Apocalypse Please

I’m sitting here, no coffee because I have a blood test this morning and my back in such agonizing pain I can barely breathe without wanting to cry. I tweaked my back at work, yes you can get injured working in a bank I guess, but I will live I just really want to get this blog written before the long weekend. So much has happened in the past few months but I’m working really hard on remaining positive and looking toward my future.

Up first today is this amazing new set from none other than Vinyl, she completely outdid herself with this set, it is available at Arcade right now, it opened at midnight SLT and it has a total of 21 pieces. There are 6 rares and 15 commons that are loaded into this gacha machine.

Outfit (new): Vinyl – Battle Pixies Gacha Black Shorts and Bloody Gas Mask (rare) Red Top and arm shield (common) – The Arcade


Considering that this outfit gave me a post-apocalyptic feel I had to find something that would fit in with the theme, not only in the pose but in the landscaping. I decided to hit some of my favorite pose stores and found this Archer set from Poseidon, sold individually or as a fatpack of six it comes with the arrow and the bow, the props are resizeable to fit your hand. There was only one location I had in mind when I thought of post-apocalyptic and so I set off to Ironwood Hills, bow in hand to find the perfect spot.

Pose: Poseidon – Archer 2

LocationIronwood Hills

I’ve been in such a slump lately I actually have missed several events, Thereafter being one of them. I really wanted this hair released by Mina for Thereafter so I popped over, only to discover it was over. I then headed to Mina’s store and it was thankfully there. The hair and hairbase are sold separately, the hairbase is made for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega and comes with a solid and shaved version. This is a fantastic hair and I knew it was the one I needed to complete my look.

Hair: Mina – Myla and Myla Hairbase


This skin, from 7 Deadly Skins is coming to Applique on September 15, Feijoa comes in 2 version with 6 tones in each version. Version one is plain and version two has freckles/beauty marks. It is an all in one HUD but I decided to use the body skin HUD released during skin fair so that my body would also have beauty marks, the body HUD that is included with the face is plain skin. Shown on Lelutka Cate bento mesh head.

Skin (new): 7 Deadly Skins – Feijoa V2 Sand – Applique


I love Mesange eyes so much, the colors and varieties she offers with each of her collections is out of this world, Killarney is no exception and is available right now at Men Only Monthly. As always all Mesange eyes are unisex and come with mesh eyes, HUD for Omega and mesh eyes and standard eyes for those that haven’t made it mesh yet.

Eyes (new): Mesange – Killarney Eyes – Men Only Monthly


During The Epiphany, Izzie’s released a set of scars for the gacha machine. The Scars Gacha includes 13 commons and 1 rare. There are no system layers with this set but it works with Omega, Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya bodies. The face scars are for Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega. Each scar comes in 3 shades each of fresh and aged scars. You can play this gacha at the main store location.

Scars: Izzie’s – Scars Gacha Scars Mix I (common) and Body Scars (rare)