I’ve been super productive lately. The ideas are just flowing and I can’t seem to stop them. I guess this is good when you’re a blogger and have commitments but sometimes I feel like I’m going to overload Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, and my readers. I’m doing really well though so I’m not going to stop until the muse does, don’t want to piss her off at this point.

The Liaison Collaborative opened on January 7 and runs through January 30. Chez Moi and Lybra are both there with amazing new items. First up this lovely top and panty set from Lybra is fit for Maitreya only and comes in 10 individual colors or a fatpack that includes 17 colors. The top and panties are included.

Chez Moi came up with this amazing yoga set, it includes the mat, mat holder, and incense burner. It is available in PG or adult versions and comes with animations built in. I put the whole scene together using an older build from Soy.

Outfit *new*Lybra – Lexy Set – The Liaison Collaborative


Yoga Set *new*Chez Moi – Mandala Yoga – The Liaison Collaborative


Building:  – The Studio with Mirrors and Ballet Bar

Workout EquipmentBad Unicorn – Fight Night Treadmill, Iron Dumbbell, Pink Dumbbell Gacha


Skin *new*: 7 Deadly Skins – Clarity V2 Sand – Ultra


HairWasabi Pills – Blossom Style 2 Blonds Gacha



For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics



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