Bourbon Street

It’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans, better known as Carnival in most of the rest of the world, it’s time to throw on your beads and head on down to Bourbon Street, get drunk and rowdy and have a good old time!

I knew what I was going to where, I knew what pose I wanted to show it off but I had no idea where to take my picture. I started by looking up Mardi Gras and that was just a rental sim, not quite what I was looking for. Next I searched for New Orleans and lo and behold there was exactly what I wanted…Bourbon Street!

Location: New Orleans City – Bourbon Street

Baxe released this set of poses for Valentine’s Day and when I needed a sexy pose I sorted through them first. Love is a Dream is a set of runway poses and is a set of 10 poses.

Pose: Baxe – Love is a Dream 3

This outfit, the whole reason behind the inspiration for this blog is from 1313 Mockingbird Lane and is available right now at Lost and Found, you have until March 1 to go grab these and you won’t want to miss out. This is a gacha but there is a pay or play option, you can play to win the pieces you want at 40L a pull or skip that all together and pay 399L for the fatpack. The choice is yours.

Outfit: 1313 Mockingbird Lane – Stella Party Girl – Forehead Beads, Halter, Headdress, Thong – Lost and Found 

The bikini is from La Perla and is a new release at the main store, it’s only 99L. It comes with Belleza, Maitreya and Omega appliers with 10 textures. It’s a steal at that price and will help you get in the mood for those hot summer days (please, please, please Mother Nature let summer be coming).

Bikini: La Perla – Lorena Omega

With this awesome outfit I needed amazing shoes to go with it and Glamistry had just the right pair, the HUD options that come with Glamistry shoes are one of my favorites. The ability to change each piece to suit your needs and save it are just awesome.

Shoes: Glamistry – Trillium Heels

Besom is still doing her emergency sale. Spirit, the adopted cat has some major medical problems and it’s more than Milk Chan and her RL husband can afford, she has created a GoFundMe page and put all of her hair packs on sale for an amazingly low price of only 50L. There are also donation boxes, anything you can do would help immensely to get Spirit back to good health.

Hair: Besom – Weekend Warrior Essentials

There is only a few days left to get the group gifts at 7 Deadly Skins before they are removed and a March’s gift takes it’s place. Meilin for Lelutka is free for group members, you can pick up the Omega version for an extremely reduced price of 150L for group members. It comes with 6 tones with and without lipstick and Omega body appliers, I paired mine with the all new Omega body applier coming to Skin Fair, this new HUD is super easy, loaded with all 4 skin type options including plain, beauty mark, light and heavy freckles. It’s fast loading textures mean no more waiting and it will become available very soon at Skin Fair 2017.

Face Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Meilin Omega Sand – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Sand Omega Body Applier Beauty Mark – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

I wear Mesange eyes a lot, I know that and to be perfectly honest I think I’ve blogged every eye pack she’s ever made, I love them that much. Today I dug through my old inventory to show you a pair that was released last year. Sugar Doll is a set of 15 soft eye colors available individually or as a fatpack. All eyes come with mesh, standard and Omega, fatpacks also include Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Sugar Doll 6

I didn’t feel really Mardi Gras ready until I added this awesome purple eyeshadow from Indulge Temptation. Available right now at Lost and Found in 9 individual color packs with 10 colors per pack are sure to complete any look you want.

Eyeshadow: Indulge Temptation – La Maitresse 2 – Lost and Found 

These awesome Mardi Gras inspired nails from Dark Passions – Koffin Nails work perfectly with the beaded outfit from 1313 Mockingbird Lane, and they should since they were inspired by the outfit. With 9 different polish options for Maitreya, Omega and Slink you can’t go wrong. Available at the main store now!

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Mardi Gras


Get This Party Started

Any good hostess knows that to throw an amazing party you need a pleasant atmosphere, a clean house, plentiful food and of course, cocktails! MadPea’s International Food Fair is just the place to be if you’re looking for the right refreshments for your next big party.

Kaerri has released this fantastic set just for the MadPea’s International Food Fair, this event is very special as some of the proceeds of sales go to Feed a Smiles charity to help impoverished children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. There is so much available from Kaerri at the Food Fair you won’t know what to grab first.

