Your Body is a Wonderland

So I was forbidden by my husband from blogging today since I’m ill and by ill I mean full on I’ve been sleeping on and off most of the day, can’t breath, sore throat, the WHOLE enchilada. So I log into SL, take a couple of pics, go lay down, sleep for a bit, get up edit one of the pics, go back to bed. I watch horrible daytime TV for a little while, up again, edit second pic. Head feels light go lay down and sleep but the damned neighbor dogs won’t stop barking, so it’s rinse and repeat again and again all day.

However, I don’t listen well, so here I am writing a blog that will probably take me the rest of the day to do because I’ve been at my computer for 5 mins and I’m ready to go lay down again, I mean even the cats are worried about me. I never get sick.

Lacy Silkworth of The Panty Shoppe has been absent to real life for several months now, so to my great surprise I log in to find this amazing lingerie set sitting in my inventory. It’s mesh and made to fit Maitreya, Slink and Belleza, TMP, Classic and Tonic sizes. It comes in 6 different colors as well.

Lingerie: The Panty Shoppe – Une Nouvelle Nuit Red

This pose is an older one from Image Essentials but it’s always great for those sexier scenes you’re trying to pull together. The Slipper Chair comes with 8 built in poses.

Pose: Image Essentials – The Slipper Chair Pose 2 & 8 (featured in the closeup photo)

The set design is a few bits and pieces I pulled together from various creators.

Dressing Table: Bazar – Floria Dressing Table, Chair and Flower Vase

Closet: Bazar – Glam Female Closet White

Decor: Tres Blah – HodgePodge Gacha – Tossed Clothes, Cup of Joe, Morning Start and Paper Pile

Rug: Izzie’s – Sculpted Rug Black

Wall Decor: Danni’s Dream – Breathless Wall Art (unavailable)

Before I move on any further I have to talk about the skin, Izara Zuta of 7 Deadly Skins has been hard at work revamping her female skins and they are stunning. Better shadows and highlights, new hands (which you’ll see in the next picture), new feet and an all around better fit for mesh bodies. It’s fabulous and although I don’t normally include the creator’s art in my blog I am going to this time. Now remember, these all new appliers will NOT be available until the Skin Fair in March but Izara wanted to start spreading the word. Seriously you’re going to want these in your life!

Body Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Caramel Omega Applier Mildly Freckled coming Skin Fair 2017

This hair is from Exxess and I love how many options there are with their products. You can have a good old fashioned hair, one that blows in the breeze, one with materials and one with materials and breeze. So many options for one low price.

Hair: Exxess – Mimosa Mesh Hair A

This face Omega skin from 7 Deadly Skins is an older skin, actually from last years Skin Fair. Ymke is available in 7 tones with 4 different types; glamour, freckled, natural and sunkissed. It’s a truly lovely skin and it blends fabulously with the all new Omega body appliers coming soon! This skin is also shown on Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head.

Face Applier: 7 Deadly Skins – Ymke Caramel Freckled

Mesange is at  Cosmetic Fair with Madrigal, a 15 eye set available in individual packs including standard, mesh and Omega or a beauty pack that includes all that plus the Genesis appliers.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal 3 – Cosmetic Fair

I’m so excited to bring you this brand new polish from ZOZ Nails, since the update of the Vista Bento hands to include a fix of the nail polish error, Omega appliers are back and with them this amazing new polish available at Cosmopolitan right now! As with any nail polish from ZOZ, this comes with 9 color options built into the HUD and is available for Maitreya, Slink, Omega and ZOZ mesh nails. There are two versions of these polishes available, tipped and untipped. You’ll want them both, promise!

Polish: ZOZ – Loved Tip Polish 1 for Omega – Cosmopolitan

My Love

Life is a balancing act, whether you’re trying to balance RL and SL, trying to find time to fit all your RL stuff into the 24 hours a day that are available or sorting your SL out. Taking on the position of blogger manager for Image Essentials has added a new level of responsibility to my SL and one that I take on happily. I love Image Essentials and have for years and the fact that I am being entrusted to handle these challenges just leaves me in awe. I have some amazing bloggers on my team and I’m looking forward to working with them, encouraging and helping them and everything else that comes with this title. I fully intended on getting up this morning and producing a blog but I got some NCs overnight and decided to take care of those first, but finally I got my pictures done.

