Before He Cheats

When I started taking photos for this blog, I honestly didn’t know which direction it was going to go in. I got the pictures and showed a friend and she had the same reaction I did and the name was decided. I have been cheated on, lied to and left broken, thinking it was me but each time something like this has happened it has only made me stronger. I know who I am and never again will someone use me in any way.

It sure is a nice car, isn’t it? Too bad it’s about to meet the business end of my bat. I haven’t been able to find this car available for sale so at this point, I am not going to credit it but the pose, on the other hand, was created by none other than Image Essentials and is available at Designer Showcase. This bento pose is made for men and women and comes with a wearable mesh bat. In order to use bento poses you MUST have a bento enabled viewer, for more realism bento hands are recommended.

Pose: Image Essentials – Batter Up V1-3F – Designer Showcase


Next up is this amazing dress and shoes from Wicca’s Wardrobe, both available at Mesh Body Addicts this month. One dress, one HUD and 6 color options for both the dress and the belt decor you can mix and match to your heart’s content. The shoes also have the same 6 color options, as well as both, have metal change options.

Dress: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Rania Dress – Mesh Body Addicts

Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Mydia Shoes – Mesh Body Addicts


I’ve used this backdrop before but I really love it. Bad Unicorn released this a few months ago in a set of urban style backdrops and they are just perfect for so many things.

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – The Docks Backdrop


There are only a few more days to get to this year’s Hair Fair and trust me you DO NOT want to miss out on the amazing hair that the creators have put out. Tableau Vivant released this stunning hair along with several others, including a male hair that my boyfriend couldn’t wait to grab since it’s just like his hair in RL. It’s uncanny really. This hair is so much fun and is available in all the standard colors.

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Duona Blonds – Hair Fair 2017


This skin is from June’s Catwa Powder Pack but with the release of the July Powder Pack imminent I wanted to remind everyone of the quality and stunning products that come with each Powder Pack release. Amara Beauty released Livia in all 12 available skin tones with a body HUD for the June Catwa Powder Pack, it has 3 eyebrow options as well as makeups built in as well. This is the kind of amazing products you can expect in every Powder Pack. You have until 11:59 pm on July 16 to pre-order this month’s Powder Pack, don’t forget!

Skin: Amara Beauty – Livia 03 – June Catwa Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

Banana Banshee is back with an all-new set of gorgeous eyes, Dreams is a set of 6 eye colors sold individually or as a fatpack with light and dark sclera options. They are at TWE12VE until July 31. Each color is 79L or 259L for the fatpack.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Dream Sanjati – TWE12VE


West End released this Daenerys-inspired shape last month and I like it so much I decided to show it off again. Made exclusively for Catwa Catya bento mesh head it is so pretty. My version is not modifiable but the one you purchase you will have the ability to change it up some if you so choose. The shape out of the box is perfection though, even if I do like a little more curve.

Shape: West End – Dae Shape


Blushes Boutique has an amazing set of eyelashes for sale at the main store and MP location, Flirt is a set of 5 eyelashes for Catwa mesh head.

Eyelashes: Blushes Boutique – Flirt


Last but not least is this stunning necklace from Indulge Temptation. Available at Designer Circle in 6 different HUD options with metal, bead, and leather cord colors available. You can mix and match to suit your style completely.

Necklace: Indulge Temptation – Infinity Necklace – Designer Circle



I’ve actually been waiting for the right moment to use this song and the two new releases from ChicModa finally gave me my opening. I have been seriously slacking on my blog lately. I don’t know if I’m hitting another slump and maybe will end up taking a break or if I just have so much going on with other things. My niece got married on this past Saturday, I’ve taken on a position as a hostess at Frank’s Place Jazz Club which I am so excited about. I’ve spent the past year on my blogging platform, cut off from the rest of Second Life, focusing on building my blog and making it better and better. Since I began dating Maxe I’ve decided I’d like to get back into the real world a bit, I still love blogging and I will continue to do it but I might not be as active as I have in the past.

I am so excited to show you the two items from ChicModa that were just released. First up we have an all new top. Available at Cosmopolitan from May 21 to June 3. This top comes in 10 individual colors for 189L or a fatpack of colors for 1099L.
The skirt is the BishBox release and will not be available anywhere but the BishBox. If you missed the pre-order you can still pick it up for the full price of 3000L and then remember to pre-order June’s box for only 1500L.

Top: ChicModa – Carol Top – Cosmopolitan Event

Skirt: ChicModa  – Aly Skirt – BishBox


Stealthic released this hair for the anniversary round of FaMESHed. I love Stealthic because they include a style HUD with the hairs they create. It’s like getting 4 hairs for one price.

