Sorry Not Sorry

I had a fairly difficult childhood, not worse than some but definitely not the best. My father was abusive, my mother, although she tried was a drunk and ended up losing custody of us when I was 6. When I was 12 my father remarried and my grandparent’s thought it was best we go live with him. I don’t know if they forgot about the times he tried to kill my mother or what but we packed up and moved to Texas, a whole other world compared to small town Idaho. It only took a few months for the abuse to start and although most of it wasn’t physical the emotional and mental abuse that rained down on my head shaped me into the person I am today. I struggle constantly not to hear his voice in my head calling me fat, lazy and stupid, telling me I will amount to nothing. I usually do pretty well but there are times that my insecurities rear their ugly head, causing me to question everything. Just know my insecurities are a reflection of me, not you.  This happened over 20 years ago but I still fight every day to win an unseen battle with an abusive man. So, I’m sorry, not sorry, if I don’t fit into the box you made for me.

So Lybra is at the newest round of FaMESHed with this amazing dress, I honestly couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Available in 11 colors with no fatpack available this dress is absolutely stunning, from the super low-cut front to the spine exposing back. I seriously had a really hard time choosing a color they are all so exquisite.

Dress (new): Lybra – Elle Lilac – FaMESHed


The dress was the easy part, choosing the rest of my look was not so much. I always worry about what shoes I want to wear and then I saw these fabulous boots from Mutresse available at Uber. It’s a 20 color mega pack and is fit for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza. Each part of the shoe can be colored individually to make them match your outfit, I chose black even if the light makes them look slightly off. I fell in love with these booties at first glance.

Shoes (new): Mutresse – Frida 20 Color Pack – Uber


Once the look was decided it was easy to pick a pose and Image Essentials has an amazing set of poses out for Square1 running from September 7 until the end of the month. Trendy Girls is a set of 5 bento poses with mirrors and is on sale, exclusively for Square1 for only 300L.

Pose (new): Image Essentials – Trendy Girls 3M – Square1


I was at Minimal checking out the availability of a gacha I was blogging and saw this set of gachas, I’d completely forgotten about them and I don’t know how I did because they are so much fun. 8 Individual backdrops can be yours, there are 7 commons and one rare and they are fabulous. I chose the record store backdrop because I thought it went well with my look.

Backdrop: Minimal – Retro Backdrop 3


This hair from Phoenix is just amazing, with the all new Phoenix style HUD you have not one but three hair options. All color packs come with the exclusive VIP HUD and if you join the inworld group for only 99L the VIP HUD activates and you have access to an amazing set of rainbow tipped hairs.

Hair (new): Phoenix – Corinna Hair Blondes – Kinky Event


7 Deadly Skins is at The Chapter Four with all new Arnica. Arnica is 6 tone skin based on GA.EG bento mesh head Barbara but I’m showing you how amazing the Omega applier is on Catwa Catya mesh head. This set includes both face and body appliers in one easy to use HUD. Be on the lookout for all new skin tones coming from 7 Deadly Skins, they are not included in the Arnica box but they are still pretty amazing. Right now, if you join the inworld group for 225L you can get in on the Lucky Chairs, every 30 mins the chairs will change letters and will give up to 40 people the brand new skin tones absolutely free, this event only runs for a total of 20 hours so get on over there and grab your new skin tones.

Skin (new): 7 Deadly Skins – Arnica Sand Face and Body – The Chapter Four


Mesange is back at On9 with an amazing new set of eyes, available in 15 colors, individually or as a fatpack, Artic eyes will set you apart from the rest. The slightly cold, cloudy appearance of the eyes is amazing and you can wear them alone with the included system layers or with your Omega friendly eyes. Don’t have your own mesh eyes yet? Don’t worry, Mesange includes a free set of mesh eyes to use with the HUD as well.

Eyes (new): Mesange – Artic Eyes – On9


Lelutka Powder Pack came out on September 1 and it’s not very often I use one of the appliers from it on another head, but Zibska includes not only the Lelutka applier but the Omega applier as well, giving me a little bit of free rein to show off his wonderful make-ups on whichever head I choose. This month, Zibska included two eyeshadow palettes and one lipstick. I chose to share the Paise eye makeup set today. Don’t forget, if you haven’t done so already to reserve your September Catwa Powder Pack as well. It is 1500L for a pre-order or if you wait it doubles to 3000L.

Eyeshadow (new): Zibska – Paise Eye – Powder Pack Marketplace


I wanted something to accentuate this stunning dress so I started searching the Marketplace for necklaces or chest piercings, I came across this lovely necklace from Swallow, it comes in long and short versions for male and female as well as a color change HUD that includes 6 metals, you can also turn full bright on or off.

Necklace: Swallow – Lock of Love






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