Decor by Kaerri

Paua Tiki Art Blue // Paua Tiki Art Jade // Paua Dining Room Sideboard // Paua Dining Table and Chairs // Paua Rug // Paua Orb Chair // Paua Table // Varigated Taro Planter // Pukeko Planter // Canapes // Tuna and Shrimp Plate // Pavlova // Anzec Cookies // Garden Salad // Crab Plate // Cocktail Tray

Each piece is sold individually and is only at MadPea’s International Food Fair.

This pose from Baxe is currently available only at the Hipster Fair. There are a total of three pose packs to grab while at Hipster Fair, 2 for men and one for women. Each complete set is on sale for 60% off for only 120L or individually for 30L, a 40% discount.

Pose: Baxe – Hipster Female Poses 5b – Hipster Fair

This outfit from *Arcane Spellcaster*Ak Creations comes with shoes, top and skirt with a HUD to change it to three colors. It has fits for Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Belleza as well as standard fitmesh. The shoes are fit for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and a non fitted with resize.

Outfit: *Arcane Spellcaster*Ak Creations – Antonella

Tameless is at Hairology this month with Brielle. Brielle is comes with two fits, regular and large breasts.

Hair: Tameless – Brielle Fades – Hairology

Every time I put this skin on I fall in love all over again. Lumae has exceptional quality and realism to her skins and with all the options that come with it, you are bound to find something that works perfectly for you. This skin was released for Enchantment and is Cinderella inspired, with a soft, sparkling eyeshadow and dreamy complexion.

Skin: Lumae – Ella Tawny Freckled for Catwa and Omega Body – Enchantment

Shake definitely has some unique vision when it comes to eyes and when I saw these I just knew I needed to share them. There are 6 eye colors total with the option to use the Omega applier to mix and match, if you’re a Catwa user there is a button just for you as well.

Eyes: Shake – Spiritual Eyes Blue

Indulge Temptation is also at MadPea’s International Food Fair with this super cute necklace, the cup of coffee dangling over an ice cream cone is sure to melt any woman’s heart, I know it did mine. Four necklaces in total are available with different color options, all including metal change.

Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Yummy Necklace 1 – MadPea’s International Food Fair

I love these nails from ZOZ, with the delicate painted heart across a bold background and they are available right now at Cosmopolitan until February 25. 9 color options per each HUD and ZOZ now includes a Vista Bento applier as well. With this applier you can do the offset nail which you can’t do with the Omega applier.

Nails: ZOZ – Mine in Lust – Cosmopolitan

Moving on Up

So I woke up this morning with the all new February Powder Pack in my inventory and ready to be unpacked, I felt like a kid at Christmas and I still can’t believe I’m blogging for Powder Pack and the amazing designers involved in this project. The HUD system is easy to use and allows you to pick the items you want one by one. With 12 designers from skins to makeup, face tattoos to eyelashes there are so many things in this box! Plus there is a surprise gift included! If you didn’t pre-order this month’s box don’t fret, you can still pick it up at the Powder Pack store or on the Marketplace, the price for previous month’s boxes is 3000L.

First up we have the surprise gift. This studio style apartment is great for taking pictures or if you’re in a prim restrictive area you could even use it as a skybox. It comes furnished but you can unlink it and put in your own. I of course decorated a little bit with some gacha items from SAYO and a rug (Adalynne would be proud). I’m really happy with this little skybox apartment and whenever I need a quick background I will remember to use this.

Skybox: KraftWork + BIGBULLY – Powder Pack  PhotoBox – February Powder Pack Surprise Gift

Decor from SAYO:

Stationed in Soho – Kiev Light – Common

Stationed in Soho – Stockholm Coffee Table – Common

Stationed in Soho – Books – Common

Stationed in Soho – Candles – Common

Stationed in Soho – Art Frames – Common

Stationed in Soho – Who We Are Chalk Art – Common

Rug: Chez Moi – Multicolored Rug Sunshine with texture change option

The outfit is a couple of different pieces. First we have a brand new top from Merlific coming to Hipster Fair, opening today. The Janis T-shirt comes with a texture change HUD with 3 different sayings. The days of the week have a black undershirt and the other two have 7 different undershirt colors to choose from, the back is color change separately. This is exclusive to the Hipster Fair. This shirt comes fit for all 3 Belleza bodies, both Slink bodies, Maitreya, both Tonic bodies, TMP and standard avatars.

