More Girls Like You

I have a bit of a different style today, but it’s one I absolutely love and I hope you will too!

Mesange is at Skin Fair 2017 with for exclusive shapes, each shape includes a set of eyes and a style card to get the look in the ad. Kwame is the African-inspired shape and the features are stunning. Kwame comes with Memories 14, a shiny gray toned eye, and it includes a pair of mesh eyes and an omega applier. Skin Fair opens at midnight on March 10.

Shape: Mesange – Kwame with Memories 14 eyes – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

I didn’t feel right using a pale skin on such a lovely African face so I dug into my pack from Lumae. Ella bare for Catwa is a gorgeous, makeup-free edition and is available in all 10 skin tones that Lumae makes. The skins come with a Catwa face applier, body HUD applier including Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega in both a plain and freckled tone and 3 cleavage options. Lumae Leevi ears and ear appliers are also included as well as the TMP body HUD. There are a variety of shapes for you to try out as well. You really get a complete package when you buy skins from Lumae.

Skin: Lumae – Ella Bare Catwa – Nutmeg T7 Freckled – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Finding the right hair to complete my look was actually the biggest challenge and my journey led me to EMO-tions. Honestly, I look at the dreaded hair more often than not and always talk myself out of it, but I found this one and it just looked so amazing with everything else I caved and bought it.

Hair: EMO-tions – Jocelyn Black/White

MirrorMirror is back with a brand new line of springy goodness, this dress is just one of many new items coming to the spring line. She’s also making mix and match outfits for those of us that love to mix it up. This dress comes in 6 mesh body sizes and is available in 5 ombre colors.

Dress: MirrorMirror – Wildest Dream Pink Ombre

This gorgeous tattoo from Isuka is a Skin Fair exclusive as well and the bright, vibrant colors seem ready to crawl off your skin and plant themselves to grow. The tattoo comes with system layers, TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Signature appliers and has a normal, fresh and faded option.

Tattoo: Isuka – Fuschia Omega Faded – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Glamistry makes some of the most amazing shoes and the HUD that comes with their shoes are to die for. You can individually change each piece and if you find a combination you love you can save it for later use.

Shoes: Glamistry – Amaryllis Heels

An older pose from Image Essentials but still beautiful is the Women’s Sit set. A 5 pose set with mirrors and it’s available on the Marketplace and main store for 300L.

Pose: Image Essentials – Women’s Sit 2M

Location: Nouvelles Aventures

There is a few days left to get over to Cosmopolitan and get your hands on these stunning nails from ZOZ. Available in two different color packs, one vibrant bright tones, the other soft polishes, they are absolutely gorgeous. They are available in Maitreya, Slink, Omega, ZOZ mesh and now Vista Bento.

Nails: ZOZ – Drops Polish shown on the all new Slink Bento Hands using Slink HUD – Cosmopolitan

This pose from Foxcity is a Bento compatible pose and for it to look right does require Bento hands. Bento poses are very specific and if they don’t look right immediately it may require you to adjust your shoulder, arm length and hands to make it fit. Bento is very precise.

Pose: Foxcity – Beauty 3

One of the four exclusive for Skin Fair 2017 are these awesome eyebrows from okkbye. Available in Catwa or Omega with 12 brow options including a white brow for those of you who prefer that, I know how hard it is to find pure white brows so this is exciting.

Eyebrows: okkbye – Adumbrate Eyebrows – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Body: Slink – Physique

My Give a Damn’s Busted

The pizza deliver boy left some time ago, she glances at the saying in the lid of the cold pizza box, scoffing at how true it is “People Disappoint, Pizza is Eternal” it says and she is finding that more and more true by the moment. She puffs on her cigarette, glaring at the burning ember on the end, wishing she could crush it out in his stupid face. She taps the fingers of her other hand on her knee, he was only 2 hours late, but she didn’t care anymore.

“My give a damn’s busted” she mutters as she stands, dropping the cigarette and crushing it under the platform of her stiletto heels, turning she heads inside, leaving the cold pizza for the neighborhood mutts.