Hair: Stealthic – Sirens – FaMESHed


Glamistry has some of the most amazing shoes and Angelica is no exception. The HUD with this shoe includes two exclusive colors as well as the normal, immense colors that are included with almost every other shoe that Glamistry creates.

Shoes: Glamistry – Angelica


I needed the perfect pose and Reve Obscura gave me just what I wanted. This bento pose does require bento hands and bento enabled viewer for the best results.

Pose: Reve Obscura – Duces


I actually created this scene for another photoshoot I plan on doing with one handsome guy later on, but when I put this outfit together I realized it was perfect for the theme I was going with now.

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – The Docks


Car: Alibi – Liberty Walk 458 Ferrari

The May Catwa Powder Pack released a few days ago and the creators of the items in this pack pulled no stops. Amara Beauty has included a new skin. Katie comes with both a Catwa face HUD and an Omega body HUD with all available skin tones. Although pre-orders are done you can still pick up the Powder Pack at full price of 3000L.

Skin: Amara Beauty – Katie 03 – May Catwa Powder Pack


Zibska has included a full makeup palette with eyeshadow, lipstick, and blushes for this month’s Powder Pack. The tones are so much fun.

Eyeshadow: Zibska – Hasina – May Catwa Powder Pack

Lipstick: Zibska – Vette – May Catwa Powder Pack

Blush: Zibska – Sarika – May Catwa Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

Banana Banshee is back at Lost and Found with Neko, these bright sparkling eyes come in 6 colors.

Eyes: Banana Banshee – Neko Indigo – Lost and Found


I love West End shapes and include one in almost every post. This is my normal shape, unedited and right out of the box I fell in love. The one I wear for everyday is slightly modified but this is out of the box and gorgeous.

Shape: West End – Chloe for Catwa Catya


!NFINITY is at Whimsical with this beautiful Cinderella-inspired carriage necklace. This necklace is available in 4 metal tones and comes with a HUD to change the jewel and turn glow on and off.

Necklace: !NFINITY – Enchanted Pumpkin – Whimsical

ZOZ is back at Cosmopolitan with two new sets of polish. Astra comes in two individual color HUDs, light and dark and is just gorgeous. Available for Maitreya, Omega, Slink, Vista and ZOZ mesh nails.

Nails: ZOZ – Astra 2 – Cosmopolitan Event


I am loving all the bento rings coming out and Codex is no exception. This new set of rings is available at Shiny Shabby and fit for Maitreya, it comes with a HUD that enables you to show and hide each ring individually as well as a metals option and jewel option.

Rings: Codex – Flora Maitreya Bento Rings – Shiny Shabby


Red Light Special

See that guy sitting in the back, beer in hand? The woman next to him? He may not look like much but he’s some big deal and she’s his wife or lawyer or something, I only catch so much in passing conversation, you might call it eavesdropping, but I need to know how to make sure customers are happy, it means bigger tips. He’s a good tipper, even if he is a tad bit grumpy, I’ll just keep the beers coming and maybe he’ll lighten up.

I had the outfit picked out and kinda had an idea of what I wanted to do but wasn’t sure where to do it. I suddenly remembered that Bad Unicorn had released an amazing after party skybox for TMD last month so I went to find it, when I realized it was currently out of my budget I almost cried. Instead of coming up with a new idea I sent a plea to my friend Brennan, of the blog “These Conversations Kill“. He writes a pretty amazing blog and when I asked if he had this set he let me borrow it!

SkyboxBad Unicorn – After Party Skybox and furniture set

I can’t very well have an after party with no people, so I dragged my mesh people from House of Wax out to fill in my scene.

People: House of Wax – Sitting Man, Business Woman, Thug, and Police Man

Once I’d decided on my scene it was easy to pick a pose. I searched the Marketplace until I found this pose set from Black Tulip. The 5 pose set with mirrors comes with a server’s tray to complete your pose.

Pose: Black Tulip – The Waitress #2

Lootbox is a pretty cool new gacha event. What makes it unique is that instead of one rare item to win, you get a lootbox. This includes a rare item and two other items whether they are rare or commons is up to the designer. Breathe is there with Sakura heels and I won the lootbox, which included the rare black, rose pink, and white heels. Each color comes with a color change HUD to change the ankle ribbon and metals.

Shoes: Breathe – Sakura Black Rare – Lootbox

Rezology has been working long and hard to decrease the complexity of their hair and this is just one of the many to be re-released with lower complexity. As with all Rezology hair, you get a color change HUD with 5 standard colors and an infinity HUD to change it to whichever color you’d like.