Shirt: Merlific – Janis Top – Chose Me Blue – Hipster Fair

The pants are from Vinyl and I just love the bootcut style, the texture change HUD is massive with option to change the metals as well. These jeans are made to fit all 3 Belleza bodies, both Slink bodies and Maitreya.

Jeans: Vinyl – Halsey Bootcut Jeans

Baxe is at Hipster Fair with an all new set of editorial poses for women. 15 poses in all can be yours for only 120L, that’s a 60% discount. Don’t want them all? Pick each pose up for only 30L, 40% discount over normal price.

Pose: Baxe – Hipster Female Pose 10 – Hipster Fair

Now on to the amazing Powder Pack items from February’s box. First up we have Amara Beauty with Kelly. This pack comes with a shape, eyebrow shape one face and one body applier. The body applier includes 12 skin tones for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega. The face applier includes 5 skin tones with 2 brows and a no brows option plus a tintable eyebrow options, 18 lipstick and 9 eyeshadow options (not pictured).

Skin and Shape: Amara Beauty – Kelly Omega Tone 3 and Kelly Shape for Catwa Catya – February Powder Pack

The hairbase is from Just Magnetized and has soft wispy baby hair strands peeking out along your forehead. It comes with a Catwa and Omega applier with 8 hairbase colors that are modifiable.

Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase Special Edition Brown – February Powder Pack

This adorable hair is from Tukinowaguma and is available right now at Hairology. It has the option for all regular color packs with it’s cute little buns and hair that looks to be blowing in the breeze you definitely need to get this one.

Hair: Tukinowaguma – Berg – Hairology

#Adored released the Lovesick Makeup and Tattoo for Powder Pack, you can wear either a fresh or faded tattoo on either side of your face with or without the running mascara.

Makeup: #Adored – Lovesick Makeup and Tattoo Fade Left – February Powder Pack

These eyes are the contribution of DeeTaleZ and are part of a pack that also includes eyelashes and eye liners (not pictured).

Eyes: DeeTaleZ – Beautiful Eyes Green – February Powder Pack

okkbye is back with an all new set of eyelashes. The BabyDoll lashes are made for Catwa heads and with this pack from okkbye you also get a birthmarks applier and a Dalmatian beauty mark applier (not pictured). There are two different lash appliers built into the HUD.

Eyelashes: okkbye – BabyDoll Lashes – February Powder Pack

The beautiful lipstick is from Pink Fuel and comes with so many options. 24 different shades of lipstick are included in the HUD. With Pink Fuel’s pack you also get a Catwa Bento applier, Catwa Applier and a running mascara applier (not pictured).

Lips: Pink Fuel – Juicy Drop Medium Cherry – February Powder Pack

These nails from ZOZ are at Cosmopolitan Sale Room this month and have two different options to get, Mine in Love is a soft palette of colors with a tiny heart painted in the middle, Mine in Lust are bold and lush colors with the same heart.

Nails: ZOZ – Mine in Love – Cosmopolitan

Slipper Originals is at Hipster Fair with these all new sandals, adorned with tiny metal charms lining the front and heel of the sandal. They are only available right now at the Hipster Fair so don’t miss out!

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Prairie Sandals – Hipster Fair

I’m No Angel

I’ve already written and posted one blog today, but I seem to finally be kicking this flu in the ass and I feel really good, so I better make the best of it!

I’m just wrapping up my last blog and not one but two awesome new things from Merlific plop down in my lap and I couldn’t wait to put my own twist to them. I’m just saying these are pretty freaking awesome.

So first up we have this backdrop from Rama, when I first saw them being advertised on Facebook I knew I was going to have to get my hands on them. The #Selfie Gacha at Gacha Garden has 9 commons and one rare that you can get. Angel Inside U is just one of the commons and so much fun!

Backdrop: Rama  – #Selfie Gacha – Angel Inside U –  Gacha Garden

Izara Zuta of 7 Deadly Skins has been hard at work improving her already amazing skins. The all new appliers are fast and easy to use and include 4 different types of skins per hud, plain, beauty marks, light freckles and heavy freckles. These new appliers will be available at the upcoming Skin Fair in March! Click here for a view of the Photoshopped skin.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Sand Omega Skin Applier Plain – Skin Fair (LM coming soon)

This sexy lingerie set is from La Perla and comes with a Maitreya, Belleza and Omega applier HUD. There are 10 colors to choose from and they are absolutely stunning.

