One More Light

I lost my grandfather Sunday, August 13, 2017, to his unending battle with cancer. It started as prostate cancer and moved into his bones, he was frail and fragile at the end and in so much pain. I’ve lost not one, but two of the most important men in my life this year, my step-father in January and now my grandfather. They taught me so much about life it’s hard to imagine them gone. The song at the end of this video is from Linkin Park, another great lost this year, Chester Bennington had a way of making you feel his music, you didn’t just listen to Linkin Park, you felt the emotions. This song is very emotional for me because the lights around me keep going out.

When I first saw that Reve Obscura was working on a brand new gacha set I knew it would be mine. A total of 6 poses with props in all with 5 commons and 1 rare and at only 50L a pull you definitely want to collect these. This one happens to be rare and it comes with the speaker, guitar, and cigarette. This pose set is available at the main store location.

Pose (new): Reve Obscura – Rocked Out Bento Pose Rare


I’ve said it before and probably will say it a lot, but I absolutely love when 2 creators make items that work so well together. Today it’s a brand new top from Vinyl available at Mesh Body Addicts Fair until August 21 and these awesome pants from Riot for 70’s Punk Rewind. Xayalith, the top from Vinyl comes in 17 individual colors and the Jennifer Skinnies from Riot comes in 40 kinds of leather, 14 plaids, and 18 suedes. The HUD also includes 9 metal options. For both items, you can purchase them individually or as a fatpack.

Top (new): Vinyl – Xayalith – Mesh Body Addicts Fair


Pants (new): Riot – Jennifer Skinnies – 70’s Punk Rewind


These shoes went perfectly with the look I was trying to create. From KC Couture, the HUD options on this pair of shoes are out of this world. With 40 color options for each piece of the shoe, 5 metals, and 4 metallic wedge options you can customize these shoes for just about anything.

Shoes: KC Couture – Gillian Wedges


West End Chloe is the shape that made me fall in L-O-V-E with my Catwa Catya head. Out of the box it is perfection, this one has some slight modifications but overall the face is mostly how it comes out of the box. I prefer a taller shape so I made my body a bit different.

Shape: West End – Chloe Catwa Catya Shape


I love Minimal backdrops, this one was from the last round of The Epiphany and is one of 9 available.

BackdropMinimal – Illusions III-2



Stealthic is always looking for new ways to make the hair he creates new and fresh. The newest option is the “animated hair”. Each hair comes with a style HUD so you have the option of 4 different styles but now you can toggle them to change randomly, just like real life. Who ever leaves their hair alone, really!? There is a GIF below this description so you can see the animation in action. This hair is part of the birthday round of Collabor88 going on right now!

Hair (new): Stealthic – Sensual – Collabor88


This gorgeous skin is from 7 Deadly Skins and was released for Aloha Fair, which ended on August 10. I blogged this the other day and dummy me forgot to change skins in my excitement over the pose, outfit, hair, etc and my complete and total lack of concentration due to the grief of losing my grandfather. This skin is still amazing either way.

Skin7 Deadly Skins – Honey Marshmellow Blonde


Mesange released a new set of eyes for the Hipster Men Event that began August 13. As with all Mesange eyes, they are unisex, come in 15 colors and work with Omega. There is also standard eyes and Mesange mesh eyes and HUD for those that don’t own their own mesh eyes.

Eyes (new): Mesange – Dandy Eyes 15 – Hipster Men’s


Blushes Boutique has a new main store release with Desire. Desire is a lipstick that comes in two different HUDs. They are one shade of lipstick with different sayings etched into it. Mine says Emo Sad.

Lipstick (new): Blushes Boutique – Desire 2


I haven’t blogged a set of nails in a while but when I put this look together I knew only one place would have nails to go with it; Dark Passions – Koffin Nails. These nails were released a while ago for an event, and at the time I was an official blogger for Bcreative, but they were totally relevant to my look so I’m sharing them again.

