Zoz – Memories Fall Omega Polish shown on Vista Bento Hands

It’s the End of the World

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a blog, between The Walking Dead and then my webpage being down I took a very long break. Now I have to see if I even remember how to write a blog post.


This super cute outfit is available from Pulse for the Sad November event going on right now until until November 19 so you have a few more days to get in and grab this dress and short set. The dress is available in 7 individual colors and comes with an optional scarf (not shown) the short

Outfit: Pulse – Gloomy Dress Purple with Gloomy Laced Shorts – Sad November

Baxe came out with a set of poses for Designer Circle, each pose is 40L or you can grab the fat pack for only 200L which is all 12 poses.

Pose: Baxe – Hippie Female 4 – Designer Circle

Once again I decided to visit my favorite sim for taking pictures, Eclectica for this photo shoot.

Location: Eclectica


This absolutely gorgeous hair is available from Stealthic for Collabor88, it’s available in a large or small size and all colors.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic Reds – Collabor88

This gorgeous skin from 7 Deadly Skins was available at Haus of Swag until November 4th and if it’s not already should be available in the main store soon.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Vision Caramel shown on Catwa Alice head, Maitreya Mesh Body and Vista Bento Hands.

Mesange has created another mini pack of their amazing eyes for Designer Circle, Mineko is a sparkling eyes in 5 tones.

Eyes: Mesange – Mineko 5 – Designer Circle

My second item from Sad November is from a brand new designer that decided to give me a chance just before my website went down and I feel horribly that I am only now getting to this gorgeous necklace. The set comes with necklace and earrings (not pictured due to hair) and a HUD to control each piece to customize it to your look.

Necklace: !NFINITY – Cloudy Day Necklace and Earring – Sad November

This gorgeous polish was formerly available at Cosmopolitan but since my blog was down I missed that round, but I didn’t want you to miss out on this polish, you can still grab it at the main store.

Polish: Zoz – Sweet Flower Polish Omega applier shown on Vista Bento Hands


These shoes with stockings are from Merlific and are available at Suicide Dollz for the most current round. They come with a HUD to change the shoes and stocking individually and are super cute.

Shoes: Merlific – Astrid Heels – Suicide Dollz