Lingerie: La Perla – Mihrela Ensemble – Black

Baxe is at The Darkness starting February 5 at 1 PM SLT with an all new set of poses. Gothic Angel 3 comes with 12 poses and are fantastic for your fantasy photography. I chose this pose because it gave me a fantastic angle for a close up photo.

Pose: Baxe – Gothic Angel 7 – The Darkness (LM coming soon)

Candela Kira of Runaway Designs has come out with this soft, layered hair for We <3 RP and it’s so beautiful I bought the Essentials pack so I could have so many options for colors. She is also now including Omega hair bases so perfection!

Hair: Runaway – Chloe Hair Essentials Pack – We <3 RP

I love these eyes and even though they’ve been out for a while I use them every chance I get because they are just so much fun. The pure colors make for a creepy, cool look.

Eyes: Mesange – Shadow Ghost Eyes 8

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Zora Sand Omega Applier – Fetish Fair

Now to the whole reason I put this look and blog together. Not one but two amazing new piercings from Merlific. The first one is Bloody Valentine Stretch Cheek Piercings available at Bodyfy on February 8, there will also be a bloody, carved heart tattoo available during this event. The second item is Heart Chest Piercing coming to Suicide Dollz on February 5. You do not want to miss out on either of these amazing piercings. They both come with a color change HUD and in my opinion are freaking adorable.

Face Piercing: Merlific – Bloody Valentine Stretch – Bodyfy (LM coming soon)

Chest: Merlific – Heart Chest Piercing – Suicide Dollz (LM coming soon)

Last but not least is the newest release from ZOZ Nails coming to The Chapter 4 today! There are two versions of these nails, tipped and untipped and they come with 9 colors in each pack. As always they are available for Maitreya, Omega, Slink and ZOZ mesh nails. I chose the Omega applier to use on my Vista Bento Mesh hands

Nails: ZOZ – The Heart Tips – The Chapter 4

You’re so Vain

I am a very good daughter, one who puts off writing her blog so that she can help her mum interview potential PA’s. Just remember that momma. I love blogging and having taken on the position of blogger manager and temporary PA for Image Essentials has become a priority, but I love blogging, I love styling and bringing to my readers fabulous designs and items for them to get their hands on.

So today’s pictures are a little different than normal, but I really wanted to focus on this gown. Tiffany Designs has released Anary, a lovely maroon and gold gown with a very tiny bodice and stunning mermaid style skirt. The dress also comes with the headpiece, necklace and earrings.

Dress: Tiffany Designs – Anary Gown

When it came to choosing a pose it was important to me that it one, showed off the gown in it’s best light and two, that I could get a great shot of my face and nails. Baxe had just the right pose. Gothic is 15 pose set that can be purchased as a fat pack or individually.

Pose: Baxe – Gothic 10

Normally I would wait until the close up to discuss the hair I chose, but this is a much better view of this hair and is a combination of two hairs really. The hairbase is from EMO-tions and actually went very well with this stunning bun hair from enVOGUE. Two hairs you ask, why? Well it’s simply because as of right now EnVogue does not have, nor provide hairbases for Omega heads and I wear Catwa Catya. enVOGUE does have hairbases for classic avatars and TMP head however. EMO-tions Omega hairbases are included with purchase in many of their new mesh hair packs.

Hairbase: EMO-tions – Omega Applier Golden Blonde

Hair: enVOGUE – Charlotte Dark Blondes

This absolutely stunning skin is just one of the tones that you get from the January group gift at 7 Deadly Skins. Madelief includes the Omega body applier, AK mesh head applier that is Omega compatible and quite frankly looks AH-mazing on my Catwa Catya Bento Mesh head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Madelief Pineapple – January 2017 Group Gift

So an amazing dress deserves amazing makeup right? Indulge Temptation is at Lost and Found this month with astonishing eyeshadows. The Soft Touch eyeshadows come in 9 individual HUDs each including 10 stunning shades. You’ll want to grab them all. They are for Catwa only.

