Sing for You

REVAMPED is going on right now and you won’t want to miss out on the amazing items that our designers have for you.

Sing for You

This dress is from Style by Danielle and comes in Gold, Black, Purple, Red and Silver. It has appliers for the arms and standard size mesh dress. It’s perfect for a night out on the town.

Dress: Danielle – Sana Red – REVAMPED

The decor is from Venue, these fun waterfall picture frames are modifiable so you can add your own picture or keep the one that’s there. Although you can’t see it in a picture there is a waterfall effect over the glass and it’s super fun.

Decor: Venue – Waterfall frame

This is an older pose from Image Essentials but was absolutely perfect for what I wanted. It comes with a 5 poses for a singer and 4 poses for a piano player. It’s just a fun pose.

Pose: Image Essential – The Piano Singer

Sing for You 2

This is a remake of the super popular hair Jessica from Rock Attitude Fair by Phoenix, this version is hat free and is super sexy and wavy.

Hair: Phoenix – Jessica V2

The gorgeous eye shadow is from Kodaijin Makeup and come with an applier for Omega, Lelutka and Visage.

Eye Shadow: Kodaijin Makeup – Kagayaku Ni – REVAMPED

The gorgeous eyes are from Mesange for Be Beauty Event and they are super fun with some amazing colors.

Eyes: Mesange – Deep Feeling – Be Beauty

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

Cosmopolitan is celebrating their 4th anniversary with some amazing products and some free gifts and ZOZ is there with two amazing polishes.

Polish: ZOZ – Black Lace – Cosmopolitan

Sing for You 3

Venus Shoes has become one of my faves for sexy heels. These are no exception.

Shoes: Venus Shoes – Pamela

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Sex on Fire

I am so excited to announce that I’ve been taken on by PROMAGIC. Today I have the amazing set from the gacha at Fetish Fair to share with you.

Sex on Fire

The gacha includes 81 commons, 3 rares and one ultra rare. The rares are each complete outfit in either gold, silver or black and the ultra rare is all three complete outfits.  The best part, the gacha is only 50L a pull so you can play to your hearts content.

Outfit: PROMAGIC – Slutty Silver Full – Fetish Fair

The tattoo is from Pin-up at the newest round of REVAMPED.

Tattoo: Pin-Up – Serena in White – REVAMPED

Pose: eTc – Female Standing 2

Sex on Fire 2

The hair is sexy and fun from Besom.

Hair: Besom – Neptune – Reds

Mesange has a new set out of eyes out for and they are sexy. They will be available at the Be Beauty Event beginning September 1 (LM will come then).

Eyes: Mesange – Deep Feeling 3 – Be Beauty

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

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Thinking of You

This is just a short and sweet little blog, but I got this amazing dress from Chemical Princess and the pose from Q-Poses and felt inspired to put it together. Don’t anger the muse she may stop whispering in your ear.

Thinking of You

Dress: Chemical Princess – Azra with Color Change HUD – Suicide Dollz

Pose: Q-Poses – On My Mind – Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Nails: ZOZ – Urban Queen for SLink 9

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina Honey

Hair: Argrace – Akane

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Smell the Roses

REVAMPED opens today with some awesome new designers, some returning designers and a free gift from Kodaijin Makeup, you won’t want to miss out on this 8th amazing round. Plus, Q-Poses is at Cosmopolitan for the 4th Birthday bash with some fantastic new poses.

Smell the Roses

The lovely decor by Kaerri is available right now exclusively at REVAMPED, it comes with the curtain, mirror, wall decor, plants, table, chairs and rug. It’s cute and fun and would make a great addition to a sitting room or even your patio to create a relaxing environment.

Decor: Kaerri – Lavandre

This dress is from one of our brand new designers to REVAMPED although not new to the SL designing world. This adorable dress with cut outs is sexy and sweet all in one.

Dress: Prism – Kat Perforated Leather Dress

The pose is from the amazing Q-Poses and will be available at Cosmopolitan Sales Room during the 4th birthday bash.

Pose: Q-Poses – Smell the Roses

Smell the Roses 2

This hair is from Iconic and was perfect to finish the look that I was going for.

Hair: Iconic – Kira Vamps Pack

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

The lovely eyeshadow is a free gift available from Kodaijin Makeup during the 8th round of REVAMPED. It comes in 4 shades and has Omega, Visage and Lelutka appliers as well as system layers.

Eyeshadow – Kodaijin Makeup – Free Gift Set 1

The jewelry is from Indulge Temptation for the newest round of the Color Me Project, Colors of Japan.

Jewelry: IT! – Majestique Set 9

Vengeful Threads decided to REVAMP their polish line for the latest round of REVAMPED and they have three different types available. This is just one of them.

Nails: Vengeful Threads – Galore Hearts

Smell the Roses 3

Last but not least we have this super cute pair of sandals from Slipper Originals only at REVAMPED. They come in all standard mesh feet sizes so you can’t go wrong. The HUD allows you to change the wide strap, thin strap and sole individually so you can customize it to meet your look.

Shoes: Slipper Originals – Knotted Sandals

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Hey Cinderella

If you haven’t heard of Venue then you really need to check them out. Venue specializes in amazing scenes and sets for all milestones of your SLife.

Hey Cinderella

This Venue is called Club Aquatic. It’s a fun water themed club. It’s full mesh and built by the one and only Gee Jay for your SLife. This is a great base to create your club with a new, fun and different theme.

Scene: Venue – Club Aquatic

Q-Poses is at Cosmopolitan with this adorable shoe pose. It actually made me think of Cinderella moments before she loses her shoe, hence the name.