I love La Perla and I’ve gotten slightly behind on putting her stuff into my blogs with my temporary leave of blogging during the month of December but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a look. Violet is a sexy body suit with a multi-HUD applier system for Belleza, Maitreya and Omega. It is available in 4 different HUD options with 3 colors per each HUD. You will definitely want to grab them all. It has the top, bottoms and stockings all built in with the sexy lace edging it’s an amazing piece of lingerie to complete any collection.

Outfit: La Perla – Violet Body HUD 2

Sometimes hunting for poses that show off the outfit, hair, nails, skin and everything in between is the HARDEST part of blogging but there are some amazing pose creators out there and Image Essentials is no exception, and no not just because I’m the blog manager, I swear. Feminine Touch is a 10 pose set with mirrors that is perfect for your softer, close up shots.

Pose: Image Essentials – Feminine Touch 4

I bought this prop off the Marketplace from DEC 0014A, I originally intended to use it differently but then this idea took hold and here’s what you see. The prop is modifiable, it comes with the words lying down and they are rather large, but I made them smaller and stood them upright, it turned out very pretty and I love this a lot.

Prop: DEC 0014A – For Love Moments – Red

Although this is an older hair from Stealthic it’s still one of my favorites. Vapor was originally released for Hair Fair 2016 and is now available at the main store, it is available in all standard color HUDs and and is soft and wispy. I just adore this hair.

Hair: Stealthic – Vapor Reds

7 Deadly Skins is my main skin store these days, I throw a few others in here or there but when I need a look for a blog 7 DS usually has something perfect. Maeve is an LAQ mesh head applier that works through the Omega system and as you see it’s absolutely stunning on my Catwa Catya head. It comes in 7 freckled tones.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Maeve Freckled Sand

I swear I’ve become like my sister, Lexi Melody, she literally changes her eyes to match her outfit and blogging for Mesange has made it possible for me to have eyes for every occasion. Madrigal Eyes are available at the Cosmetic Fair and are unisex. Each individual eye pack comes with standard eyes, mesh eyes and Omega appliers. If you choose to buy the beauty pack, all 15 eyes in one, you’ll get the Genesis applier too.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal Eyes 3 – Cosmetic Fair

Indulge Temptation has started creating amazing makeups for Catwa heads, Kayshla’s Kisses was released for an event a few months ago but the rich lipsticks are just fantastic.

Lipstick: Indulge Temptation – Kayshla’s Kisses HUD 3

ZOZ Nails are by far one of the best in all of Second Life, the lush rich polishes with the fantastic shine are like nothing any one else is creating. All nail packs are available for Omega, Maitreya, Slink and ZOZ mesh nails and come with 9 colors.

Polish: ZOZ – Bold II Natural 4


I adore Essenz, her shoes are so cute and different and these are no exception. Right now until January 31 she is also doing a sale of 50% off in her store, so you need to go RIGHT NOW! Venezuela is a calf high, wrapped shoe and is available in 12 individual colors, 3 mini packs and a fatpack. Essenz shoes are also made for Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Isis and both Slink bodies.

Shoes: Essenz – Venezuela Red from Fatpack colors

You’re so Vain

I am a very good daughter, one who puts off writing her blog so that she can help her mum interview potential PA’s. Just remember that momma. I love blogging and having taken on the position of blogger manager and temporary PA for Image Essentials has become a priority, but I love blogging, I love styling and bringing to my readers fabulous designs and items for them to get their hands on.

So today’s pictures are a little different than normal, but I really wanted to focus on this gown. Tiffany Designs has released Anary, a lovely maroon and gold gown with a very tiny bodice and stunning mermaid style skirt. The dress also comes with the headpiece, necklace and earrings.

Dress: Tiffany Designs – Anary Gown

When it came to choosing a pose it was important to me that it one, showed off the gown in it’s best light and two, that I could get a great shot of my face and nails. Baxe had just the right pose. Gothic is 15 pose set that can be purchased as a fat pack or individually.

Pose: Baxe – Gothic 10

Normally I would wait until the close up to discuss the hair I chose, but this is a much better view of this hair and is a combination of two hairs really. The hairbase is from EMO-tions and actually went very well with this stunning bun hair from enVOGUE. Two hairs you ask, why? Well it’s simply because as of right now EnVogue does not have, nor provide hairbases for Omega heads and I wear Catwa Catya. enVOGUE does have hairbases for classic avatars and TMP head however. EMO-tions Omega hairbases are included with purchase in many of their new mesh hair packs.