Hair: Rezology – Sky 201 lower complexity

Although Rezology hairs are made to work without a hairbase I chose to use one this time, from February’s Powder Pack by Just Magnetized this hairbase matched perfectly with no modification of the color on either the hair or the hairbase. The February Powder Pack can still be purchased at full price from the Marketplace or inworld location.

Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase Special Edition 02 – February Powder Pack

7 Deadly Skins released a total of 3 exclusives for Skin Fair 2017, one face applier for Lelutka, one for Catwa and a whole new line of Omega body appliers, they are amazing and so fast in their application.

Face Applier7 Deadly Skins – Wednesday Snow Catwa – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Skin Applier7 Deadly Skins – Snow Omega Body Applier – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

This outfit includes the dress and a harness (not pictured), I chose instead to go with a gorgeous new tattoo from White Widow. The dress comes with sizes for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and TMP. There is a color change HUD with 2 stripes options, 6 non-transparent and 6 transparent dress options. You can also change the ripped part of the dress individually from the dress and have two tones. This dress is available at the most current round of Suicide Dollz. The tattoo is available in 3 colors and is only at The Liaison Collaborative.

DressChemical Princess – Adri Set – Suicide Dollz

Tattoo: White Widow – Wonder Red – The Liaison Collaborative

There is still a little bit of time to get to We <3 Roleplay and grab the 3 new stunning packs of eyes from Mesange. The colors are amazing and all pack, individual or beauty, come with standard and mesh eyes and an Omega applier.

EyesMesange – Bering 14 – We <3 RP

Yesterday, I featured the brand new stiletto Vista nails from Astralia, today I’d like to show you the other version that comes in the pack, Almond shaped. Both nails come with a color HUD and you can actually purchase some polishes from other creators just for these amazing nails.

Nails: Astralia – Compatible Nails System Vista Almond

It Ain’t Me

I love being a blogger for things like Powder Pack, not because I get amazing things for free, it’s really not I promise. No, I love blogging things like Powder Pack because it challenges me, makes me think outside my normal comfort zone.

DeeTaleZ is in this month’s Powder Pack with a character skin. The pack includes a face applier, eye makeup, lipsticks, eyes, eyelashes, and a tattoo. The body applier is not included but you can go grab the Omega applier from the store for only 365L. The shape is also included in this pack and is made for Catwa. Pre-orders for the Powder Pack have ended but you can still grab it at the inworld location or the Marketplace.

Skin: DeeTaleZ – Catwa Heads Juanita Maria Eastern – March Powder Pack

I love what Bad Unicorn is doing with his awesome 3D mesh backdrops. This is one of the four available at this month’s round of The Mens Department. These urban work inspired areas are fabulous and if you grab the fatpack you get a bonus backdrop.

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – The Docks – The Mens Department

Fifty Linden Fridays is over in just a few hours, but before it ends you should head on over to Dead Dollz to grab this amazing lingerie set. As the event name states, it’s only 50L and only for one day so you do not want to miss out on this.

Lingerie: Dead Dollz – Dita Olive – Fifty Linden Friday

Apple May Designs released these amazing new shoes and for just a few more, short hours you can grab them for 50% off. Available in 14 colors with an optional fatpack HUD available for purchase you definitely need these in your life.

Heels: Apple May Designs – Ballerina Heels with optional fatpack

The car is by my friend Jessi and as of right now I don’t know that it’s available anywhere, if that changes I will update this blog.
I love this set of poses from Foxcity, a set of 6 poses with mirrors and a bonus 7th pose with the purchase of the fatpack. They are amazing and I love using these poses.

Pose: Foxcity – Surface 2 – On9

Another amazing items available for Fifty Linden Fridays is this hair from Wasabi Pills. It comes with a special HUD just for FLF and an accessory HUD for the hairbands.

Hair: Wasabi Pills – Viola FLF Exclusive Pack

Modish has released this amazing eyeshadow for the March Powder Pack, the pack itself comes with 8 eye colors and 15 lip colors, although I chose another designer for my lips this time.

Eyeshadow: Modish – Linda Cosmetics – March Powder Pack

SlackGirl released this awesome lipstick for Powder Pack and it comes with 16 colors, the lush lip is perfect. Also included from SlackGirl is a tattoo, eyeshadows, and eyeliner (not pictured) the eye tattoo and eyes are the one from DeeTaleZ.

