Break Free

This week has sucked, and it’s only Tuesday. Monday, October 2, 2017, brought destruction and horror to Las Vegas, Nevada. A gunman opened fire into a crowd of people leaving a country music concert killing almost 60 people and injuring countless others. A terror attack in Canada was enough to send the world into a mind spin. The icing on the cake to the day, however, was the sudden and completely unexpected death of rock legend, Tom Petty. My thoughts are with everyone that suffered from the tragedies of that fateful Monday and I hope that one day we can find hope and peace.

Breaking free of hate and anger, that is the theme of this picture today and fortunately Image Essentials has created this amazing prop with a single pose and is coming to Mad Circus on October 7. The LM will be provided at that time. I tried a few different things for backgrounds and just couldn’t be happy with any of them, until I remembered that Bad Unicorn is at Salem with this awesome recreation of The Shining’s hotel hallway. It’s absolute perfection and was exactly what I needed to complete my set.

Pose (new)Image Essentials – Breaking Free – Mad Circus 


Backdrop (new)Bad Unicorn – Redrum Backdrop – Salem


Choosing an outfit was actually the hardest part of this blog, I knew what shoes I wanted and finding something to go with them proved to be quite the feat. I decided to hit almost every event open right now and ended up at FaMESHed where Just Because is there with a brand new top. I love this top with its ribbed texture and the HUD control is amazing. There are two sets of strings along the chest and you can turn them on and off, change the color, and mix and match to your heart’s content; especially when you purchase the fatpack.

Top (new)Just Because – Amber Shirt –


Once I had decided on a top I needed to find something to wear with it, my journey led me to the all-new INDUSTRIE and there I found a skirt from Varonis. I just recently discovered Varonis and I have to say I am extremely happy with the items I’ve gotten from this designer. They are sexy and fun.

Skirt (new)Varonis – Mia Light Brown – INDUSTRIE


I bought this necklace and earring set from Minimal at Salem so I needed a hair that would show them off. Fabia had this hair at Gacha Guardians last month and it’s now available at the main store. This hair is a gacha and there are a total of 3 styles in the machine, each style has 8 commons and 3 rares. The necklace and earrings are a set and are available in 3 metal options, purchased separately.

HairFabia – Nika Blond 2 Common


Jewelry (new)Minimal – Sally Set Silver – Salem


I missed the boat on this skin since it was released for anyBODY for September and tomorrow is the opening of anyBODY October.  Lemon was released in two versions with each pack containing 5 skin tones and Omega face and body appliers. This skin is based on the Lelutka bento mesh heads but as you see it’s lovely on my Catwa mesh head.

Skin7 Deadly Skins – Lemon Pineapple


Just Magnetized had a late release for the September Catwa Powder Pack and if you haven’t already, attach your Catwa Powder Pack and grab the Just Magnetized offering. It’s an amazing set of makeup, including eyebrows, eyeshadow, under eyeliner and lipstick. There is a total of 9 colors in the HUD and it’s made for Catwa only. Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order your October Powder Pack.

Makeup (new)Just Magnetized – Insta Beauty Set 03 – Catwa Powder Pack


These eyes are from the Lelutka Powder Pack, from Avi-Glam they included a Lelutka applier and a Omega applier so you can wear it with your Omega friendly eyes.

Eyes (new): Avi-Glam – Sensual Eyes – Lelutka Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

I couldn’t quite get an angle good enough to really show these amazing shoes from MODA off, these will be at the Black Fair and I just love them. There are 3 versions of these shoes that will be available. The HUD is massive as usual with the ability to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Shoes (new)Moda – Natasa Boots – Black Fair 






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  1. Excellent pose/backdrop which to express frustration yet hope for future. Im going to do the same…maybe we can start a chain reaction Danni.

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