Eyeshadow: Indulge Temptation – Soft Touch 3 – Lost and Found

I’ve become almost completely devoted to Mesange eyes and not just because she was kind enough to take on a no name blogger who loved her eyes so much she begged to blog them all the time after an event. Mesange takes great care to make her eyes realistic and vibrant and I can’t get enough.

Eyes: Mesange – Cranford Eyes 9

Once upon a time I was a photographer who thought it was a good idea to credit the amazing designers that I took photos of, ZOZ Nails was one of those creations and as my blog progressed I got the nerve up to ask the blog manager, Ember Adored, for a chance to blog for ZOZ as an official blogger. She let me and I’ve never been happier. I love everything about ZOZ from the stunning, rich colors to the massive HUDs with 9 colors. The availability of Slink, Omega, Maitreya and ZOZ’s own mesh nails appliers is also fabulous.

Nails: ZOZ –  Royal Beauty Polish 2 shown on Vista Bento Hands

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I Hope You Dance

So today was an epically bad day in RL, it started off ok other than not feeling well. I got some pictures done which I was very pleased with and headed out the door to work. As I’m working I just start feeling more and more crappy. Within an hour I’m nauseous, shaking and sweating. This is when I decided to contact my assistant manager to cover for me for the day. 9 and a half hours later I still haven’t had the courtesy of any type of response. I’m a little fed up.

So I’m finally home and instead of going to bed and dying like I really wanted to, I’m sitting here writing my blog trying to calm down and relax. Sorry for the mini rant but RL is a REAL pain in the ass sometimes.

La Perla has released a brand new body suit and it’s perfection. Sheer lace material outlines a fun v-patterned front in a variety of colors and all for the astoundingly low price of only 99L in store and on the Marketplace.

Bodysuit: La Perla – Talita Bodysuit Red

Vinyl Apparel is once again at the newest round of Mesh Body Addicts with this super cute athletic skirt, it comes in 16 individual colors with a strings color change HUD to make it 5 different colors or pick it up as a fat pack and get it all, you definitely want to!

Skirt: Vinyl – Daria Athletic Skirt – MBA Bi-Monthly Event

Soy. is at Collabor88 this month with The Studio. IT comes as once piece including a dance studio, ballet barre, ceiling light, door plate (with texture change) and front door. You can also rez out only the pieces you want.

Location: Soy. – The Studio – Collabor88

This pose from Baxe is an older one and come individually or as a fat pack of 13 poses. Hip Hop is a fun set of poses that can be used over and over again.

Pose: Baxe – Female Hip Hop 5

Runaway Hair is once again at Hairology with this super cute, long hair with soft waves falling around your face. It comes in the standard color HUDs as well as a fatpack. Go and grab yours now!

Hair: Runaway – Tyr Hair – Hairology

Mesange has an amazing set of eyes available at Lost and Found this round, Melancholy comes in 15 individual eyes for standard, mesh and Omega appliers, or a beauty pack that also includes eyes for Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Melancholy – Lost and Found

This choker from !nfinity was, unfortunately, on sale Saturday, January 21 only but due to being so ill I didn’t get the blog written in time, but you can still grab it for full price at the main store! It comes in black, brown or silver with a color change HUD for the chains and heart.

Necklace: !nifinty – Heart Locket Choker Silver

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is at the newest round of Oh My Gacha! with this stunning nail pack. Royal Floral Silver is one of the common packs that you can win by playing the gacha at OMG! Showing on Vista Bento Mesh Hands. New update available inworld.

Polish: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Royal Floral Silver 1 – OMG!

This stunning skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. Cinnamon is a new skin at the mainstore that was released in December 2016 and it’s smooth and sexy. IT’s available in 5 skin tones with Omega head and body appliers.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Cinnamon Sand Omega Skin applier shown on Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head

Merlific has totally killed it with these super cute, tiptoe, dipped shoes. With a HUD to change it to 12 different colors, 10 bows, 3 metals and two sole colors. You can grab your set only at Suicide Dollz right now!