Lipstick: SlackGirl – Latina Lips for Catwa – March Powder Pack

Shape of You

Sometimes you get things to blog that you’re not a 100% sure what to do with them, so you tuck them away and wait for inspiration to strike. I heard “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran and inspiration struck, although in the video they are boxing it made me think of dancing in a club or even a studio, watching a girl as her body moved with the beat.

I love Argrace’s photographic hairs, they make for such realism to your portraits, having decided on everything else easily I needed a hair that would suit the mood. Tokiwa, a new release, popped up on my screen as I was searching Marketplace and so I grabbed a demo and went to test it out with the poses I KNEW I wanted before I’d even begun. This hair comes with two versions and a color HUD as well as Catwa hairbase appliers and system tattoo hairbases.

Hair: Argrace – Tokiwa Fatpack Blondes

Foxcity released this pose at On9, it’s is packed full of dance moves, a total of 5 plus mirrors and if you purchase the fatpack you get a 6th pose and mirror for free. Plus, right now at On9, join the VIP group and get a free set of Bento face poses from Foxcity.

Pose: Foxcity – Dance 2 – On9

This outfit and tattoo are part of the whole reason for this post. The lingerie set was perfect for a dance workout outfit and I needed something that showed the tattoo off, paired with the hair and location, voila, we have a perfect set up.
L’Elite opened on March 12 and with it came this bra and panty set from WinTeRwooD. With individual texture change HUDs for the top and bottom you can customize your look.
Kitty Corner created this tattoo for the mid torso and it’s sexy and elegant at the same time. With appliers for Maitreya and Omega in dark, half faded or full faded options.

Lingerie: WinTeRwooD – Love Sporty Lingerie – L’Elite

Tattoo: Kitty Corner – Shell Jewel Tattoo Half Faded – L’Elite

As with everything else, I knew exactly what setting I wanted to use, there was no question. Bad Unicorn released these amazing urban style backdrops for The Mens Department. There are four different backgrounds to grab at 250L a piece or pick up the fatpack with an exclusive 5th backdrop for 999 L.

LocationBad Unicorn – The Warehouse Backdrop – The Mens Department

I am so in love with Lumae skins, and no not just because I’m an official blogger for her, but because her dedication to creating stunning skins, the work and time she puts into perfecting them show in each and every skin. The applier options included with the skins are out of this world, face appliers include 4 brow colors and a no brow options to wear your own brows, and you can choose freckled or plain in almost every skin type. This skin is exclusive to Skin Fair 2017 and comes in all 10 skin tones.

Skin: Lumae – Catwa Ella Plain T7 Nutmeg – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Mesange created a stunning pack of eyes for We <3 RP, Bering is a 15 tone eye pack available individually or as a fatpack. Each color comes with an Omega applier, mesh eyes and standard eyes.

Eyes: Mesange – Bering 5 – We <3 RP

ZOZ is at Mesh Body Addicts this month with two new polish sets, this set is 9 colors built into one HUD, available in Maitreya, Omega, ZOZ mesh nails, Slink and now Vista Bento appliers.

NailsZOZ – Vicki Vista Bento – Mesh Body Addicts

Pose: Foxcity – Dance 1 (Fatpack Exclusive) – On9

Freeze You Out

So I did a thing, certain people give me a hard time because my dedication and love of blogging make me look at and try out new things (all in good fun of course, not in a bad way). Skin Fair 2017 opened today and they had an item just like that, that I definitely needed to check out and in the end caused a purchase I hadn’t planned on.

Before we get to the unexpected Skin Fair purchase I want to tell you about this amazing dress. The Crossroads event opened March 3 and goes through March 28 so you still have time to go and grab this sexy little number for yourself. Dead Dollz released this fantastic dress and it’s available in 5 colors or a fatpack. Each color comes with a matching lace overlay and a color change HUD for the belt. Each color is 250L or 1000L for the entire collection. Dead Dollz is Maitreya fit only.

Dress: Dead Dollz – The Maiden Dress – Eggshell – The Crossroad

An amazing dress deserves a killer pair of shoes and Glamistry had the perfect heel. Cynara comes with a full-color HUD and the ability to change each portion to the color you choose. The one thing I really love about Glamistry is the ability to save your favorite combination and use it again later. They are fit for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza.

Shoes: Glamistry – Cynara Heels

Bad Unicorn is back with some more amazing, 3D mesh backdrops. Available right now at The Mens Department there are four different designs at 250L each or in a fatpack that includes an exclusive backdrop for 999L. I’ve fallen in love with the backdrops from Bad Unicorn, the scenes he creates are amazing.