Hairbase: EMO-tions – Omega Applier Golden Blonde

Hair: enVOGUE – Charlotte Dark Blondes

This absolutely stunning skin is just one of the tones that you get from the January group gift at 7 Deadly Skins. Madelief includes the Omega body applier, AK mesh head applier that is Omega compatible and quite frankly looks AH-mazing on my Catwa Catya Bento Mesh head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Madelief Pineapple – January 2017 Group Gift

So an amazing dress deserves amazing makeup right? Indulge Temptation is at Lost and Found this month with astonishing eyeshadows. The Soft Touch eyeshadows come in 9 individual HUDs each including 10 stunning shades. You’ll want to grab them all. They are for Catwa only.

Eyeshadow: Indulge Temptation – Soft Touch 3 – Lost and Found

I’ve become almost completely devoted to Mesange eyes and not just because she was kind enough to take on a no name blogger who loved her eyes so much she begged to blog them all the time after an event. Mesange takes great care to make her eyes realistic and vibrant and I can’t get enough.

Eyes: Mesange – Cranford Eyes 9

Once upon a time I was a photographer who thought it was a good idea to credit the amazing designers that I took photos of, ZOZ Nails was one of those creations and as my blog progressed I got the nerve up to ask the blog manager, Ember Adored, for a chance to blog for ZOZ as an official blogger. She let me and I’ve never been happier. I love everything about ZOZ from the stunning, rich colors to the massive HUDs with 9 colors. The availability of Slink, Omega, Maitreya and ZOZ’s own mesh nails appliers is also fabulous.

Nails: ZOZ –  Royal Beauty Polish 2 shown on Vista Bento Hands

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Not Afraid Anymore

So I have to be perfectly honest, I was in the shower trying to figure out how to write this blog, RL was kinda hell today and on days like today it reminds me why I’m in Second Life. It’s my escape from throwing trucks in -10 degree weather, polished concrete floors and annoying customers that think you should drop everything to make sure their needs are met. Dealing with corporate crap like not replacing 86 burnt out light bulbs to refusing to have a 30 foot pile of snow removed from my parking lot, I wish I was joking. Anywho, days like this remind why I love SL. Being able to hop from spring to summer to fall to winter all in one day and not roast or freeze. The ability to take amazing pictures of stunning items and share them with the world. This is why I love SL.

So Uber opened on January 25 and with it came not one but two amazing items in this blog, the bodysuit from Dead Dollz and these amazing thigh high heels from Phedora. First the bodysuit….

Dead Dollz released this stunning bodysuit in 8 colors with a belt HUD to mix and match your variety. You can grab individual colors for only 250L or the whole fatpack for only 1750L. I chose the black and to pair it with one of the belt HUD colors (there are 12) to create this stunning look.

Outfit: Dead Dollz – Scarlett Bodysuit – Uber

Phedora released these stunning heeled boots for Uber and they come with a 25 color HUD fits for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Venus and Maitreya. You get the entire boot collection for an amazingly low price of only 499L.

Boots: Phedora – Sophia Boots – Uber

Thank God Allyson of Something New loves me and forgives me for waiting until the end of the month to get her poses and props in the spotlight but as soon as I saw this outfit I knew Something New would have just what I needed. Light Me Up is a prop that includes 4 poses and you can pick it up at the main store.

Pose: Something New – Light Me Up

Outfit: check, pose: check, now I just needed a sexy hair to complete my look and Stealthic had just what I was looking for. Previously released for Collabor88 you can grab this hair right now at Hairology along with a brand new Hairology exclusive.

Hair: Stealthic – Erratic – Hairology

I also needed a sexy, smoky skin to really make this look pop and 7 Deadly Skins is my go to for amazing skins with Omega appliers. Although this skin was made for an LAQ head it works fantastically on my Catwa Catya head.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Candie Pineapple

Mesange always has just what I need for eyes and I just can’t help going back again and again to these eyes. All individual eyes from Mesange come with standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega appliers, beauty packs come with Genesis appliers as well.

Eyes: Mesange – Deep Feeling Eyes 10

 I love ZOZ Nails, so much so I once begged Ember Adored for a chance to blog for them and here I am a regular blogger and I couldn’t be happier. These are an older nail but so amazing I can’t help but share them again.

Nails: ZOZ – Lynn Bold Polish 1

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Burning the Midnight Oil

For anyone that’s ever been in school, whether it’s secondary school or higher education we all know that there comes a time when you’re up all night studying for that final exam that you’re completely unprepared for.

