Beautiful Trauma

I sometimes wonder at the success of my blog, or the lack thereof, whichever you’d like to call it. I wonder frequently if my little snippets of information included with each picture are too much or if people truly do enjoy reading the information I provide. Do my descriptions of products offer help to those deciding what to purchase or would it just be better to list out the item in a style card version? I debate constantly on my blog, should I keep doing it or not, why do I do it? The answer is simple, I love photography, I love blogging so I continue doing it for me, no one else. Every time I get rejected by a group I would truly love to blog for, one that I admire a lot, I question the validity of my blog. It passes but there it is. I do this for me and for the amazing designers that have entrusted me with their products.

It would be so easy just to list the stuff I’m wearing and let you find out the perks of them on your own but then I couldn’t tell you things like this dress is made for Maitreya only and comes in 11 colors. There is no fatpack for this dress and you’re looking at a ticket price of 299L each but it’s just stunning and well worth the Lindens for this original mesh creation.

Dress *new*Lybra – Hardcandy Coral – Candy Fair


This fabulous bar set is from SAYO and is available at FaMESHed right now, it comes individually or as a complete pack and includes everything seen here except the wall and floor. Everything is copiable so you can rez multiple items for a realistic feel.

Decor *new*SAYO – Brixton Bar Set Complete – FaMESHed


I love Foxcity poses and you can head on over to Limit8 right now and grab this new set. Each pose is sold individually but why would you buy it that way? When you by the greedy pack you get all 6 poses plus an exclusive fatpack bonus that includes four additional poses for this set. That’s 11 poses total when you consider that each one has a mirror to go with it.

Pose *new*Foxcity – Fixiated 4M and 5 Alternative (closeup) – Limit8


I’m so honored to be chosen for this brand new event, District 23. This event features tattoo artists only and starts the 23rd of each month. Lush debuted this gorgeous female tattoo for District 23. Lush has included 3 brand new exclusive tattoos; one for men and two for women.

Tattoo *new*: Lush – Lymie Tattoo – District 23


I love Phoenix Hair, even before I blogged officially for them it was one of my go-to hair places. This hair is available at Tannenbaum, starting today, November 25. It comes with a style HUD including 6 unique styles, two bang options, and an optional beanie cap. I love this hair so much and couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Hair *new*Phoenix – Charlotte – Tannenbaum


Utopia is back at Cosmopolitan with these fabulous shoes. These shoes are made to fit Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza bodies and come with a multi-texture HUD with 9 preset colors and an option to change them to your heart’s content. I’ve fallen completely in love with Utopia and you will too.

Shoes *new*Utopia – Gloria – Cosmopolitan Event


7 Deadly Skins has done it again with this gorgeous skin for Winter Trend. There is a regular and freckled version that comes with 8 skin tones for face and body. This Omega applier is based on the LAQ Nyx bento mesh head, but as you can see it looks amazing on my Lelutka May mesh head. There is also two versions of lipsticks and a shape available for purchase as well. Winter Trend Event opens December 8 and runs through the 22nd.

Skin *new*7 Deadly Skins – Chant Freckled Sand – Winter Trend (LM COMING SOON)

Lipstick *new*7 Deadly Skins – Chant Fair Lipsticks Glossy – Winter Trend (LM COMING SOON)


Mesange is at the all-new Hipster Women Event with this fabulous eyeshadow. Available in Catwa or Omega in 5 different packs including four colors each, you will want to grab these to add to your makeup routine.

Eyeshadow *new*Mesange – Maud 1 – Hipster Women Event

EyesMesange – The Ripple Eyes


When I first saw these nail polishes from Dark Passions – Koffin Nails I knew I had to share them. The stunning coffee motif blended with a stunning rainbow hue is just out of this world. There are two different coffee style nails that you can get your pretty little hands on only at Autumn Frost Fair going on now until December 6.

Nails *new*Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – So Caffeinated I See Rainbows – Autumn Frost Fair



For more information regarding body and head please visit The Basics


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  1. You know me, and I do read everything. If it was just a list I probably wouldnt unless I wanted something. I play the video while Im reading but sometimes thats hard cause I like to watch them too. I know what you thinking ‘about lack of feedback’ and it must be hard to keep going when you dont hear anything. Your ‘visitors’ count wont tell the whole story either because people can read the blog in their email, with out coming here to be counted.

    1. Your comments help a lot, I do wonder frequently how many people really do utilize my blog and I know I have at least two readers, you and my aunt lol. Thank you so much for your comments they mean so much to me

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