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – South Bank Backdrop – The Mens Department

The first exclusive from the Skin Fair that I’m sharing with you today is from 7 Deadly Skins, actually, it’s two exclusives from her. Izara has released an all new Lelutka applier and completely revitalized her Omega body appliers. The new body appliers include 4 types for each skin tone, plain, beauty marked, light freckled, and heavy freckled and the skin is beautiful. The HUDs are super fast and easy to use and I’m in love with this all new Omega skin system. Mail, the all new Lelutka face applier, come 4 different HUD options, fair, medium, tanned, and dark. Each tone pack includes four tones and are available in the types shown above.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Mali Lelutka Medium/Pineapple/Beauty Marked – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Pineapple Omega Body Applier Beauty Marked – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

I needed the perfect hair to complete my look and after trying a couple of different creators I realized Iconic had just what I needed. Cheyenne is a long, flowing hair and comes in all standard color packs and a fatpack. I chose the variety pack because you never know what hair color I’m going to show up with.

Hair: Iconic – Cheyenne Variety

Foxcity has released a whole new line of Bento poses, available at On9 this month and if you join the free On9 VIP group you can actually grab a free Bento face pose HUD from Foxcity. Foxcity’s Surface is a pack of 6 poses, 4 poses include mirrors as well. Each pose is 55L or you can grab the Greedy Pack for 250L and get a 7th pose included.

Pose: Foxcity – Surface 5 – On9

Here’s my purchase, Lelutka Cate Bento mesh head, available exclusively at Skin Fair 2017 I put it on and fell in love instantly. After messing around with the sliders for a bit I made it a face that looked like me and it’s fabulous. There was a tiny issue and I haven’t yet found a fix for it. Whenever I enable Advanced Lighting the hairbase vanishes, so this picture is not shot in ultra graphics. Cate comes with three teeth options, including braces which just made me giggle and I can’t wait to use those. There is also a starter shape, 11 gestures, a face light and a HUD to control every section of your face. The best part about this head…it’s OMEGA compatible! You can now wear your favorite Omega skins, makeups, tattoos, and more on Lelutka!

Head: Lelutka – Cate Bento Mesh Head – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

The hairbase you see is the entire reason for shooting this picture without advanced lighting. Just Magnetized released this fantastic, parted hairbase exclusively for Skin Fair 2017. It includes a left and right side applier, so you can make your part match your hair, or even just wear this hairbase alone.

Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase 18 Omega – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Mesange has this awesome set of eyes available at We <3 RP, there are three different sets of eyes available and they are all stunning.

Eyes: Mesange – Hiraeth 11- We <3 RP

ZOZ is back at Mesh Body Addicts with two stunning new polishes, Vicki and Vicky Dusty. The tones are vibrant and the designs flawless. Included appliers are Maitreya, Slink, Omega, ZOZ Mesh Nails and now you can get a Vista HUD as well.

Nails: ZOZ – Vicky Dusty – Mesh Body Addicts

Pose: Foxcity – Beauty 2 Bento Pose

Bite Back

The Chapter Four opened yesterday and I can’t help going to visit, that event has so many amazing things from some of my favorite SL creators. I did only play one gacha machine and only one time since I got the rare item on my first pull!
This pose from Something Erotic is brand new at the main store and comes with the apple and the sign, it’s a fun little pose and sure to make you some amazing profile pictures.

Pose: Something Erotic – Girls Bite Back

Tori’s Stylez has moved into custom mesh and this is a dress she designed and named after yours truly/ *grins* Danni is a sexy little number available in 10 colors or as a fatpack, the fatpack comes with 4 bonus colors and the HUD includes options for metal change, strap color change, and a full bright option. The dress is fit for Maitreya, all 3 Belleza bodies and Slink Physique. This dress is available at The Liaison Collaborative starting March 7 (LM provided then).

Dress: Tori’s Stylez – Danni Maitreya – The Liaison Collaborative

The absolutely amazing shoes are from Breathe and are the gacha I was talking about at the beginning. A gacha just for The Chapter Four and come in 18 main colors, white and black are rare. They have a bow on the back with a corset style lacing down the back. Each color comes with a HUD to change the bow, lace, and sole. At only 50L a pull it’s totally worth playing for these amazing shoes.

Shoes: Breathe – Thea Heels – The Chapter Four

I fell in love with the last set of backdrops from Bad Unicorn and when I saw that Bhad had made more I had to have them. 4 styles of backdrops are available at The Mens Department as of today for 250L a piece or you can grab the fatpack of all of them and get the exclusive Blanco backdrop. The fatpack is 999L and totally worth it!

