This has not been the best weekend of my life, to say the least. My poor cat, who’s been sick for a while finally succumbed to his illness and passed, a group that I’ve blogged for over a year and a half did not re-accept me as a blogger and I came home to an empty propane tank. I’ve been trying to figure out my moves in life, what steps to take next and something keeps pushing back, just when I think I finally have a handle on things. Oh and I just discovered that my fridge may be on its last leg as well. All I can do is hold a smile or I will break and I will not let circumstances break me.

I have some really amazing items to share with you all on my blog today, so many I’m not even sure where to start. So, I suppose I will go top to bottom. First up today we have a brand new backdrop and pose set from Foxcity. I just absolutely adore Foxcity, she is so creative and fun with her poses and backdrops. These are currently available at Project Se7en. There are two pose sets and one backdrop to choose from. The poses can be purchased individually or as a fatpack but the fatpack comes with an exclusive pose, so in my opinion, the fatpack is the ONLY way to go. You have until October 30 to get to Se7en and take advantage of the amazing items there.

Pose (new)Foxcity – Lounge 5M Fatpack Exclusive with prop – Se7en

Backdrop (new)Foxcity – Photo Booth Lucky Lounge – Se7en


Black Fair – The Absence is now open and I have a lot of goodies to share with you from this stunning event. Black Fair runs from October 6 to the 20. Masoom is there with this halter and jacket set, they are sold separately but look so amazing together. Available in 15 colors each or in a fatpack that allows you to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Harness and Jacket (new)Masoom  – Jassica – Black Fair – The Absence 


Although not exclusive to the Black Fair, you can grab these shorts from Asteria’s booth, sexy and short they went perfectly with the jacket and harness.

Shorts:  – Mel Shorts Black – Black Fair – The Absence 

I missed out bringing you these amazing shoes from CandyDoll during Shoetopia, it closed yesterday October 9 sadly, but keep an eye out, I am sure you’ll be able to find them in the store and marketplace soon. I just love the fishnet body of these thigh-high heeled shoes, they are fabulous with a garter attachment that goes so well with lingerie and shorts. Available in individual colors or two fatpacks.

Shoes: CandyDoll – Carolina Heels Dark Colors


I love Stealthic, I have from the first moment I put Daughter on at the Hair Fair 2016 and although I was not chosen to blog for them anymore, I will still support this amazing creator. I love Hunter’s styles, he does just amazing hair. This stunning male hair was released at The Mens Department and comes with a style HUD including four styles as well as a toggle option.

Hair (new)Stealthic – Rebellion – The Mens Department


7 Deadly Skins is also at Black Fair with a brand new skin. Key is an Omega applier skin for face and body based on the LAQ Gaia head, it’s available in two tone packs each including 7 tones.

Skins (new)7 Deadly Skins – Key Dew – Black Fair – The Absence 


The main reason I had to visit Black Fair in the first place are these amazing mesh ears from Swallow, from the moment the WIP was posted I knew I had to have them. The options included with these ears will blow you away and I have to agree with Lucia, these are probably her best work to date. I am just in love with these ears and I may never take them off.

Ears (new)Swallow – Darkness Ears – Black Fair – The Absence 


While at Black Fair I decided to shop around and bit and found these amazing eyes from Zombie Suicide, they are fun and different, with a darker iris and sclera with a flash of light across them. The tones are just stunning and it is made for Catwa and Omega compatible eyes.

Eyes (new)Zombie Suicide – Evil Within – Black Fair – The Absence 


Blushes Boutique is still around and still producing amazing Catwa applier makeup for you, this lipstick palette includes 5 varying shades of pink for your pleasure.

LipstickBlushes Boutique – Lucy Lipstick