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Black Star


Piercings: Code-5 – Alonza Piercing Set



Wish You Were Here

The countdown to total solar eclipse has commenced, the tiny little town where I live is expecting 10’s of thousands of people to descend upon it. For towns in this valley that have between 500 to 1000 people at most, some places as low as 75 people the immense amount of people is hard for us to fathom. Only one problem to overcome now, the fires. There are so many fires in the outlying areas surround this valley that you can’t see the mountains for the smoke, they are now afraid we may not see the eclipse at all *sighs*. Well, good old Mother Nature (and idiots that don’t know how to put out camp fires) are great at ruining well-laid plans. Times like this make me wish I was anywhere else.

Gacha Garden opened and the moment I saw these all new poses and props from Nantra I knew I had to have them. You have a chance to win 1 of 8 different backdrops and pose sets, 2 rares and 6 commons. Plus, play enough times and you get the Seed of Inspiration prize. That’s 9 pose sets in total.

Pose (new): Nantra – Wish You Were Here 8 – Gacha Garden


Lybra is also at Gacha Garden with an awesome set, 22 commons from bikinis to tops and skirts, 1 set of rare shoes with a HUD and the Seed of Inspiration prize, this super cute dress with included HUD. You will want to collect all of them for an amazing combination.

Dress (new): Lybra – Summer Breeze SOI with HUD – Gacha Garden

Shoes (new): Lybra – Summer Breeze Shoes Rare with HUD – Gacha Garden


This amazing hair from Phoenix was originally released for 2017 Hair Fair and is now available at the main store location. The long, curly locks are stunning and the HUDs available for purchase will guarantee that you’ll find a shade that’s right for you. I just love this hair and haven’t actually taken it off since I put it on 4 days ago.

Hair: Phoenix – Linda Blondes


7 Deadly Skins is doing 31 Harvest Days, group members get a special gift each day and right now you can join 7 Deadly Skins for only 100L. I am however not showing one of those skins today but a gorgeous skin called Honey available at Aloha Fair, which closes today August 10, so you still have time to grab this stunning skin. It was made to fit the LAQ Gaia head but as you can see the Omega applier works flawlessly with my Catwa Catya bento mesh head. Available in 10 different tones in total with 4 eyebrow options for each tone.

Skin (new): 7 Deadly Skins – Honey Marshmellow Blonde – Aloha Fair


On9 opened yesterday and with it comes these stunning eyes from Mesange. I never feel I can go wrong with eyes from Mesange, the colors, vibrancy and utter craftsmanship of eyes from Mesange are sure to stun and make people remember you. Skye is not discounted except for one color, see if you can find it. These eyes are unisex and come with mesh eyes, system eyes and an Omega applier for your own compatible mesh eyes.

Eyes (new): Mesange – Skye 15 – On9


Zibska was once again in the July Catwa Powder Pack and if you haven’t pre-ordered your August Catwa Powder Pack, now is the time. Pre-orders cost you 1500L but if you wait until it’s released to see what you get you’ll pay 3000L. I have never been disappointed with my Powder Packs, the designers pull out all the stops to bring you amazing skins, makeups, hairbases and so much more. The items found in the Powder Packs will never be available anywhere else, they are completely exclusive to Powder Pack.

Makeup: Zibska – Roza Lips, Tiana Eyes, Cari Blush – July Catwa Powder Pack


Powder Pack Marketplace

I decided I wanted some facial piercings and so I started scouring the Marketplace for some bento face piercings and found this amazing set from Code-5. 6 different metal textures are built into the HUD and there is a total of 14 piercings, the HUD has a show/hide options and they are rigged for Catwa Catya only. I’m in love with this set and haven’t taken it off.

Piercings: Code-5 – Alonza Piercing Set

Lucky Strike

Morning is overrated, I don’t have to get up this early anymore but I don’t find time to blog otherwise so I choose to get up before the birds but today, today is a coffee day. I’ve gotten to the point in my blogging career where I take and edit pictures one day and then write the blog another, usually the next day but you know how RL is, sometimes it gets in the way of your best-laid plans.