It took me 3 and a half hours to find all the right stuff for this blog. I had one idea and when that didn’t pan out I went a different direction. My first stop was to Bad Unicorn because I really needed this specific backdrop, none of the others would do but this set the tone for what I had in mind. While there I did join the group, it’s free by the way, so I could play the group only pizza gacha as well. Bad Unicorn has some pretty awesome stuff and I think I’ll be shopping there more often for my decor needs.

The Hype-Beast Backdrop gacha is a set of 7 different mesh backdrops, with built in resizers, all are perfectly crafted and great for setting the scene. There are 6 commons and 2 rares and are only 75L a pull.

The pizza gacha was a special reward for reaching 2000 likes on Facebook, only group members can play but as I said it’s a free group and only 20L a pull. This is a limited time gacha, you have until February 28th to get your heart shaped pizza. 10 total pizzas to win!

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype-Beast Backdrop 06

Bad Unicorn – Heart Pizza Gacha – Eternal Pizza – Group Only Gacha

Now that I had the scene I needed to fill it and I started hunting the marketplace for just the right items, I found them but there wasn’t the ones I wanted for sale, so I headed over to Kunst to play the Curiosities II gacha. It’s only 49L a pull and there are 9 commons and 1 rare to win.

Decor from the Curiosities II Gacha:

Kunst – Neva’s Tricycle (rare) with texture change option

Kunst – Storage Crate

Kunst – Potted Stick Plant

Kunst – Watering Can

Kunst – Books

Kunst – Canned Plant

These fabulous, cigarette-crushing stilettos are from none other than Glamistry, the amazing texture change HUD that comes with all Glamistry shoes makes each and every pair completely customizable to your look.

Shoes: Glamistry – Echium Heels

This amazing pose is from Image Essentials and is a 5 pose pack plus mirrors. The sits are perfect for just about any situation you might need them.

Pose: Image Essentials – Woman Sit 1 Mirror

I got this hair at Hairology the day it opened and I have been waiting for the right moment to include it in a blog, Phoenix does some amazing hair and this one is no different. One of the two exclusives available at Hairology this month it’s a must-have to complete your hair collection.

Hair: Phoenix – Marissa Color Mix – Hairology

Chemical Princess is at Applique with a brand new eye shadow set for Omega and Slink. With 9 colors to choose from these are amazing. Applique is going on right now!

Eyeshadow: Chemical Princess – Crow Eyeshadow – Applique

Okay, I am really excited about this skin. This is a sneak preview of the all new cashew tone from 7 Deadly Skins coming to Skin Fair, you won’t find it before then but it’s gorgeous. The tone is simply stunning and I’m so excited to announce the new skin tone.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Cashew Tester HUD with face and body

These gorgeous eyes are from Mesange for Applique and as with all Mesange eyes you can buy the 15 colors individually or as a fatpack. Individuals include standard, mesh and Omega, the fat pack also include Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Capriccio Eyes 1 – Applique

The top is from !NFINITY and is available at Depraved Nations Love Interruption going on right now. Only 100L during this event with fits for Maitreya, all 3 Belleza bodies and both Slink bodies and a texture change HUD to make it look however you want you really can’t go wrong.

Shirt: !NFINITY – Olivia Top – Love Interruption

Jeans: Blueberry – Melanie fatpack Bonus Color

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails has released these amazing polishes for Love Interruption. With 12 colors available for Omega, Maitreya and Slink and for only 100L for the singles or 275L for the fatpack it’s a steal!

 Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Eat Your Heart Out – Love Interruption

Cigarette: Kunst – Smoker’s Gacha – Short Cigarette Holder (hand)

Pretty Things

Napped for two hours and now I feel refreshed, or I am suppose to right? Well, whatever the nap wasn’t all that bad, had all 4 cats in my room and not sure how that happened. Now that I am awake and refreshed however I do have some really fun and pretty things to share with you!

As with every Blueberry new release the anticipation builds and builds, questions pile up waiting for answers, what colors will she do, what special colors, will it fit over pants, with boots, etc.

Well Piki, the all new long sleeved dress from Blueberry definitely does not disappoint. I can’t buy just one color from Blueberry, if I do I end up going back for another and another. I’ve started skipping the dance and just buying her amazing fatpacks, loaded with extras that don’t come with the individual colors just can’t give you.