Shoes: Merlific – Emma Shoes with Color Change HUD – Suicide Dollz

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So I am finally getting around to blogging this amazing dress from ChicModa and it’s super special because even if it’s not true I like to think it’s named after me *laughs*

This gorgeous, silky dress with it’s lace trimming at the thighs is made for Maitreya Lara only and comes with a color HUD including 12 colors for only 1299L or individually for 189L. Trust me the fat pack is the way to go, you’ll never run out of options with this dress.

Dress: ~ChicModa~ – Danni Gray

This pose is all new from Baxe and is available at the all new round of Designer Showcase. There are three sets available for 150L a pack or 40L per pose.

Pose: Baxe – Miss USA A4 – Designer Showcase

Location: Le Sixieme Sens

Stealthic is back at Hairology on January 10 with this super cute, summery, over the shoulder braid. It includes 4 hair sizes as well as breast support.

Hair: Stealthic – Summer Haze Reds – Hairology

7 Deadly s{K}ins is killing it with her amazing skins, this one is no different. This month’s group gift is Madelief and comes with 7 Omega face applier as well as Slink hand and feet appliers, Tango boob appliers, Omega body appliers and two shapes as well as 7 classic skins for those of you who still prefer the classic look to the mesh look.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Madelief Sand shown on Catwa Catya Bento Head, Vista Bento Hands and Maitreya Lara mesh body

Dimples: Izzie’s – Dimples for Catwa

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore Mesange eyes, after years of wearing the same brand I discovered Mesange through and event and I begged her to let me be an official blogger for her, she never disappoints. Her eyes are stunning, sparkling and so realistic with color options that go on and on.

Eyes: Mesange – Cranford Eyes page 3 eye 3 iris M – StormWood Hills

This stunning jewelry set from Indulge Temptations comes with a necklace, earrings and two rings, one for each hand. The color change HUD allows for coloring the metals and two different color change options for the stones to make it match just about anything you would want to wear.

Jewelry: IT! – Easy Peasy Set with color change HUD

The beautiful nail polish is from ZOZ Nails and the shine and colors are flawless. This is an older polish but I just love ZOZ so much I use her polishes quite a bit.

Polish: ZOZ – Royal Beauty Polish 8

I have to admit to falling in love with these heeled sandals the moment I put them on, Slipper Originals is at The Chapter 4 this month in the Under 100L room and you do not want to miss out on these shoes. They are so sexy and fun, they come in 6 colors and you’ll want to collect them all. A metal change HUD is included in each pair.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Eliza Sandals Black shown on Maitreya Lara – The Chapter 4

It’s the End of the World

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a blog, between The Walking Dead and then my webpage being down I took a very long break. Now I have to see if I even remember how to write a blog post.


This super cute outfit is available from Pulse for the Sad November event going on right now until until November 19 so you have a few more days to get in and grab this dress and short set. The dress is available in 7 individual colors and comes with an optional scarf (not shown) the short

Outfit: Pulse – Gloomy Dress Purple with Gloomy Laced Shorts – Sad November

Baxe came out with a set of poses for Designer Circle, each pose is 40L or you can grab the fat pack for only 200L which is all 12 poses.

Pose: Baxe – Hippie Female 4 – Designer Circle

Once again I decided to visit my favorite sim for taking pictures, Eclectica for this photo shoot.

Location: Eclectica


This absolutely gorgeous hair is available from Stealthic for Collabor88, it’s available in a large or small size and all colors.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic Reds – Collabor88

This gorgeous skin from 7 Deadly Skins was available at Haus of Swag until November 4th and if it’s not already should be available in the main store soon.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Vision Caramel shown on Catwa Alice head, Maitreya Mesh Body and Vista Bento Hands.

Mesange has created another mini pack of their amazing eyes for Designer Circle, Mineko is a sparkling eyes in 5 tones.

Eyes: Mesange – Mineko 5 – Designer Circle

My second item from Sad November is from a brand new designer that decided to give me a chance just before my website went down and I feel horribly that I am only now getting to this gorgeous necklace. The set comes with necklace and earrings (not pictured due to hair) and a HUD to control each piece to customize it to your look.

Necklace: !NFINITY – Cloudy Day Necklace and Earring – Sad November

This gorgeous polish was formerly available at Cosmopolitan but since my blog was down I missed that round, but I didn’t want you to miss out on this polish, you can still grab it at the main store.