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Blanco Backdrop (fatpack exclusive) – The Mens Department

7 Deadly Skins is at the Skin Fair 2017 and has a landing zone store on sim 2. The fair opens on March 10 and believe me, you will want to check out the amazing new skins and HUDs that Izara has totally redesigned. The new total skin HUDs include face and body appliers all in one, the new body HUDs include all 4 skin types in one HUD, plain, beauty marked, light freckles, and heavy freckles. The HUDs are super fast and so easy to use, I’m in love with the new HUD system.

Face Applier: 7 Deadly Skin – Wednesday Heavy Freckles Sand – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

Body Applier: 7 Deadly Skin – Omega Body Applier Heavy Freckles Sand – Skin Fair 2017 Exclusive

This stunning hair is from none other than enVOGUE, the soft wispy layers in the front to the loose braid trailing down your back are fun and sexy all in one. Available at the main store in a variety of colors and essential colors pack or a fatpack of all colors. It comes in a rigged and fitted size.

Hair: enVOGUE – Whitney Fitted Diversity Pack

Mesange is back in the buy one get one room at The Chapter Four with Cassandra. These eyes are crystalline and lovely and come in 8 different two packs. Each two pack is only 90L. There is one significant change to Mesange eyes starting with this pack, Genesis appliers are no longer included nor made. The pack comes with a pair of mesh eyes and a HUD that works with the included eyes and Omega compatible eyes.

Eyes: Mesange – Cassandra Pack 7 – The Chapter Four

ZOZ nails keeps putting out amazing polishes and the brand new Raya and Raya 2 are no exception. Great news for Vista Bento ProHands users, ZOZ now includes a Vista compatible HUD and that means you can paint every nail a different color if you so choose. I actually chose to feature both nail packs at the same time, using Raya 2 as the main color and Raya as the offset nail. It’s so much fun and makes your nails as unique as you.

Nails: ZOZ – Raya and Raya 2 – The Chapter Four

My last find, ok I actually went there for these rings and a couple of other items, are these rings from RealEvil Industries. Made for Vista Bento ProHands, Slink Casual and Maitreya Hands, they come with a texture change and alpha HUD. You can pick and choose what rings you want to wear. In true RealEvil fashion, they are quality rings with amazing textures.

Rings: RealEvil Industries – Luxy Rings Vista Bento – The Chapter Four

My Give a Damn’s Busted

The pizza deliver boy left some time ago, she glances at the saying in the lid of the cold pizza box, scoffing at how true it is “People Disappoint, Pizza is Eternal” it says and she is finding that more and more true by the moment. She puffs on her cigarette, glaring at the burning ember on the end, wishing she could crush it out in his stupid face. She taps the fingers of her other hand on her knee, he was only 2 hours late, but she didn’t care anymore.

“My give a damn’s busted” she mutters as she stands, dropping the cigarette and crushing it under the platform of her stiletto heels, turning she heads inside, leaving the cold pizza for the neighborhood mutts.

It took me 3 and a half hours to find all the right stuff for this blog. I had one idea and when that didn’t pan out I went a different direction. My first stop was to Bad Unicorn because I really needed this specific backdrop, none of the others would do but this set the tone for what I had in mind. While there I did join the group, it’s free by the way, so I could play the group only pizza gacha as well. Bad Unicorn has some pretty awesome stuff and I think I’ll be shopping there more often for my decor needs.

The Hype-Beast Backdrop gacha is a set of 7 different mesh backdrops, with built in resizers, all are perfectly crafted and great for setting the scene. There are 6 commons and 2 rares and are only 75L a pull.

The pizza gacha was a special reward for reaching 2000 likes on Facebook, only group members can play but as I said it’s a free group and only 20L a pull. This is a limited time gacha, you have until February 28th to get your heart shaped pizza. 10 total pizzas to win!

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype-Beast Backdrop 06

Bad Unicorn – Heart Pizza Gacha – Eternal Pizza – Group Only Gacha

Now that I had the scene I needed to fill it and I started hunting the marketplace for just the right items, I found them but there wasn’t the ones I wanted for sale, so I headed over to Kunst to play the Curiosities II gacha. It’s only 49L a pull and there are 9 commons and 1 rare to win.

Decor from the Curiosities II Gacha:

Kunst – Neva’s Tricycle (rare) with texture change option

Kunst – Storage Crate

Kunst – Potted Stick Plant

Kunst – Watering Can

Kunst – Books

Kunst – Canned Plant

These fabulous, cigarette-crushing stilettos are from none other than Glamistry, the amazing texture change HUD that comes with all Glamistry shoes makes each and every pair completely customizable to your look.