At only 1299L for the fatpack you will never feel like you wasted money. There are two options in every pack for a tight and a loose fit to wear over pants and the HUD is enormous. 24 individual colors for both the main dress and panties that have an on and off button, 53 sleeve and collar colors, 10 Gold and Shine colors, 18 Unicorn and Ombres colors and 15 in the Sassy Collection. You get a fatpack bigger than this anywhere else.

Dress: Blueberry – Piki (tight)

These shoes though! I got into REWIND: A 90’s Throwback Event and I found these shoes! From Empire the Astrantia is a platform jelly shoe straight from my teenage dreams, I loved jelly shoes but wasn’t allowed to wear them and platform shoes were to die for! Seriously she’s killed it with these and the price is unbelievable for the fatpack that you get.

Each pack comes with Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP fits in see-through or solid and the HUD has 20 colors and all for one low price. You ready for it? I mean are you REALLY ready for the price? OK, fine they are only 299L *dies* I know right unheard of!

Shoes: #Empire – Astrantia – 90’s Rewind

Pretty Things opened today and Image Essentials has an all new set of poses for your pleasure. Succubus is a 5 pose set with mirrors, only available at Pretty Things and for only 300L.

Pose: Image Essentials – Succubus 5 – Pretty Things

Location: Nouvelles Aventures

Stealthic has released this amazing new hair for Hairology, the fun, swept to the side, wavy curly hair is stunning. It comes with a rigged and unrigged version and is available in all basic color HUDs.

Hair: Stealthic – Vivacity – Hairology

7 Deadly Skins is killing it lately with the amazing skin releases she is coming out with and Davina is definitely no exception. She comes in 6 tones, 12 total with the regular and cut versions, plus Omega body appliers, Maitreya body appliers and a cluster pack full of applier for Slink hand/feet, Lola Tangos and Phatazz all for only 500L at Fashion Dazzle. I paired this stunning skin with the all new Omega body applier coming to Skin Fair 2017.

Head Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Davina Sand Cut – Fashion Dazzle

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Omega Body Applier Sand Beauty Marks

Mesange eyes always have something that makes my whole face shine and this set of eyes, although older are still fabulously stunning. Under the Sun comes in 15 colors as individual or as a beauty pack. Individual eyes come with standard, mesh and Omega appliers and the beauty pack comes with all of that PLUS the Genesis applier. You will never run out of options with Mesange.

Eyes: Mesange – Under the Sun 4

The lipstick is from Indulge Temptation and is available at the Makeover Room for the month of February. With 7 color HUDs, 5 lipsticks per HUD you’ll want to grab them all.

Lipstick: Indulge Temptation – Glossy Glam 3 – The Makeover Room

ZOZ Nails have been my absolute favorite nails store since I got my first mesh hands oh so many years ago, and just as mesh improves so does ZOZ. Her polishes always come in Maitreya, Slink, Omega and her very own mesh nails. Each color HUD always comes with 9 color options and are so easy to use you’ll wonder why you’ve had bare nails for so long.

ZOZ currently is at the Fetish Fair with two all new nail packs, The Studs Black and The Studs White. They are gorgeous, shiny polishes with tiny studs dotting from about the middle of your fingernail to the cuticle and I’m in love, let’s just be honest. I was so excited I actually didn’t even wait for the blogger pack, I bought The Studs Black while at Fetish Fair *gives googly eyes*

Nails: ZOZ – The Studs Black – Fetish Fair

These rings haven’t come off my fingers since I found them at The Crossroads. They are a perfect fit for my Vista Bento hands and perfectly crafted. Available in gold, silver or black and each only 219L you should totally grab these if you have Vista hands.

Rings: Secrets – Bianca – The Crossroads

This necklace from Indulge Temptation is fantastic, with a color change HUD with 10 metal options and 16 bow colors you could wear it all the time. It’s currently available at The Avenue.

Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Key To My Heart – The Avenue


Ever since my husband and I got SiriusXM Radio I’ve been addicted to the 90’s on 9, it makes me feel like a kid again, listening to songs that I grew up with. From the Backstreet Boys to Nirvana, Spice Girls and Metallica, the 90’s held such an eclectic variation of EVERYTHING. It was the best time. When I heard about the latest Rewind event I knew I was gonna have to visit, but not quite yet, since I’m impatient and wanted to get a post done with Vinyl’s all new dress ASAP. So the hunt for 90’s related items started and I have to say I’m happy with how it came out, but beware, there will probably be more 90’s posts coming.

I was surprised how difficult it was to find 90’s decor on the Marketplace, but finally found some epic items that totally reminded me of my childhood, things I had or wanted. I’m going to state right now, the pictures on the wall are borrowed from Google Images, I do not own them or any rights to them and if asked I may be able to provide a link to the site in which I borrowed them, but I really needed fangirl posters to line my wall with.

I’m gonna start with the outfit first then I’ll move on to the decor. Suko of Vinyl has come up with this superb t-shirt and jumper combo, it comes in 16 colors with a bonus smooth cotton texture option as well as 16 solid tees and 16 bonus tee color with each one. You will definitely want the fatpack of this outfit it’s just too cute!

Outfit: Vinyl – Iha Dress – REWIND: A 90’s Throwback Event

Now there is a lot going on with the decor, but anyone that grew up in the 90’s knows you had shit all over your room and your parents were constantly yelling at you to clean it up and get off the damned phone. Like seriously, the phone was glued to my ear, I kept getting my personal phone in my room taken away. One thing I NEVER had that I wanted more than anything was a clear phone, that flashed colors when it rang but I have one now! Starlight Industries has come up with the see-through phone, no it does’t flash, but damn that’d be cool *laughs* but it does have an animation to hold it.

Phone: Starlight Industries – See Thru Phone

THE INFLATABLE CHAIR! OMG how I wanted one of these and I could never get my parents to let me have one, so when I saw it on the MP I had to grab it. Available in 7 colors with male and female poses as well as couples poses this chair was everything I ever wanted in my life. Thank you Kaz Nayar for making my dreams come true!

Chair: Pilot – Inflatable Chair White

Every man, woman and child had a CD Walkman in the 90’s, if you didn’t there was something wrong with you! When I saw the CD player by Plethora I had to have it and my only problem at that point was choosing a color.

CD Player: Plethora – CD Player White/Black

A TV with a built in VHS player meant you’d hit the big time. Vespertine’s plastic combo TV/VCR is perfection and comes with VHS tapes, and empty box and a box full of tapes, plus the file needed to make your own VHS tape.

TV: Vespertine – Plastic Combo TV Lagoon

The desk, although not 100% 90’s themed is perfect for a teenage girls room, with cutesy decor and more. It comes with the desk and chair and all for only 10L. It’s a steal.

Desk: Follow Us – Student Desk White with Chair

The bed, again, while not 100% 90’s themed I knew more girls growing up that had a daybed than didn’t have one so when I was hunting for my decor I remember I had this awesome bed from Di’Cor. It has texture change options for the mattress, round pillows and regular pillows. It’s outstanding.

Bed: Di’Cor – Sophie Day Bed

It really wouldn’t be a teenager’s bedroom without clutter so I also have some paper piles from Tres Blah’s HodgePodge Gacha.

Paper: Tres Blah – HodgePodge Gacha – Paper Pile

I looked up Rainbow Rug on the MP and this was the one that I fell in love with. The rainbow, giraffe pattern is so much fun.

Rug: PP & Twin Threads – Cobblestone Rainbow Rug

OK so I think I’ve covered all the decor, I know it’s a lot but I couldn’t settle on one or two items. Now we have the look, the thing that made me look like a 90’s kid in my mind.

I’ve recently discovered #Foxy hair and I’m in love! This one, as soon as I saw it I knew I needed it in my life and it was going to be perfect for my 90’s look. With the style HUD you have 4 options of how to wear your hair, I love this options, I really do!

Hair: #Foxy – Seventeen Hair Blondes

Everyone knows my love of Mesange Eyes, they are so fun and vibrant. With 15 color options for every eye set or a beauty pack you will never run out of options.