So why the commentary and title, burning the midnight oil? Well Sukoshitosuto of Vinyl Apparel has done it again with these two amazing pieces. Sophia and Harlow are available at the most current round of Uber and you will want to grab the fat packs of both of them. Sophia comes with two shirts, well a shirt and undershirt, the shirt can be worn alone but the undershirt can only be worn with the shirt. The shirts are available in 16 different colors and the undershirt for each individual comes with 16 different patterns/solids. The fat pack comes with 17 bonus patterns and 16 solid colors. The HUDs are separate. Sophia is the super cute, calf length sweats and comes in 16 colors with a customizable ribbon.

Top: Vinyl – Sophia for Maitreya – Uber

Pants: Vinyl- Harlow for Maitreya – Uber

So the outfit made me think of a college girl and I really wanted to find a dorm room or something that reminded me of college days gone by. My friend Brennan Reinerman, a fellow blogger, was kind enough to let me use this awesome skybox from Violetility. It comes with the wall decor, bed, rug and desk and is perfect for setting up a quick home.

Location: Violetility – Hole Skybox

eTc Poses by Envy and Curtis Trevellion is back and with them came this awesome pose. The Marilyn is a tribute to the true queen of the silver screen, Marilyn Monroe.

Pose: eTc Poses – The Marilyn

So when I first saw this hair at Hairology by Sintiklia I wanted it, so cute but I didn’t realize how amazing and versatile this hair really was until I put it on and started playing with the included HUD. With the HUD you get not 1 but 9 hairstyles. SERIOUSLY! From tight top buns to dual ponytails you will be amazed at how fun this hair is. It also comes with a pack of hair clips to wear with certain styles and 3 different bang options and you can change the left and right side individually! It also has a Bento fit hair and a resizable/editable hair.

Hair: Sintiklia – Midnight Reds with short bangs and hairpins – Hairology

So keeping in line with the college girl look I started digging through my folder of amazing skins from 7 Deadly Skins and found this gorgeous freckled skin. Lexy comes in 7 skin tones with Omega head and body appliers, I’m wearing it on the Catwa Catya head and it’s amazing.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skin – Lexy Freckled Cotton Candy

Mesange’s Sweetheart eyes are an older eye but still so stunningly gorgeous I picked them to show you in this blog. I love Mesange eyes, they always come in 15 colors (unless they’re mini packs at an event) and you can buy them individually with the standard, mesh and Omega applier or in a beauty pack that also includes the Genesis applier. The eyes are so well made you’ll want to collect them all.

Eyes: Mesange – Sweetheart 4

Zoz Icon never fails to impress with her astonishing line of polishes, they are bright and vibrant, fun and dramatic and Ribbon II is no exception. All of her polishes are available in Slink, Omega, Maitreya and her own brand of mesh nails and all HUDs include 9 colors. You cannot go wrong with ZOZ.

Nails: ZOZ – Ribbon II 6

I love the weekend sales at Slipper Originals and this week we have Zoie in three styles, Red, Anchors and Starfish. These sneakers are so cute and fun they will compliment just about any casual outfit you have. All Slipper Originals shoes are original creations, never from templates.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Zoie Starfish

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Sucker for Pain

There is nothing like sitting there minding your own business when suddenly a blogger box drops in your lap, one you were not expecting and makes you scratch your head. Datum accepted me as a blogger for their awesome brand and although I remember applying and hoping for it, I was on my leave when I was accepted and COMPLETELY missed the acceptance coming to me. So although unexpected it was a very nice surprise.

Datum has released this super cute, complete outfit including not one but two dresses, one love, one hate, footless stocking and a choke all for only 99L! You can’t beat this deal. Comes in fit sizes for all mesh bodies as well as standard avatar size. Datum also has several pieces available on the MP right now for only 50L during their Valentine’s sale!

Dress: Datum – Love-Hate Outfit

I do not typically use backdrops, but when I saw these amazing backdrops available in an all new gacha at Bad Unicorn I just knew they were what I needed to make this picture pop. With 1 rare and 6 commons to win you can’t lose, they are well made, the quality is next to none. Full mesh makes them 3D and absolutely amazing, not just a picture on a wall, but a full rezzable scene. For a view of all backdrops available on the gacha hit Bad Unicorn’s Facebook page! Oh and the gacha is only 75L a pull!