Shoes: Glamistry – Echium Heels

This amazing pose is from Image Essentials and is a 5 pose pack plus mirrors. The sits are perfect for just about any situation you might need them.

Pose: Image Essentials – Woman Sit 1 Mirror

I got this hair at Hairology the day it opened and I have been waiting for the right moment to include it in a blog, Phoenix does some amazing hair and this one is no different. One of the two exclusives available at Hairology this month it’s a must-have to complete your hair collection.

Hair: Phoenix – Marissa Color Mix – Hairology

Chemical Princess is at Applique with a brand new eye shadow set for Omega and Slink. With 9 colors to choose from these are amazing. Applique is going on right now!

Eyeshadow: Chemical Princess – Crow Eyeshadow – Applique

Okay, I am really excited about this skin. This is a sneak preview of the all new cashew tone from 7 Deadly Skins coming to Skin Fair, you won’t find it before then but it’s gorgeous. The tone is simply stunning and I’m so excited to announce the new skin tone.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Cashew Tester HUD with face and body

These gorgeous eyes are from Mesange for Applique and as with all Mesange eyes you can buy the 15 colors individually or as a fatpack. Individuals include standard, mesh and Omega, the fat pack also include Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Capriccio Eyes 1 – Applique

The top is from !NFINITY and is available at Depraved Nations Love Interruption going on right now. Only 100L during this event with fits for Maitreya, all 3 Belleza bodies and both Slink bodies and a texture change HUD to make it look however you want you really can’t go wrong.

Shirt: !NFINITY – Olivia Top – Love Interruption

Jeans: Blueberry – Melanie fatpack Bonus Color

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails has released these amazing polishes for Love Interruption. With 12 colors available for Omega, Maitreya and Slink and for only 100L for the singles or 275L for the fatpack it’s a steal!

 Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Eat Your Heart Out – Love Interruption

Cigarette: Kunst – Smoker’s Gacha – Short Cigarette Holder (hand)

Just a Girl

So I took a break back in late November all through December and that caused me to get a little behind with a few of my amazing designers and their awesome creations. Merlific is one of those that I got behind with and as I was digging through my inventory I found some stuff that I totally had to show you!

This short, leather top with nipple covers is freaking awesome. It comes with a color change HUD with 5 colors and 3 metal options. In order to get the true leather look you do need to use advanced lighting, it gives the top a fantastic sheen, it looks great even in regular light. The top is made for all Belleza bodies, both Slink bodies, Maitreya, TMP and Tonic. The nipple covers are non rigged so you can get the perfect fit for you.

Top: Merlific – Miranda Leather Top with Nipple Cover

This skirt though! I’ve blogged it before as the full pack but Suko put it out as a Fifty Linden Friday special with an individual, new color! Daria is a short, sporty skirt with a fun pixel camouflage pattern, ONLY available during the Fifty Linden Friday sale.

Skirt: Vinyl – Daria Pixel Warfare – Fifty Linden Friday (in store)

The tattoo is from White Widow, Southpaw is a gacha machine and I played it so long ago but I absolutely love White Widow tattoos and when I needed one to complete my look it’s the first folder I dug through. Southpaw comes as individual pieces as commons, arms, chest, leg or if you’re lucky enough you could win one of three rares that includes all the pieces as one tattoo in white, black or henna.

Tattoo: White Widow – Southpaw Black Rare

As I was putting this outfit together I really wanted to go with a futuristic, warrior type look, so I scoured the MP for the right pose and when I saw this one from Poseidon Poses I knew it was the one. Twin Pistols is a 6 pose pack that can be purchased together or individually. It comes with the gun attachments.

Pose: Poseidon – Twin Guns F2 1 (that’s how it’s labeled in the folder)

When I first saw the new backdrops being released by Bad Unicorn I knew I had to have them! I went and played the gacha machine at the main store and I was lucky enough to snag the rare! I’ve been waiting for just the right look to put it into my blog and this was it!

Location: Bad Unicorn – Hype Beast 01 Rare

I wouldn’t be a good futuristic warrior without the right hair now would I? I went to No.Match to see what they had and saw the ad for this hair. Mo.Other is an awesome long, unisex hair with braided temples. It comes in all the standard color packs or a fatpack. It also comes with mesh head appliers for the hairbase, I love that!

Hair: No.Match – No.Other Essentials/Ombres – Ultra Event

Izara Zuta is killing it with all new skins. Davina is at D Fashion Dazzle and comes in 6 tones with Omega head appliers based on the LAQ mesh head, but it looks fabulous on my Catwa Catya Bento mesh head. It includes 2 eyebrow options, Tango, Phatazz, Slink hand and feet and Omega body appliers. Other appliers are sold separately. The most amazing part about this? During this event you can get all of this for ONLY 500L! That’s 6 skins for only 500L it’s a steal!