Pose: Q-Poses – Ladies Pride – Cosmopolitan

Dead Dollz is at Uber once again with this amazing dress and harness combo. It comes in individual colors or a fat pack. The harness changes to different metal colors and it’s just a fun dress.

Dress: Dead Dollz – Skylar Apple – Uber

Hey Cinderella 2

This hair from Stealthic is fun and flirty, with a side flip and wispy ends it’s perfect for almost any look.

Hair: Stealthic – High Life

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

Eyes – Mesange – Under the Sun 4 – Little Dream Event

Hey Cinderella 3

This gorgeous polish from ZOZ is available right now at Cosmopolitan and comes in 9 amazing shades.

Polish: ZOZ – Faded Winter 9 – Cosmopolitan

I recently discovered Venus Shoes and hit the store looking for the perfect shoe to compliment this dress from Dead Dollz and I found them.

Shoes: Venus Shoes – Dany

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Bound to You

Did you know that there is an all new store in Second Life specializing in amazing venues and furniture? No?! Well why have you not heard of Venue? Gee of Venue has set forth to create unique, amazing, mesh venues including party themes such as birthdays and baby showers as well as clubs and hangouts.

Today I’m going to show you a piece from the Random Series. The random series brings you bits and pieces from different venues so that you don’t have to buy the entire venue to get one or two pieces that you love.

Bound to You

This slave pillow comes with 6 built in poses and a texture change menu to suit your decor.

Prop and Pose: Venue – Slave Pillow/Cushion White – Tied Hands 2

The panties are from Chemical Princess and come in white or black. Perfect for those naughty nights.

Panties: Chemical Princess – Net Panties – Black – The Dressing Room

Bound to You 2

This hair is from Spellbound and is available at the main store. It comes with a color change HUD, bow gag with a color change HUD and the mesh drool.

Hair: Spellbound – Lost

Eyes: Mesange – Under the Sun 4 – Little Dream Event

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

These pasties are available at Indulge Temptations main store for 60L this weekend. There are 6 individual HUDs that you can purchase for 60L each. The metals, pearls and gems are interchangeable to make them all yours.

Pasties: IT! – Nuria Pasties – HUD 18

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When Doves Cry

I am so excited to announce I am one of the newest bloggers for Q-Poses. They do some amazing scene poses and today I am featuring one such pose. Just Because is at Uber and enVOGUE has a gorgeous new hair.

When Doves Cry

This pose is a single, static pose built into a pose stand that can be made invisible. When you sit on the pose, the dove rezzes out, making it look like you are setting it free.

Pose: Q-Poses – Love Dove

This dress is gorgeous, well-detailed and comes with optional pearls. Every lady should have at least one in their closet.

Dress: Just Because – Isabelle Gown – Arctic – Uber

Location: Eclectica

When Doves Cry 2

Hair: enVOGUE – Ashley – Dark Reds

Eyes: Mesange – Kelpie 10 – Designer Circle

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

Nails: ZOZ – Bold Soft Polish 3

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Hey Hey We’re the Monkees

Uber’s “Famous” round opens on August 25 and Vinyl is once again there with an amazing skirt and top set. Black Bantam is at N°21 and so much more you don’t want to miss out on. Hey Hey We're the Monkees

This dress from Vinyl for Uber is sexy and fun, available in individual colors and a fat pack you can’t go wrong picking up this hot little number.

Dress: Vinyl – Amber Club Dress – Uber

Pose: Baxe – Handbag 2

Location: Bees Heaven Zoo

Hey Hey We're the Monkees 2

My adorable new baby orangutan, Amelie and I decided to visit the zoo to see if we could find her mom and dad. Instead we found all sorts of cute animals at this fun zoo. The baby orangutans are available as a gacha at N°21 and you can win 6 commons and 2 rares. They are interactive and you can rename them.

Pet: Black Bantam – My Baby Orangutan Deep Orange Rare – N°21

Hair: Stealthic – High Life

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Vanilla

Jewelry: Indulge Temptations – Precious Bond HUD 1 and 6 – Designer Circle

Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Dominatrix – Fetish Fair

Eyes: Mesange – Mineko Eyes 7 – Se7en

Hey Hey We're the Monkees 3

Shoes: N-Core – Chantal

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Sound of Silence

Today I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted as a blogger for Chemical Princess, I’m so excited to bring you the amazing items from this store.

Sound of Silence

Hair: EMO-tions – Windblown – Fatpack

Eyes: Mesange – Kelpie 7 – Desinger Circle

Pose: Baxe – Gothic Pose Female 3

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Vanilla

Prison Box – Better Gnomes ad Cauldrons 

Mouth Tape: Chemical Princess – Silence Tattoo (mouth)

Body Tattoo: Chemical Princess – Print Tattoo Gacha – Suicide Dollz

Shield: Pulse – Divine Strings Collection – Fetish Fair

Sound of Silence 2

Polish: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Dominatrix Silver – Fetish Fair

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Cold Water

Loud Rebel Designs is at Lost and Found, Venus Shoes brings you some amazing heels at Shiny Shabby and so much more.

Cold Water

Dress: LRD – Tess – Rare 1

Pose: Something New – Blog My Nails 2

Location: Eclectica

Cold Water 2

Hair: Stealthic – Sanctuary – Hairology

Eyes: Mesagne – Kelpie 7 – Designer Circle

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Espresso

Necklace: IT! – A Little Faith HUD 2 – Darkness Chamber Fair

Nails: ZOZ – Faded Winter Polish – Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Cold Water 3

I discovered a new to me shoe store at Shiny Shabby and I have to say I absolutely love these heels from Venus Shoes.

Shoes: Venus Shoes – Chanel Fatpack HUD – Shiny Shabby

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