Polish: Zoz – Sweet Flower Polish Omega applier shown on Vista Bento Hands


These shoes with stockings are from Merlific and are available at Suicide Dollz for the most current round. They come with a HUD to change the shoes and stocking individually and are super cute.

Shoes: Merlific – Astrid Heels – Suicide Dollz

 <iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

No Angel

As Halloween fast approaches so many designers are coming up with amazing, unique costume ideas and Tiffany Designs is no exception. For 24 hours this amazing dress is on sale for only 99L. The dress comes with appliers for TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, SLink and Omega. The outfit comes with the wings and mask. The complete look is amazing with the ink black background and stunning blue embroidery.


Dress: Tiffany Designs – Fallen Angel

This fantastic pose from Baxe is available at The Freakshow Event for a promotional price of only 100L for 10 poses.

Pose: Baxe – Pasarela Pinup 6 – The Freakshow Event

The fantastic tattoo is from TattooMania and is available at Haus of Swag.

Tattoo: Tattoo-Mania – T-01 – Haus of Swag

I love this location for my darker images, Ironwood Hills has so many amazing spots to do your gothic pictures, from the circus to zombies, a mental asylum and church. You will always find something to make your pictures perfect.

Location: Ironwood Hills


Mesange has done it again with these amazing eyes, the cloudy iris on a pure white sclera is eerily perfect.

Eyes: Mesange – This World Eyes 3 – Lost & Found

This fabulous hair is from Exxess and the soft, long layers are perfection and the colors are pure.

Hair: Exxess – Marmelada – HUD A

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Vianne Taupe – Lost & Found

The amazing nails from ZOZ are available at Haus of Swag, it comes with the typical 9 color HUD available tipped and non-tipped.

Nails: ZOZ – Crowned Tip Polish – Haus of Swag


These fantastic booties are from Venus Shoes available at Shiny Shabby. They come with the standard color HUD that Venus Shoes is famous for.

Shoes: Venus Shoes – Alicia – Shiny Shabby

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That’s My Girl

Trick or Treat Lane brought to you by Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is open now and there are so many amazing designers offering products and gifts during this fantastic event. Plus a brand new dress from Snowpaws and a fabulous wedding venue from Venue.


This fabulous gown is available right now at the main store in 5 beautiful colors and is fit for Maitreya, both Slink mesh bodies, TMP and Belleza as well as standard sizes. Each gown is only 270L and would compliment any ladies formal closet.

Gown: Snowpaws – Nevaeh Red Maitreya Fit

This amazing venue is from none other than Venue, it’s the perfect ready to rez wedding venue and comes with benches, an archway, flowers, a receiving area, pulpit and so much more. I retextured the floor which is set with the Venue logo but the rez platform is mod so you can match it to your style.

Venue: Venue – The Roselle

This awesome pose is from Baxe and is a 10 pose set and perfect for showing off your amazing nails and jewelry.

Pose: Baxe – Jewelry Female 5


This fabulous braided hair is available from Wasabi Pills only at FaMESHed right now. It comes in all the standard HUD colors and is sexy and fun.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Aurora Mesh Hair – Solar Ombres – FaMESHed

These stunning eyes are from Mesange and are available at Evil Bunny’s all new monthly event TWE12VE. Opening at noon on the 12th of each month the designers bring you their very best all in one location.

Eyes: Mesange – Ignis Eyes 3 – TWE12VE

This gorgeous skin, shown on my Catwa Alice head is soft and creamy with tiny beauty marks at the eye, lip and chin. The tone is fantastic and you won’t want to miss out on this while it’s available at Out The Box.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Vianne Taupe – Out The Box

Indulge Temptation is taking part in the Trick or Treat Lane at Dark Passions – Koffin Nails and she has this amazing necklace, earring and ring set as well as matching wings (not pictured) available during this event. They are sold separately and are exclusively available at Trick or Treat Lane.

Jewelry: Indulge Temptation – Uriel Necklace, Earring and Ring with Adornments – Trick or Treat Lane

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails has released this awesome Sugar Skull polish as a non exclusive for Trick or Treat Lane. The HUD comes with a 9 color polish assortment and is available for Maitreya, Slink and Omega nails. The fat pack is 275 or individually for 100L each.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Sugar Skull 3 – Trick or Treat Lane

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