Having a crush is something everyone goes through in their life, from childhood until death. Having a crush on the person you’re in a relationship with is even better, because you know the crush is more than that. Every day I find another reason to crush on my sweet boyfriend. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to land a relationship with the boy of my dreams but I did. It really sucks when you have plans for a night out with your crush and they fall through, nothing like doing laundry instead of making out with your crush huh?

This is honestly one of those times that I don’t know where to start, everything I’m sharing today is so amazing. So I guess I’ll start with the background. Minimal was at the last round of The Epiphany with another set of Illusions backdrops, there were 9 in the set, one rare and 8 commons and they are absolutely incredible. The colors pop, the lights shine and you won’t be sorry if you pick up these fabulous backdrops.

Backdrop: Minimal – Illusions 3 *7*


Foxcity does some wonderful bento poses, which means you do HAVE to have a bento enabled viewer and for absolutely best results you must also have bento hands. These poses are available at Limit8. It is a set of 6 poses +mirrors available as a fatpack or individually. The fatpack is the way to go because you get an extra exclusive pose in the fatpack that you can’t get anywhere else.

Pose (new): Foxcity – Sits V3 P6M – Limit8


This hair is brand new from Phoenix and is available at the brand new round of FaMESHed which opened on September 1. This hair includes the all new Phoenix style HUD and comes with a total of 4 hairstyles. It comes in all the standard colors as well as an exclusive VIP HUD, want those colors? Join the inworld Phoenix Hair Group  for only 99L and gain access to the exclusive HUD, 5% in store credit and frequent group gifts.

Hair (new): Phoenix – Carrie Ombres and Roots – FaMESHed


I love Blueberry and honestly, I don’t blog her stuff regularly, not because I don’t feel I can blog it well or that the stunning items she creates aren’t worth my time and effort, it’s completely the opposite to be perfectly honest. Blueberry is so popular EVERYONE wants to blog her, so for days after a release Facebook is inundated with blog posts featuring Blueberry, and although I love seeing them, I want to stand out from the crowd. Every once in a while though, the perfect item goes with my style and I must include it however. Today is no different, this top is out of this world. The HUD has so many colors including exclusive colors just for the fatpack, it comes with a top and dress option. If I could ask for one thing to be added to this outfit it would be a long skirt to wear to more formal location, because it truly is a stunning piece of work.

Top (new): Blueberry  – Penny Dress (top version)


I am finally to the item that inspired this entire look, these brand new jeans from RIOT.  Rcade created a set of men’s jeans for her debut round of FaMESHed, women loved them so much she went ahead and made a female version of the jeans as well. Winona comes in 2 fits, long line, jeans you can wear with your heels or skinny, which you can wear with any kind of shoes, or simply go barefoot. There are 20 denim colors available individually or as a fatpack, it also comes with an optional belt in 28 colors. She thinks of everything I swear.

Jeans (new): Riot – Winona Skinnies – FaMESHed


Reign has their Saturday Sale item still available, a fatpack of awesome tennis shoes with 4 options and a massive HUD. Only 75L you can’t beat that!

Shoes: Reign – Arianna Sneakers Pattern Pack


Lelutka Powder Pack released on September 1 and I’m showing it on my newly, redesigned Lelutka Cate bento mesh head. I cannot get enough of Powder Pack, whether it’s for Catwa or Lelutka. Some of the best skins, makeup, tattoo, etc designers include amazing items for you all in one convenient pack every month. The pre-release price of either of Powder Pack is 1500L, if you don’t get the subscription price and wait to see what’s coming for the month first then you will pay 3000L. All previous Powder Packs are available on the Marketplace or in world location.  First up from this month’s Powder Pack is this stunning skin from Pumec. This skin set comes in 7 skin tones with 3 brow options for each tone. There are face appliers, body appliers, and system body skins to help things blend perfectly.

Skin (new): Pumec – Irishka February No Brow Cleavage – Lelutka Powder Pack


I chose the no brow option of the lovely Pumec skin so that I could show off the brows included in the Izzie’s pack this month. I love these natural looking brows and come in 15 colors. You seriously can’t go wrong with these lovely brows. Izzie’s pack also includes eyes and lipglosses, which are not featured on this blog.

Eyebrows (new): Izzie’s – Lelutka Applier Brows – Lelutka Powder Pack


Mudskin released an eye pack for this round of Powder Pack, they will only work with Lelutka mesh eyes and include 15 colors to choose from, or get funky and mix and match your eyes. Each eye has a separate applier so if you feel like it, you can wear two different eye colors.

Eyes (new): MUDSKIN – Soul Eyes Collection – Lelutka Powder Pack

#adored included a brand new set of lashes that I couldn’t wait to share, these lashes are so much fun, they have cute little adornments attached to the end of the lashes. This particular lash has tiny stars, they are so much fun!

Lashes (new): #adored – Bijou Lashes – Lelutka Powder Pack


Arise is back with an all new makeup palette that includes eyeshadows and lipsticks (not pictured) The shadows are so much fun, 6 colors to choose from and bright and vibrant and ready for your fall looks. This set is made for Lelutka only.

Eyeshadow (new): Arise – Carol Makeup – Lelutka Powder Pack


Last but not least is this gorgeous lipstick from The Face. The makeup palette includes 12 lipsticks and 8 eyeshadows (not pictured). They are made only for Lelutka.

Lipstick (new): The Face – Autumn Vibe Lipstick – Lelutka Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplaced

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