Eyes: Mesange – Melancholy Eyes 15

Dark eye shadow, the darker the better and of course Indulge Temptation had just the right eye shadow for what I was thinking. Satine eye shadow is meant for only Catwa heads and is available in 9 different HUDs with 10 colors per HUD. They are stunning, perfect for what I wanted my look to be.

Eye Shadow: Indulge Temptation – Satine Eye Shadow 9

I cannot get enough of this new skin from 7 Deadly Skins, available right now at Fetish Fair Zora is absolutely gorgeous. Available for$ Omega or Lelutka in 5 tones you will not be sorry to grab this skin. Body appliers are sold separately. I paired my face applier with the all new Omega body applier coming to the Skin Fair very soon!

Face: 7 Deadly Skins – Zora Cotton – Fetish Fair

Body: 7 Deadly Skins – Omega Body Applier Cotton – Skin Fair

I wanted a tongue ring so bad when I was a teenager and my mom threatened me with an inch of my life of getting one, so it never happened, but now I can have my tongue ring in SL. Catwa release their all new Bento tongue rings yesterday for all 4 of their Bento mesh heads. With 8 different options for ring placement and not one but two full HUDs of color options this tongue ring is the ultimate piercing accessory.

Tongue Ring: Catwa – Catya Tongue Piercing Medium

To me it wouldn’t be the 90’s without chunky boots. Chunky boots, combat boots, skater shoes were all the norm during the 90’s and as I set about finding the right shoe I remembered I had a pair from Epic. These Stomp Boots are exactly what I imagine girls of the 90’s wearing and I love them.

Shoes: Epic – Bow Stomp Boots Vortex

Not Afraid Anymore

So I have to be perfectly honest, I was in the shower trying to figure out how to write this blog, RL was kinda hell today and on days like today it reminds me why I’m in Second Life. It’s my escape from throwing trucks in -10 degree weather, polished concrete floors and annoying customers that think you should drop everything to make sure their needs are met. Dealing with corporate crap like not replacing 86 burnt out light bulbs to refusing to have a 30 foot pile of snow removed from my parking lot, I wish I was joking. Anywho, days like this remind why I love SL. Being able to hop from spring to summer to fall to winter all in one day and not roast or freeze. The ability to take amazing pictures of stunning items and share them with the world. This is why I love SL.

So Uber opened on January 25 and with it came not one but two amazing items in this blog, the bodysuit from Dead Dollz and these amazing thigh high heels from Phedora. First the bodysuit….

Dead Dollz released this stunning bodysuit in 8 colors with a belt HUD to mix and match your variety. You can grab individual colors for only 250L or the whole fatpack for only 1750L. I chose the black and to pair it with one of the belt HUD colors (there are 12) to create this stunning look.

Outfit: Dead Dollz – Scarlett Bodysuit – Uber

Phedora released these stunning heeled boots for Uber and they come with a 25 color HUD fits for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Venus and Maitreya. You get the entire boot collection for an amazingly low price of only 499L.

Boots: Phedora – Sophia Boots – Uber

Thank God Allyson of Something New loves me and forgives me for waiting until the end of the month to get her poses and props in the spotlight but as soon as I saw this outfit I knew Something New would have just what I needed. Light Me Up is a prop that includes 4 poses and you can pick it up at the main store.

Pose: Something New – Light Me Up

Outfit: check, pose: check, now I just needed a sexy hair to complete my look and Stealthic had just what I was looking for. Previously released for Collabor88 you can grab this hair right now at Hairology along with a brand new Hairology exclusive.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic – Hairology

I also needed a sexy, smoky skin to really make this look pop and 7 Deadly Skins is my go to for amazing skins with Omega appliers. Although this skin was made for an LAQ head it works fantastically on my Catwa Catya head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Candie Pineapple

Mesange always has just what I need for eyes and I just can’t help going back again and again to these eyes. All individual eyes from Mesange come with standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega appliers, beauty packs come with Genesis appliers as well.

Eyes: Mesange – Deep Feeling Eyes 10

 I love ZOZ Nails, so much so I once begged Ember Adored for a chance to blog for them and here I am a regular blogger and I couldn’t be happier. These are an older nail but so amazing I can’t help but share them again.