Backdrop: Bad Unicorn – Hype-Beast Backdrop 07

Although I didn’t do a close up of the shoes in this blog they are outstanding none the less, KC Couture always goes above and beyond when creating their designs. Extensive HUDs, fabulous fit, it’s a complete package.

Shoes: KC Couture – Amy Flats

So outfit sorted, backdrop picked I needed just the right pose and of course Image Essentials had just the thing. The Anarchy pose set comes with 5 poses and mirrors and as always is perfection!

Pose: Image Essentials – Anarchy 4

Pose: Image Essentials – Anarchy 2

So when I saw this hair for the first time I wanted it but I really couldn’t think of where I’d wear it or what I’d do with it, then I got my pack from Datum and I KNEW this was the hair for my complete look. No Match is at Hairology with this one and you do not want to miss out on it!

Hair: No Match – No Fiction Reds – Hairology

This skin was made for the AK head and is an Omega applier, I’m featuring it on my Catwa Catya head of course and it’s stunning. Madelief comes with Omega head appliers, system skins and best part… it’s the January Group Gift so if you’re in the 7 Deadly Skins group you get it absolutely FREE!

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Madelief Sand

Mai Bilavio is at Kustom9 with an amazing eyelashes gacha, one gacha for Omega and one for Fiore. They are stunning and only 60L a pull!

Eyelashes: Mai Bilavio – Eclipse Mink Lashes for Catwa Bento Rare – Kustom9

Mesange always has just the right eyes to complete any look I’m going for and I love these eyes, Madrigal is available at the most current round of Cosmetic Fair that began on January 15. Mesange eyes are all unisex and come with standard, mesh and Omega appliers for individual colors, beauty packs also include Genesis appliers.

Eyes: Mesange – Madrigal 9 – Cosmetic Fair

Going along with the Hate theme I really wanted something different and so I started digging through my inventory and found this awesome applier from Chemical Princess, I’ve blogged this before but the bruises of the broken nose are perfection. It comes with a standard tattoo in 3 tones as well as Omega appliers in 3 tones.

Face Applier: Chemical Princess – Broken Nose

Last but not least is probably one of my favorite polish sets from ZOZ Nails, I know I have blogged them before but they are so amazing I just keep coming back to them. All ZOZ polishes are available for Maitreya, Slink, Omega and Zoz’s very own mesh nails.

Nails: ZOZ – Rubber & Spike 1

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Sweet Dreams

So while I was on my little sabbatical I got behind on some amazing designer’s creations and I feel badly about that because everyone I blog for I adore and I don’t like feeling that I’m letting people down. So today I pulled from my inventory a stunning gown that Tiffany Designs creator Lucy Hope put together and when I saw this stunning creation it immediately made me think of an ice queen.

Silver Ice is available at the main store and includes the gown in 5 standard, non fitmesh sizes, a feathery chest piece and arm pieces, tiara, necklace and earrings. You won’t find a better deal for a complete formal set in all of Second Life.

Dress and accessories: Tiffany Designs – Silver Ice

So since I decided to go with the ice queen theme I needed the perfect pose and Nantra had the answer. Charmed, I’m Sure is a 5 pose set with mirrors that includes the lighted mesh balls.

Pose: Nantra – Charmed, I’m Sure 5M

So having the look, the pose and ready to take pictures I needed a beautiful, wintery, fantasy style area to grab my photos. I did a search and found this sim. Lost Unicorn is a sim full of different areas to explore and I found this frozen over pond in the fairy forest. It’s magical to say the least.

Location: Lost Unicorn Fairy Forest

What ice queen would be complete without a smooth, icy complexion? I of course hit my folder of 7 Deadly Skins to find just the right one and Melania fit the bill. Melania is available in 6 skin tones, with Omega face appliers and cluster packs including Phatazz, Tango and Slink applier, other body appliers sold separately.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Melania Powder Glamour

I have honestly been waiting for just the right blog to use these stunning eyes from Mesange. These eyes were available during a hunt in December, but due to my leave of absence I didn’t get around to blogging them during the hunt, but they are so perfect I can’t help but include them. As of the writing of this blog they are not available but maybe she’ll release them as a special again some day!

Eyes: Mesange – Ice Dreams 3

So now I had skin, hair, dress, pose what more could I need? Oh right! Hair and nails. I set off to Hairology to see what I could find. I found the perfect, pulled back look from Tukinowaguma. Taube comes in all the standard color HUDs and is available right now at Hairology.