ChicModa released a brand new dress and choker for the anniversary round of Cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan has been bringing you amazing items and deals for 5 years running and this round has some unbelievable goodies for you to grab. The dress comes in 15 individual colors and a fatpack with a frill and ribbon color change HUD for each dress, the choker is a free gift and you can see it more clearly in the close-up photo.

Dress (new): ChicModa – Mae Dress and choker – Cosmopolitan Event


I needed the perfect shoes to complete the look of this gorgeous dress and I remembered that Breathe was at the all new round of FaMESHed, available in 18 individual colors for all mesh foot sizes, each shoe comes with a HUD to change the lace, metal and sole or save time and money and grab the fatpack.

Shoes (new): Breathe – Natsumi Heels – FaMESHed


I can’t get enough of the backdrops from Minimal, I own all 3 sets of the Illusions backdrops and this set from the current round of The Epiphany, ending August 5 is just as amazing as the other 2 sets. 9 different backdrops are available for you to win, 8 commons and 1 rare. They are just amazing and help set the tone so quickly and easily for you.

Backdrop (new): Minimal – Illusions 3 *9* – Marketplace

This pose was released by Something New for an all new subscription called Flash Shot. This subscription is different from the rest because it is poses only and is only 500L to pre-order. Pre-orders are available from the 1st to the 14th of every month with the release being on the 15th of each month. After the 15th you can still get past boxes for only 1000L. The bowling ball is NOT a part of the pose and actually comes from one of the bowling games in SL, but it worked out too perfectly not to use it.

Pose: Something New – Miss Congeniality 1


This hair from Stealthic was released for Hair Fair and is now available at the main store location, as always it comes with a style HUD that includes 4 hair styles and you can purchase an alternative tint HUD to color your hair any shade you’d like. It is just absolutely beautiful.

Hair: Stealthic – Genesis Blondes


Lelutka Powder Pack was released on August 1 and the included items are just out of this world. Pumec is back again with a gorgeous skin called Lena in 5 skin tones, it also includes the body HUDs for each tone. Also included in the pack but not shown is a shape, eyebrow shaper and base skins for the body only, there is no face on the base skins.

Skin (new): Pumec – Lena March – Lelutka Powder Pack


Avi-Glam is in this month’s Powder Pack with Lure eyes and lashes, 12 eye colors with a Lelutka and Omega applier as well as a set of mesh eyes and HUD plus 4 amazing eyelash options are included from Avi-Glam.

Eyes (new): Avi-Glam – Lure Eyes – Lelutka Powder Pack

Eyelashes (new): Avi-Glam – Lure Eyelashes – Lelutka Powder Pack


OHeMO is back with an amazing set of brows, also included in the pack from OHeMO but not pictured is Eyeshadows, lashes, lipsticks, and moles. The brows come in 4 colors and only one style.

Brows (new): OHeMO – Powder Pack Brows – Lelutka Powder Pack

I will admit the next item took some doing to get the look I wanted. SlackGirl included a set of eyeshadows and eyeliners and I wanted to wear both. In order to get this to happen since they are both defaulted to the eyeshadow layer of the Lelutka head, I had to go in and turn off the routing on the HUD. Once that was done I was able to route the eyeliner to the blush layer and then the eyeshadow to the eyeshadow layer. This created a super unique look and allowed me to show you both appliers from SlackGirl.

Eyeshadow (new): SlackGirl – Priscila Eyeshadow – Lelutka Powder Pack

Eyeliner (new): SlackGirl – LowLine – Lelutka Powder Pack

SlackGirl Marketplace

Last but not least from this month’s Powder Pack is a beautiful set of lipsticks from The Face, also included from The Face is an all new skin and eyeshadows which are not pictured. There are 12 lipstick options included.

Lipstick (new): The Face – Sauce Lipstick – Lelutka Powder Pack


Lelutka Powder Pack Marketplace

Shape: West End – Sydney Lelutka Cate Shape