Meant to Be

A lot of drama and anger in my life lately, knowing that my soon to be ex-husband is in jail and will hopefully stay there for the rest of his life. I’m not a vindictive person but I want him to pay for what he has done to my daughters, to myself. His controlling nature caused so much heartache, his constant negativity and physical abuse to my youngest, and the sexual abuse of my oldest should leave him rotting in jail. During this journey, I have come to find out who my friends are, who will be there for my children and myself. It’s amazing what you learn in tragedy. I am, with my children and mother, slowly picking up the pieces of my broken life. My trust and faith is severely damaged but time can heal that.

I have so many amazing items to share with you today and the first is this super cute new prop and pose set from Something New. Available as a gift to group members for the fifth anniversary of the creation of Something New it comes with a living room scene prop and four built-in poses. This set is so cute and I am so happy I was able to share it with you.
Pose (new)Something New – Her Secondlife
Marketplace Vinyl is back at Uber with this super cute flannel shirt, it comes with optional modesty bra and panties that are in black or white and can be turned off. It comes in two loose fits and two tight fits as well as a flannel print and solid option. 13 individual colors are available or a fatpack.
Shirt (new)Vinyl – Lit Flannel – Uber

When I first took these pictures with the intent of blogging them before the end of Once Upon a Nightmare Hunt. Sadly, I was slacking and as of the writing of this blog I am not sure you can still get this wonderful nail polish but it’s still so cute (and I’ve already taken the pictures) I just have to share it. This polish is a set of 6 nails colors in a fatpack HUD and was designed for all nail lengths.
NailsDark Passions – Koffin Nails – Pumpkin Queen
Marketplace This gorgeous skin is from Spirit and is available in the current round of Kustom9 as a gacha. 2 rares and 12 commons can be yours when you play this gacha machine.
Skin (new)Spirit – Forta Porcelain –
Marketplace This hair was released by Argrace for Hair Fair 2017 and I had no need for it at the time but I thought it worked perfectly with this setting. Having just got out of the shower and a selfie with old Rufus. This hair is available in all standard color packs and comes with an accessory HUD to change the towel.
HairArgrace – Suiu
EyesMesange – Dandy
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  1. I will have to pick up my gift from Something New later. And thats the nice things about dogs, they dont care whats gone on in our day, they just want to be with us 🙂

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