Hair: Tukinowaguma – Taube – Red/Black Hud 1 – Hairology

Zoz Nails originally released these nails for Cosmopolitan Events in November. As of this writing they do not appear to be in store but will make an appearance I’m sure as ZOZ updates her inventory. I will update the availability of this polish when the information becomes available.

Polish: ZOZ – Winter Snow 9

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Upside Down

So I sometimes wonder if I am too wordy in my blog, I don’t know if people actually read it and enjoy it or if they skim over it like Playboy magazine and just look at the pictures. I would really love some feedback, please fill out the short survey at the bottom and tell me what you think.

  First up today we have an all new loft from Venue, this loft is 84 LI with everything included and comes in a handy rez box. It has a TV, yoga mat, a waterfall wall and so much more. It’s great for just hanging out with friends or finding some solitude.

Location: Venue – The Loft Skybox

Chemical Princess is back at Suicide Dollz with this awesome lace mesh dress and bolero style jacket. It comes with a HUD to change the dress to 10 different lace textures and the jacket to 8 different colors. It’s sexy and naughty all at once and your closet won’t be complete without this. It comes in fits for all mesh bodies for the dress as well as standard mesh fit sizes for the jacket.

Dress: Chemical Princess – Milinis Outfit with HUD – Suicide Dollz

eTc Poses is back and in full effect. This pose is so sexy and fun and comes with the chair or use it alone on your own piece of furniture.

Pose: eTc Poses – Laying 7 with Chair

Rug: CIRCA – Va Voom Area Rug Damask Scarlet

7 Deadly Skins makes so many amazing skins in tones that compliment any body. This skin is no exception. Patchouli is made for the LAQ mesh head but I’m wearing it on the Catwa Catya head and it’s still perfection.  It’s available in 5 tones and comes with the Slink, Phatazz and Lola Tango appliers. Other body appliers are sold separately.

Skin: 7 Deadly Skins – Patchouli Taupe

Indulge Temptation is back at Lost and Found with this sexy eye shadow. Soft Touch is 9 different HUD packs loaded with different color options made for Catwa heads.

Eye shadow: Indulge Temptation – Soft Touch 7 – Lost and Found

Eyes: Mesange – London Eyes 7

Hair: Sintiklia – Zoella Reds

Nails: ZOZ – Bold II Soft Polish

Shoes: N-Core – Lust Black

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Shhh! Don’t tell mom I’m not resting, she’ll kick my butt. Seriously though, Bish Box released two days ago and I so desperately want to get this post out so people can see the amazing dress available from ChicModa ONLY for Bish Box.

Sassy has completely outdone herself with her submission for January’s Bish Box. This dress with it’s color change HUD is stunning. You have the option of 6 colors with or without a sparkle, you can turn it on and off. Remember though, you can ONLY get this dress with your purchase of January 2017 Bish Box. It is NOT available anywhere else.

Note: How to get your Bish Box.
1. Go to a subscriber location and reserve your box for 1500L prior to the release on the 20th of the month, it’s automatically delivered.
2. Go to the MadPea Headquarters, pay the past month box 3000L and get your box delivered. It definitely pays to subscribe.

Dress: ChicModa – Gemma Dress – Bish Box

Venue SL is your place to go for unique venues and decor. The VIP set is part of the decor series only available at Venue. It comes with a lighterd red carpet, plain red carpet and a VIP rope to make your next event super special.

Decor: Venue – VIP Red Lighted Carpet & Rope

Sometimes I have an idea and start digging through my inventory for just the right pose and this time Image Essentials won the day with “Sunnies”. A super cute pose released last summer that comes with 5 poses and mirrors. Glasses are included but I used my own for this post and I will tell you more about them later on.

Pose: Image Essentials – Glasses 1 Mirror

It’s no secret that I am a complete lush when it comes to Truth Hair. I probably still have some flexi hair of his from when I discovered the store back in 2011, I was only a few months old so don’t judge me for taking so long. Truth has always had high quality hair and only gets better with age, like a fine wine. This hair is brand new in store and has a really cute, loosely tied bun at the back with soft curls framing your face.

Hair: Truth – Miriam Reds

Ooh-la-licious Skins creator Ola Sassoon has been taking a small break in SL to deal with a new job that she has in RL, which is so amazing for her and I am so happy for her but people have been asking for a skin applier that will work with the Catwa Catya head and I just want to say, any of the previous Omega appliers look stunning on Catwa, even the new bento head.