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Davina Apricot Cut shown with included Omega body applier

I adore everything Mesange puts out, her eyes are so stunning and realistic and I can usually find an eye that will suit my look completely. Human Souls eyes came out a while ago and are available inworld and on the MP, but they are amazing. 15 eyes sold either individually or in a beauty pack, every individual eye comes with standard, mesh and Omega, beauty packs also include Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Human Souls Eyes 9

So now that I had the rest of my look down I was on to shoes, looking at the military boots I have, trying desperately to decide what shoes to wear when I get a blogger pack from Slipper Originals and in said pack are these amazing heeled sandals. SOLD! As with all Slippers shoes the HUD is extensive allowing you to completely customize to suit your look. I love these with the cute heart shaped buckles and tiny bows adorning the front. They are spot on! They are at The Chapter Four in the half price room! You definitely needs these in your life!

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Chloe Sandals – The Chapter Four

Sucker for Pain

There is nothing like sitting there minding your own business when suddenly a blogger box drops in your lap, one you were not expecting and makes you scratch your head. Datum accepted me as a blogger for their awesome brand and although I remember applying and hoping for it, I was on my leave when I was accepted and COMPLETELY missed the acceptance coming to me. So although unexpected it was a very nice surprise.

Datum has released this super cute, complete outfit including not one but two dresses, one love, one hate, footless stocking and a choke all for only 99L! You can’t beat this deal. Comes in fit sizes for all mesh bodies as well as standard avatar size. Datum also has several pieces available on the MP right now for only 50L during their Valentine’s sale!

Dress: Datum – Love-Hate Outfit

I do not typically use backdrops, but when I saw these amazing backdrops available in an all new gacha at Bad Unicorn I just knew they were what I needed to make this picture pop. With 1 rare and 6 commons to win you can’t lose, they are well made, the quality is next to none. Full mesh makes them 3D and absolutely amazing, not just a picture on a wall, but a full rezzable scene. For a view of all backdrops available on the gacha hit Bad Unicorn’s Facebook page! Oh and the gacha is only 75L a pull!

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype-Beast Backdrop 07

Although I didn’t do a close up of the shoes in this blog they are outstanding none the less, KC Couture always goes above and beyond when creating their designs. Extensive HUDs, fabulous fit, it’s a complete package.

Shoes: KC Couture – Amy Flats

So outfit sorted, backdrop picked I needed just the right pose and of course Image Essentials had just the thing. The Anarchy pose set comes with 5 poses and mirrors and as always is perfection!

Pose: Image Essentials – Anarchy 4

Pose: Image Essentials – Anarchy 2

So when I saw this hair for the first time I wanted it but I really couldn’t think of where I’d wear it or what I’d do with it, then I got my pack from Datum and I KNEW this was the hair for my complete look. No Match is at Hairology with this one and you do not want to miss out on it!

Hair: No Match – No Fiction Reds – Hairology

This skin was made for the AK head and is an Omega applier, I’m featuring it on my Catwa Catya head of course and it’s stunning. Madelief comes with Omega head appliers, system skins and best part… it’s the January Group Gift so if you’re in the 7 Deadly Skins group you get it absolutely FREE!

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Madelief Sand

Mai Bilavio is at Kustom9 with an amazing eyelashes gacha, one gacha for Omega and one for Fiore. They are stunning and only 60L a pull!

Eyelashes: Mai Bilavio – Eclipse Mink Lashes for Catwa Bento Rare – Kustom9

Mesange always has just the right eyes to complete any look I’m going for and I love these eyes, Madrigal is available at the most current round of Cosmetic Fair that began on January 15. Mesange eyes are all unisex and come with standard, mesh and Omega appliers for individual colors, beauty packs also include Genesis appliers.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal 9 – Cosmetic Fair

Going along with the Hate theme I really wanted something different and so I started digging through my inventory and found this awesome applier from Chemical Princess, I’ve blogged this before but the bruises of the broken nose are perfection. It comes with a standard tattoo in 3 tones as well as Omega appliers in 3 tones.

Face Applier: Chemical Princess – Broken Nose

Last but not least is probably one of my favorite polish sets from ZOZ Nails, I know I have blogged them before but they are so amazing I just keep coming back to them. All ZOZ polishes are available for Maitreya, Slink, Omega and Zoz’s very own mesh nails.

Nails: ZOZ – Rubber & Spike 1

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