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With only a few days left in my current job, I am actually finding it harder and harder to put up with the ignorant, self-entitled people that come into the store where I work. Those that feel that they can do whatever they want and not face any consequences and that the company is responsible for the inattentiveness. *SIGHS* They exist everywhere, real life, Second Life, in every country in the world and there is nothing you can honestly do about it because those people will NEVER be wrong.
What I do, what I always do when I’m feeling a bit blah is take some pictures in Second Life. I may not be perfect at it but I think I’m pretty good, at least I try my best to showcase the amazing creations that are given to me or bought by me. The designers in SL have to deal with the entitled people that I mentioned before, constantly under fire for one indiscretion or another, a slight that only a few people see. For me, I see amazing items that I could never make myself and I am so honored to be able to share them with my readers. Before sending hateful or ignorant messages to a creator ask yourself one question “can you do it better or can you do it at all?” if the answer is “NO” then be kind in your questions and comments to creators.
Today I have an amazing dress from ChicModa to share with you, this dress is available at the current round of Cosmopolitan and is available in 10 individual colors and a fatpack. The tie and knot are able to be textured individually from the dress to create a completely unique look.

Dress: ChicModa – Julia Dress – Cosmopolitan Event


The second stunning item I have is from Lybra and is available right now at Kinky Event. These shoes are fabulous and so unique with a color change HUD to change the main part of the shoe, the back of the shoe and the metals, which can also be turned on and off. These are just fantastic and I can’t get enough of them.

Shoes: Lybra – Tiramisu Wedges – Kinky Event


If you haven’t made it to the Hair Fair 2017 yet you are missing out on some of the most amazing hairs I’ve seen in a long time, like this one from Iconic. I love short hair, but it’s so hard to find a fabulous one in Second Life and this hair fits the bill. It also comes with a style HUD to change the bangs, so it’s really like getting two hairs for the price of one!

Hair: Iconic – Mae Variety Pack – Hair Fair 2017


West End is still one of my favorite shape makers, this shape made exclusively for the Lelutka Cate bento mesh head is just gorgeous. Try a demo and I can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love with your mesh bento head all over again.

Shape: West End – Sydney


It’s no secret I love Image Essentials poses, not only because Kay Weston took in a poor, lonely girl and tried to teach her (and is still trying to teach her) how to take amazing photos. I was loyal to Image Essentials long before I met Kay and honestly the quality of poses she makes, the time and effort she puts into making amazing poses just amazes me. This set of poses includes 8 poses in total.

Pose: Image Essentials – Bold and Brassy 3


The backdrop is part of the Illusions II gacha set and they are just amazing. I love using backdrops and Minimal does some of the most amazing backdrops I’ve seen.

Backdrop: Minimal – Illusions II – 6


The July Lelutka Powder Pack is loaded with amazing items from several talented designers. The Powder Pack has been released which means you can’t pre-order it for the 1500L anymore but you can still grab it for the full price of 3000L and it’s totally worth it. Included this month is a beautiful new skin available in 4 tones from Modish. In the Modish pack, there are also two shapes, one for Cate and one for Simone.

Skin: Modish – Giana F03 – Lelutka Powder Pack


A R T E is also in this month’s Powder Pack with ana amazing set of eyebrows and lashes, as well as eyeshadows (not pictured) made exclusively for Lelutka mesh heads.

Eyebrows and Lashes: A R T E – Cutie Eyebrows and Mixed Styles Lashes – Lelutka Powder Pack


#adored has a set of eyeshadows and a blush pack (not pictured) in the Powder Pack this month and they are definitely fun. The eyeshadows are made for Lelutka and Omega and come with 9 color options.

Eyeshadow: #adored – Mosh Queen Liner – Lelutka Powder Pack

#adored Marketplace

Last but definitely not least for this month’s Lelutka Powder Pack is Alaskametro with Lumina lipstick. This is actually a makeup palette that includes 5 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks for Lelutka mesh heads.

Lipstick: Alaskametro – Lumina Lipstick – Lelutka Powder Pack


Mesange is back at The Chapter Four with a brand new eye pack in the 2 for 1 room. These eyes come in 16 colors, 2 colors per pack and are absolutely stunning.

Eyes: Mesange – Fiery – The Chapter Four




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