Nails: ZOZ – Lynn Bold Polish 1

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Sucker for Pain

There is nothing like sitting there minding your own business when suddenly a blogger box drops in your lap, one you were not expecting and makes you scratch your head. Datum accepted me as a blogger for their awesome brand and although I remember applying and hoping for it, I was on my leave when I was accepted and COMPLETELY missed the acceptance coming to me. So although unexpected it was a very nice surprise.

Datum has released this super cute, complete outfit including not one but two dresses, one love, one hate, footless stocking and a choke all for only 99L! You can’t beat this deal. Comes in fit sizes for all mesh bodies as well as standard avatar size. Datum also has several pieces available on the MP right now for only 50L during their Valentine’s sale!

Dress: Datum – Love-Hate Outfit

I do not typically use backdrops, but when I saw these amazing backdrops available in an all new gacha at Bad Unicorn I just knew they were what I needed to make this picture pop. With 1 rare and 6 commons to win you can’t lose, they are well made, the quality is next to none. Full mesh makes them 3D and absolutely amazing, not just a picture on a wall, but a full rezzable scene. For a view of all backdrops available on the gacha hit Bad Unicorn’s Facebook page! Oh and the gacha is only 75L a pull!

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype-Beast Backdrop 07

Although I didn’t do a close up of the shoes in this blog they are outstanding none the less, KC Couture always goes above and beyond when creating their designs. Extensive HUDs, fabulous fit, it’s a complete package.

Shoes: KC Couture – Amy Flats

So outfit sorted, backdrop picked I needed just the right pose and of course Image Essentials had just the thing. The Anarchy pose set comes with 5 poses and mirrors and as always is perfection!

Pose: Image Essentials – Anarchy 4

Pose: Image Essentials – Anarchy 2

So when I saw this hair for the first time I wanted it but I really couldn’t think of where I’d wear it or what I’d do with it, then I got my pack from Datum and I KNEW this was the hair for my complete look. No Match is at Hairology with this one and you do not want to miss out on it!

Hair: No Match – No Fiction Reds – Hairology

This skin was made for the AK head and is an Omega applier, I’m featuring it on my Catwa Catya head of course and it’s stunning. Madelief comes with Omega head appliers, system skins and best part… it’s the January Group Gift so if you’re in the 7 Deadly Skins group you get it absolutely FREE!

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Madelief Sand

Mai Bilavio is at Kustom9 with an amazing eyelashes gacha, one gacha for Omega and one for Fiore. They are stunning and only 60L a pull!

Eyelashes: Mai Bilavio – Eclipse Mink Lashes for Catwa Bento Rare – Kustom9

Mesange always has just the right eyes to complete any look I’m going for and I love these eyes, Madrigal is available at the most current round of Cosmetic Fair that began on January 15. Mesange eyes are all unisex and come with standard, mesh and Omega appliers for individual colors, beauty packs also include Genesis appliers.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal 9 – Cosmetic Fair

Going along with the Hate theme I really wanted something different and so I started digging through my inventory and found this awesome applier from Chemical Princess, I’ve blogged this before but the bruises of the broken nose are perfection. It comes with a standard tattoo in 3 tones as well as Omega appliers in 3 tones.

Face Applier: Chemical Princess – Broken Nose

Last but not least is probably one of my favorite polish sets from ZOZ Nails, I know I have blogged them before but they are so amazing I just keep coming back to them. All ZOZ polishes are available for Maitreya, Slink, Omega and Zoz’s very own mesh nails.

Nails: ZOZ – Rubber & Spike 1

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Upside Down

So I sometimes wonder if I am too wordy in my blog, I don’t know if people actually read it and enjoy it or if they skim over it like Playboy magazine and just look at the pictures. I would really love some feedback, please fill out the short survey at the bottom and tell me what you think.

  First up today we have an all new loft from Venue, this loft is 84 LI with everything included and comes in a handy rez box. It has a TV, yoga mat, a waterfall wall and so much more. It’s great for just hanging out with friends or finding some solitude.