Skin: Ooh-la-licious – Shahira Honey Omega Applier

This gorgeous pale lipstick is from Indulge Temptation and was available at the last round of Lost and Found as a gacha. As of the writing of this post it is not in store.

Lipstick: IT! – Sweet Memories Rare Pack applier 11

Mesange is one of my favorites for making stunning eyes and these are no exception. With the purchase of every eye color you get standard and mesh eyes as well as Omega appliers, if you splurge and get the Beauty Packs you also get the Genesis applier.

Eyes: Mesange – Gilda 5

As promised it’s time to discuss the glasses. From ZOOM these glasses have an extensive HUD to change not only the frame but the lenses as well. It comes with a set to wear on your face and a closed set you can hold in your hand. The quality is amazing as with any ZOOM product.

Glasses: ZOOM – Sunsoul Glasses

So although the name of these shoes is very, very similar to my name they are not, sadly named after me. Dannika is available at the newest round of Lost and Found event opening today, January 22, 2017. It is a fat pack with Maitreya, Slink and Belleza fit shoes. The HUD has so many color options you could wear them every day and not run out of colors to choose from.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Dannika – Lost and Found

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I Hope You Dance

So today was an epically bad day in RL, it started off ok other than not feeling well. I got some pictures done which I was very pleased with and headed out the door to work. As I’m working I just start feeling more and more crappy. Within an hour I’m nauseous, shaking and sweating. This is when I decided to contact my assistant manager to cover for me for the day. 9 and a half hours later I still haven’t had the courtesy of any type of response. I’m a little fed up.

So I’m finally home and instead of going to bed and dying like I really wanted to, I’m sitting here writing my blog trying to calm down and relax. Sorry for the mini rant but RL is a REAL pain in the ass sometimes.

La Perla has released a brand new body suit and it’s perfection. Sheer lace material outlines a fun v-patterned front in a variety of colors and all for the astoundingly low price of only 99L in store and on the Marketplace.

Bodysuit: La Perla – Talita Bodysuit Red

Vinyl Apparel is once again at the newest round of Mesh Body Addicts with this super cute athletic skirt, it comes in 16 individual colors with a strings color change HUD to make it 5 different colors or pick it up as a fat pack and get it all, you definitely want to!

Skirt: Vinyl – Daria Athletic Skirt – MBA Bi-Monthly Event

Soy. is at Collabor88 this month with The Studio. IT comes as once piece including a dance studio, ballet barre, ceiling light, door plate (with texture change) and front door. You can also rez out only the pieces you want.

Location: Soy. – The Studio – Collabor88

This pose from Baxe is an older one and come individually or as a fat pack of 13 poses. Hip Hop is a fun set of poses that can be used over and over again.

Pose: Baxe – Female Hip Hop 5

Runaway Hair is once again at Hairology with this super cute, long hair with soft waves falling around your face. It comes in the standard color HUDs as well as a fatpack. Go and grab yours now!

Hair: Runaway – Tyr Hair – Hairology

Mesange has an amazing set of eyes available at Lost and Found this round, Melancholy comes in 15 individual eyes for standard, mesh and Omega appliers, or a beauty pack that also includes eyes for Genesis.

Eyes: Mesange – Melancholy – Lost and Found

This choker from !nfinity was, unfortunately, on sale Saturday, January 21 only but due to being so ill I didn’t get the blog written in time, but you can still grab it for full price at the main store! It comes in black, brown or silver with a color change HUD for the chains and heart.

Necklace: !nifinty – Heart Locket Choker Silver

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails is at the newest round of Oh My Gacha! with this stunning nail pack. Royal Floral Silver is one of the common packs that you can win by playing the gacha at OMG! Showing on Vista Bento Mesh Hands. New update available inworld.

Polish: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Royal Floral Silver 1 – OMG!

This stunning skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. Cinnamon is a new skin at the mainstore that was released in December 2016 and it’s smooth and sexy. IT’s available in 5 skin tones with Omega head and body appliers.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins – Cinnamon Sand Omega Skin applier shown on Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head

Merlific has totally killed it with these super cute, tiptoe, dipped shoes. With a HUD to change it to 12 different colors, 10 bows, 3 metals and two sole colors. You can grab your set only at Suicide Dollz right now!

Shoes: Merlific – Emma Shoes with Color Change HUD – Suicide Dollz

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