New Rules

My thoughts are still a cluster, a jumble. I want to spill about what is going on my life but I can’t. Hopefully, the conclusion will come this weekend and I can finally get my thoughts out and make sense of them. In the meantime, I am going to blog. I am currently unemployed and I’m not used to it. I have always worked and starting this Monday I have to really put my heart into finding a new job. In the interim, you get to put up with my blog spam.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with this picture, I got early access to Kinky Event and there were so many amazing items I couldn’t decide where to start. Kinky Event is a monthly event where some of the top designers channel their naughty nature to bring you some of the most alluring items on the grid. Tabou creator, Glamsoglamour, has branched out into some amazing hair and you can get this stunning do at Kinky Event. This hair comes in 3 sizes and in all available color packs, there is no style HUD for this hair and it is a rigged hair so it is not resizeable.
Hair (new): Volthair – Amber – Kinky Event
This top is from SYS and is made for mesh bodies only. It comes in 5 colors individually or as a fatpack. You can wear the top, which is the bra and pull together or you can wear the bra and pull separately. Each color comes with a solid pull and bra as well as a two-tone bra.
Top (new): SYS – Samhain Top – Kinky Event
This pose was the only pose I could possibly use with this picture, from Foxcity and available at The Secret Hideout you can purchase 6 poses individually or get 7 in a fatpack. It comes with a color change crop with a cute heart and is worth every Linden.
Pose (new)Foxcity – Lolita 1 Fatpack Exclusive – The Secret Hideout
I have blogged these shorts before, but don’t they go so perfect with this top? From Asteria, you can grab these shorts in 10 colors or a fatpack and get them all. There are matching top and bra for sale as well.
Shorts: Asteria – Mel Black
For quite some time I’ve been seeing ads from Utopia, amazing shoes with stunning textures splashed across my Facebook feed. I’ve spent time drooling over the awesome creations but hadn’t purchased any. For this blog, I decided to look through the Marketplace and found these remarkable thigh high stiletto boots. Available in three colors or a fatpack and made for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and TMP I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
Boots: Utopia – Gladia Dark Maitreya
Sayo is at the Halloween round of N°21 with this fantastic backdrop, from the moment I saw it I contemplated how I could possibly incorporate it into a blog post and well, here it is. This scene is modifiable to create the perfect setting for your picture.
Scene (new)SAYO – The Undead Heard You – N°21
Mesange is branching out into tattoos and this one is extraordinary, the design is light and feminine and the HUD contains three darkness options. You can purchase this tattoo for Maitreya, Belleza, and Omega only at anyBODY and is available in 4 colors.
Tattoo (new)Mesange – Charis Tattoo Black – anyBODY

I haven’t recently tried out Spirit skins, another creator that I drooled over the Facebook ads and kept putting off purchasing. This skin is from an older gacha and can be played at the main store location. The machine contains skins for Lelutka and Catwa and for each there are 2 rares and 12 commons. They are just beautifully created.
SkinSpirit – Melania 8
My second item from Mesange is these gorgeous eyes. As with all Mesange eyes, they come with an Omega compatible HUD, mesh and standard eyes, and include four sizes. These eyes are unisex and come in 15 colors.
Eyes (new)Mesange – Ripple Eyes – Men Only Monthly
Blushes Boutique has released another gorgeous set of Catwa lipstick for the main store. Eva includes five bold colors in one amazing HUD.
Lipstick (new)Blushes Boutique – Eva
Another find from Kinky Event is this striking pearl choker from NOIR. This choker includes a HUD with 2 pearl and 5 metal colors, as well as a resize script for easy fitting.
Choker (new)Noir Store – Marilyn – Kinky Event
Two days into it and I am loving the items from SlackGirl, these gorgeous, mesh nails come with a HUD that includes 20 polishes. These nails are fit for bento-enabled hands including Maitreya, Vista, Slink, Eve, Tuty, and Tonic. Personally, I love the acrylic look to the nails, the shine is just gorgeous.
Nails (new)SlackGirl – Ginger – The Makeover Room
I did have to change poses so I could show off these amazing nails and I chose a pose from Foxcity as well.
PoseFoxcity – Effortless V2-7
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