Location: Venue – The Loft Skybox

Chemical Princess is back at Suicide Dollz with this awesome lace mesh dress and bolero style jacket. It comes with a HUD to change the dress to 10 different lace textures and the jacket to 8 different colors. It’s sexy and naughty all at once and your closet won’t be complete without this. It comes in fits for all mesh bodies for the dress as well as standard mesh fit sizes for the jacket.

Dress: Chemical Princess – Milinis Outfit with HUD – Suicide Dollz

eTc Poses is back and in full effect. This pose is so sexy and fun and comes with the chair or use it alone on your own piece of furniture.

Pose: eTc Poses – Laying 7 with Chair

Rug: CIRCA – Va Voom Area Rug Damask Scarlet

7 Deadly Skins makes so many amazing skins in tones that compliment any body. This skin is no exception. Patchouli is made for the LAQ mesh head but I’m wearing it on the Catwa Catya head and it’s still perfection.  It’s available in 5 tones and comes with the Slink, Phatazz and Lola Tango appliers. Other body appliers are sold separately.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Patchouli Taupe

Indulge Temptation is back at Lost and Found with this sexy eye shadow. Soft Touch is 9 different HUD packs loaded with different color options made for Catwa heads.

Eye shadow: Indulge Temptation – Soft Touch 7 – Lost and Found

Eyes: Mesange – London Eyes 7

Hair: Sintiklia – Zoella Reds

Nails: ZOZ – Bold II Soft Polish

Shoes: N-Core – Lust Black

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Bad Things

Ok so The Epiphany finally got it’s hooks out of me, I got a lot of stuff I wanted and a ton of extras. Today, however, I am featuring one amazing collection from our very own Sukishitosuto of Vinyl Apparel. She put together an amazing succubus collection including bony wings and you can go to The Epiphany and play for it right now!

The Inara set from Vinyl Apparel has 22 commons and 10 rares that you can play to win. The set is stunning  with so many options you could wear a different set everyday. The belt and garters ONLY come with the rare dress and come with a color change HUD to mix up your look. The Wings’ harness also has a color change HUD.

Dress: Vinyl – Inara Black Lace Rare with belt and garters – Maitreya – The Epiphany

Boots: Vinyl – Inara Shiny Black Rare – Maitreya – The Epiphany

Wings: Vinyl – Inara Wings Black – Maitreya – The Epiphany

I am, honest to God, a spoiled brat. I show Kay of Image Essentials what I’m blogging and show her the vision of what I see when I look at it and she makes an amazing pose for me. Don’t fret though, this pose will be available at The Fetish Fair coming in February, and you lucky reader get a sneak peek at the yummy pose. This pose is also Bento compatible, which means even if you don’t have a Bento head or hands you still need a Bento viewer to use it. This pose comes with the whip.

Pose: Image Essentials – Succubus 1 – Fetish Fair 2017

This hair though! OMG! Elisa Blue Doe of Blues. Hair has outdone herself with this stunning hair. Available at The Epiphany and there are 8 hair commons, 4 bindi options and 2 rares that include the fat pack HUDs.

Hair: Blues. – 14. Noel Rare – The Epiphany

This skin was available during an event back in October and when I put this outfit together it was the first thing I thought of, the only option really for this look. As of this posting I was unable to locate it in either of the stores locations. When I get the answer of the location I will update this posting.

Skin: Glam Affair – Aurelia The Horror Edition Rare 07 – shown on Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head

I loved these eyes when Jadis Ashland of Mesange originally released them and I was really quite excited to be able to use them again. The stunningly vibrant colors of these ghost eyes will make your look completely unique.

Eyes: Mesange – Shadow Ghost Eyes 14

This gorgeous choker is from !NFINITY and has a soft velvet laced through shining metal rings. It comes in two versions and has a HUD to change the velvet. There are four metal options to choose from on each choker and you can get it right now from the Buy Now on the Marketplace.

Necklace: !NFINITY – Velvet Choker Silver V2 – Buy Now

Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is once again at Mesh Body Addicts from January 10-31 with these amazing jeweled nails. You can get the solid or French version.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Jeweled French Ombre – Mesh Body Addicts – shown on Vista Bento Hands

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